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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    I am not saying the comparison of D&D boys to eFedders is new - I am saying that I gave them a virtual identity that is closer than what D&D was. Virtual LARPing and eFedding go hand in hand where as hosting full PPVs for your friends to play with you on XBox Live for WWE 13 is closer to a Dungeon Master building a world for his friends to play in. If you made the comparison of eFedding to Virtual LARPing, I will give you the credit. But I haven't seen anyone say it yet, so I am going to bask in my glory on this one.
    I don't know....your comparison and my larp themed sigs started around the same time - and I was toying with the idea for a bit before that. So lets just agree that you stole the thoughts from my superior brain while I was sleeping by sorcery, OK?


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