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    UFC 135: Jones vs Jackson - HELP

    OK, so I'm watching the countdown show and there's some stuff that came from Rampage's camp that he suffered an injury but he claimed that was bulllshit. Rampage said that someone in his camp had been relaying messages and all the training wortkout routines to Jones or that he was snooping on Rampage. Rampage was then walking around his gym and said he would find out who in his camp was telling Jones everything. Jones then denied this and said he has no reason to snoop when he's been studying him for months. I then turned it off and forgot to switch it back on (I know, I'm a prick). So a few questions, was it proved Jones was spying on Rampage? Did Rampage find the person responsible? Was Rampage ever injured? Thanks brothers and sisters.

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    Its Rampage its bullshit he lost the match well no actually he was destroyed in the match and is just looking for excuses.

    The fact remains that Jackson dosent deserve to be in the same octagon as Jones. END OF.


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