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    Lightbulb NXT: which rookies got your attention.

    At first the Nexus concept really got me but as usual WWE turned into into something other than wrestling. Out of the two seasons gone by I personally thought season 2 had the better rookies with more talent overall than those in season 1 but there were so many issues with both seasons that annoyed me so much. Yet the biggest problem I had is that whereas I felt some of the rookies were terrible wrestlers who weren't ready and really shouldn't be on a development deal with WWE when there's more talented guys out there and such, though that's a different rant...anyway I was just wondering out of all the rookies from the first two seasons who did people where the best wrestlers overall and ready for the main roster and who were terrible.

    IMO: Season 1's best rookies were 1. Wade Barrett: he can talk, has the look and can wrestle.
    2. Daniel Bryan: no question about it, I still don't get what he had left to develop.
    3. Justin Gabriel: Had good presence and was a pleasure to watch in ring.

    Season 2: 1. Kaval: Like Danielson really, what was there to develop and its good to see him get a chance at the big time.
    2. Micheal McGillicutty: he was a great talker, and although some people think he was limited in the ring, with a small bit of work he could be 'perfect' (pardon the pun XD)
    3. Alex Riley: his gimmick was great, he talked brilliantly and in ring he could move.
    4. Husky Harris: His look was build made him unquie, he could move brilliantly but I don't think the WWE used him wrongly.
    5. Percy Watson: I think he was one of the better guys in ring andhis gimmick was almost there, but still manages to get on my nerves a bit.

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    I agree with you on both Danielson and Kaval- they both should have just debuted on Raw or Smackdown without the NXT thing- but I am sure a lot of people would have had no idea who they were- so anyway to get them exposure was ok I guess.
    Season One:
    Barrett- that guy has 'it'- I figured at the beginning if Danielson did not get it, Barrett would. He really has not disappointed me yet.
    Gabriel- he really suprised me- he looks comfortable in the ring, has actually made Cena look good in the ring. I see big things ahead for him. He needs a little work on the Mic, but not as bad as some that WWE has had on their roster for years. I think he would get over as a face just as good as a heel.

    Season Two:
    Henning- can't really say much about him, he is impressive for not wretsling for as long as Danielson or Kaval- not really crazy about the whole name change. But I see him getting better and better.

    Husky Harris- again, not crazy about the name change, but for a big guy, Rotundo can get around- to me, he has the same 'it' Barrett has.

    Riley- WWE is using him correctly putting him with Miz, and he is pretty good in the ring-- but soo much better on the Mic- I would like to see him in more ring action

    Season three:
    To tell the truth, I could really care less. I barely watched it when it was on. Niaomi was decent from what I rememeber, and AJ was too. Just sign those two and the one that is with Goldust- get rid of the rest.

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    Wade Barrett - got the mic and wrestling skill,his match with Cena at HITC ppv was good
    Gabriel - I used to think Slater was the right hand man for Barrett but I was wrong,Gabriel match with Orton this past Raw and Cena few weeks ago nothing but good,definitely can hang with the best.
    Daniel Bryan - seens alot of his stuff before he joined WWE and FCW,deliver great match after great match,now that he is officially joined WWE main roster,cut ties with the Nexus and become US champ(made Miz tapped TWICE),its been great.
    Sheffield - I like his powerhouse style during the team Nexus vs team WWE,I want to see more of his match unfortunately the injury.
    Otunga - he has the look and the right attitude,as for in ring skill I yet to be impress.

    I didnt watch season 2 and 3.

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    Otunga does have the mics skills and a good atitude- but yeah, he need more time in the ring to really impress me. Tarver had the atitude and mic skills, just not as great in the ring. Sheffield impressed me too.

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    Kaval and Husky

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    the one's who impressed me so far were mcguillicuty, kaval, daniel bryan and so far that's it
    mcgullicuty seemed to be a rather expert on the technical side
    kaval extremely athletic and his kicks are down right dangerous
    daniel bryan has just awesomeness written all over him although his looks make him look like a weiner.

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    Daniel Bryan
    Wade Barret
    Alex Riley
    Husky Harris
    Percy Watson
    AJ Lee

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    Watson definitely has potential......he just needs to stay off the "sugar"
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Naomi Knight- She could actually wrestle. And was better than 80% of WWEs current roster.
    AJ-see Naomi

    Wade Barett- He had the mic skills and the unique moveset.

    Justin Gabriel- At first I thought he was the run of the mill cruiserweight. But he had his own awesome moveset and a mind blowing finisher to boot.

    Kaval- I remembered him from the indies and TNA and his unorthodox style of wrestling kept me watching him.

    Daniel Bryan- Again, seen his work in the indies and was very impressed. Every match this guy has was worth watching because of him.

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    barrett, bryan, mcguillicuty, percy, justin, aj lee and naomi
    from nxt season 4 byron saxton has charisma and brodus clay isnt half bad either


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