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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight Edge Zero View Post

    This opening segment with Heyman and Anderson was interesting to say the least as it showed an angle that if done right can cause some unique twists here and there in any storyline Anderson is involved in. Good job.

    The Guns win, that always makes me

    Aries interested in the TV Championship, hmmm....

    Great KO's action.

    Abyss is back and just dominated Anderson before announcing the return of The Monster's Ball, which has intrigued me enough to see who you would pick for that match.

    So Evans gets to picks the 4 competitors eh?

    Crimson would've actually made a fantastic choice to participate in the Monster's Ball but going for the TV Championship suits him as well.

    Angle wins, nice.

    Again another great choice for the Monster's Ball, Matt Morgan can't be used as he moves on to attempt to challenge for the TNA World Championship, however you may have saved yourself in losing 2 great candidates such as Crimson and Morgan by the the attack on Joe to RVD; a rivalry between these intensified by the atmosophere that comes with the Monter's Ball match should make for one hell of a way to truly kick off the Joe vs RVD feud with a bang.

    I am loving this bloodthristy Kash and how he got into the Fatal 4 way main event, though Black won Kash sends a very strong message to both the champion and challenger; that being said I think having the X Division take main event spotlight was good but in shouldn't happen one week after the other, keep in mind you have a chance to put the KO's on notice to step their game up if they wanna headline iMPACT anytime soon, as well as the tag team division that is sure to bring the house down if the right teams go at it in the main event.

    Now while I enjoyed the action it was missing in my opinion a bit of promo time here and there, to really sell storylines such as when Anderson lost to Abyss he couldve gone to Heyman's office and cause a ruckus, etc. or have Abyss lurking in the shadows backstage scouting potential participants for the Monster Ball match, etc., etc., etc.; these little things can make a story really pop and have more meaning at the end of it all so remember a few more promos through out it all should help

    The hooded man watching Anderson was a great way to end the show, but I'm gonna guess it was Sting as this has the feel of something Sting might do.

    Overall great action, great show but next time little promos throughout it all will make this really shine.

    Great job, my friend
    thanks for the advice
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