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    Question, what's going on with these two?

    So, does anyone know what's going on with Seth Rollins/Tyler Black and Low Ki/Kaval? I haven't had internet for a while and I rarely watch TV anymore, but once I started getting back on the internet and rarely watch TV there's no signs of either of them. It's like they've vanished. No one talks about them anymore and I don't see either of them on TV (even though I heard Low Ki went back to TNA and Seth was in the WWE o_O) ...So, does anyone know what's going on with them?

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    I think Seth Rollins has been feuding with Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) in FCW and Low Ki I thought was going to be picked up by TNA again but I figure he is either on the indy circuit somewhere or in Japan
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    If you're looking for Low-Ki matches, he has wrestled on three different PWG shows this year. They were all awesome matches - against Davey Richards, Akira Tozawa and Claudio Castagnoli. I Highly recommend watching these, although they may be difficult to find without downloding the entire shows (.... which wouldn't be such a bad thing, since they were all off the chain)

    He was also involved with NJPW's USA tour back in May, footage of which was shown on a episode on Japanese TV called NJPW USA Tour 2011 Vol. 2. It includes slightly clipped versions of him challenging for Prince Devitt's IWGP Jr title, and he and Homicide challenging for Apollo 55's IWGP Jr. Tag Team titles.... by slightly clipped, I mean it shows about 10 mins each of matches that are originally around the 15min mark. These are easy to find, since they're on YouTube:

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    Low Ki/Kaval/Senshi made a one off appearance for TNA recently in the build up to Destination X. He's not signed with them full time, and he's back on the indy circuit.

    Tyler Black/Seth Rollins hasn't made his debut on the main WWE roster. He's still in FCW.
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