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    Quote Originally Posted by Karsten Langenfeld View Post
    The thread should NOT be merged. The other thread is the general thread about unpopular oppinions. This thread is only for unpopular oppinions about WWE.

    And here it comes:
    CM Punk is one of the most overrated Wrestlers ever. He will never in his life reach the same level guys like Taker or Rock or Austin have. All he has is a big mouth.
    Dolph Ziggler is a midcarder und should stay there, and his name is ridiculous.
    There is no such thing as THE iwc. I always get told the iwc likes punk. last i checked i didnt.
    AJ Lee is cute.
    The Undertaker is the most important and influential Wrestler in the WWE ever. And also the best.
    95% of the current Roster in WWE are extremely bland and boring.
    you my friend deserve an award. I could say for your first two opinions but just to point out which one I disagree with more I will highlight the first one.


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