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    YOUR "TOP 10 ROH" Matches Of All Time! GO!

    Do it... see if it's possible. I'll post my list after my brain is done being fried trying to only come up with 10.

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    Fuck, this is hard + would probably change every time you ask me.

    10. Steel Cage Warfare I: Generation Next vs. The Embassy
    9. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards
    8. Ladder War I: Steen/Generico vs. The Briscoes
    7. Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima (ROH title)
    6. Kevin Steen vs. El Generico (Fight Without Honor)
    5. Low-Ki vs. KENTA (GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title)
    4. Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi
    3. Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk II
    2. Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness (Title Unification)
    1. Team ROH vs. Team CZW (Cage of Death)

    Various honorable mentions:
    Every other McGuinness vs. Danielson match ever
    Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki (Fight Without Honor)
    Samoa Joe vs. Paul London
    Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk I + III
    Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe (Cage)
    Davey Richards vs. Tyler Black
    Roderick Strong vs. Bryan Danielson (2/3 falls)
    Ladder War II
    Austin Aries vs. CM Punk
    Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer (Cage)
    BJ Whitmer vs. Necrobutcher (No ropes barbed wire)
    Nigel McGuinness vs. KENTA
    Nigel McGuinness vs. Kevin Steen

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    I haven't actually seen that much ROH. I have seen Era of Honor Begins until Final Battle 2002 and World's Greatest 2011 until No Escape 2011. But from that: (in no particular order)

    1 - Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards - Best in the World
    2 - Low Ki vs. Spanky vs. Doug Williams vs. Christopher Daniels - 60 min ironman match - Crowning a Champion
    3 - Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels - Era of Honor Begins
    4 - Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong - Honor Takes Centre Stage Chapter 1
    5 - Chris Hero vs. Eddie Edwards - ROH Revolution Canada
    6 - ANX vs. The Briscoes - Honor Takes Centre Stage Chapter 2
    7 - WGTT vs. KoW vs. ANX vs. The Briscoes - Best in the World
    8 - American Wolves vs. Kings of Wrestling - ROH Revolution USA
    9 - American Wolves vs. House of Truth - Tag Team Turmoil 2011
    10 - American Wolves vs. Future Shock - No Escape

    That is off the top of my head and from my limited amount of ROH
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