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    Quote Originally Posted by xStraightxEdgexSaviorx View Post
    Yeah but the NFC is weak imo. I don't see any elite teams other than the Saints and Packers in that league.
    Exactly, the NFC is really weak right now. I've been thinking that for awhile, I mean most of those teams just can't compare to the competitiveness that we are witnessing in the AFC right now.

    Which is really...scary considering how well developed the Packers have been playing. The Packers, a team that barely made the playoffs last year, just seemed to explode going into the post season, won the Superbowl, and our now blowing everyone out of their path this year.

    They haven't even been starting games off too well, like today they were down two possessions, but all of a sudden they just started scoring out of nowhere. Hopefully someone can just slow down their momentum, especially in the playoffs, because if they do go back to the Superbowl, I don't think I want the Steelers being there with them, that is of course if the Steelers go back all the way, which is a lot to say.

    If the Steelers and Packers do both make it back, not only would that be interesting seeing two teams go back-back in the Superbowl, but I don't know. If we win, we get to prove that the loss last year has been redeemed, but if we Steeler fans we'll have to endure that same pain and embarrassment that we already went through, and it'd be 10x harder at that. There'd be a lot on the line...

    Hopefully the Steelers can just get back there though, which is going to be tough with how hard the AFC is in this day and age.

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