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    The Best league in the world???

    Bayern Munich's Uli Hoeness: Bundesliga only trails La Liga & will soon leave the Premier League in its wake
    Outspoken club president believes his team plays in Europe's second-best domestic league behind the Spanish Primera and that the German top flight has the greatest depth

    Sep 19, 2011 7:21:00 PM
    By Clark Whitney

    Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has opined that the Bundesliga is Europe's second-best domestic league.

    The German top flight has in recent years surpassed Serie A in the Uefa coefficients, and currently stands a close third behind La Liga and the English Premier League. However, Hoeness feels that the Bundesliga is not to be considered inferior to the EPL.
    Bayern's Luiz Gustavo sustains ankle injuryBayern were solid versus Schalke - Neuer

    "We are currently number two behind Spain," he told Bild am Sonntag. "Italy, we have long left behind us; England, we are just about to leave behind."

    No stranger to controversy, the outspoken president also hailed the Bundesliga for its wide distribution of quality among all teams.

    "Based on the full breadth, I would consider the Bundesliga even today as the strongest league in the world."

    It has been a decade since a Bundesliga team last won the Champions League. However, following a slump during the 2000s, German teams have had some more positive results in Europe, with Bayern Munich and Schalke reaching the final and semi-final of the Champions League, respectively, in 2010 and 2011.

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    Best League in the world?


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    Strange,they haven't won a European trophy since 2001,from 2001 -2011,EPL has won 2 UCL + 1 UEFA Cup La Liga has won 4 UEFA Cups and 4 UCL's Serie A has won 3 UCL's and a team of Serie A players won the World Cup in the Bundesliga's own backyard.

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    Bundesliga is the fourth best league in Europe

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    Since 2001,Porto have won more European trophies than the whole Bundesliga put together!

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    I believe he means the overall competition in the league is to a high entertaining standard. He is going to think that the german league is one of the best if no the best in the world because 1. Hes German and 2. He has a major role at Germanys main team. So of course his view will be bias.

    And comparing how successful a team is in Europe speaks nothing for that teams league. It only speaks for how great that team is. German Teams are rather consistent on how far they get in the champions league where as Porto are the only Portugese team to get anywhere in the Champions League year in year out. Although after seeing Benfica the other day they could reach the Quarters depending on the draw.

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    premier league for the win
    la liga gets repetetive

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    who on earth ever started this 'best league in the world debate?',you don't have it in cricket or rugby union.........

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    Because Cricket is the Indian Premier League hands down.

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    the IPL teams are not actually their domestic teams(who play 4day and 1 day cricket).Hey,hang on,our domestic circuit can't be that bad,we field two international teams,one called South Africa,the other called England!!!

    I agree with you that Europe doesn't really say much for how good a league is.If you have the same 4 teams qualifying year in,year out for the Champions League,without much threat from the rest of the league,you can buy the best players with a guarantee of UCL football,gain experience,sell season tickets,get large match day and TV revenues,gain the top seedings,whereas if you have different teams in the UCl and UEL each year,those teams might get caught out for not having the experience,big squad,tactical know-how,will get a real tough draw,like Napoli who were fourth seeds and got Bayern,villarreal and Man City.

    You also get the theory that the strength of domestic league can be judged by the strength and success of the National team.


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