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    Just an update: I gave you guys two episodes right on top of releasing the latest PPV, Almost Honest.

    The next PPV Higher Brain Patterns is just two shows away now.

    So far, Triple H will defend the DVW Title against Bryan Danielson and that's the only confirmed match. It will be with no doubt the main event.

    It's been announced that after HBP, the DVW will host the first ever Wrestlethon. Wrestlethon will be one of the final stops to the mecca event, Pain Redefined. The PPV event, Wrestlethon, will be held at Madison Square Garden and will be at least twice as long as a typical PPV. Rumor is that there will be a 1 hour Ironman match taking place at the event!
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    UPROAR 19

    -- Metallingus plays and Edge is out, it’s not one of his finer entrances. Edge says this is very hard for me. I’ve worked my way from the bottom, all the way to the top, and achieved everything I dreamed of in this business. My entire career has been shaped upon decisions that I made. The past has had its dark moments but going forward I want my faithful EDGEHEADS to believe in me as their role model! And that’s where the fork has been placed. Each previous decision bettered the future, even if you didn’t agree with it. They say don’t rack your brain but this one keeps me up at night. It’s affecting the way I eat food, the way I brush my teeth, and even the way I wrestle. Pressure has always been a goofy thing for Edge; I’m just a simple guy. So at this time I’m going to seal my fate and make the decision.
    - From behind Christian pelts Edge in the skull with a Steel Chair. Christian plants Edge with the Killswitch on top of the chair. Christian grabs another chair, raises it high, and smashes Edge’s head into the other chair!
    - King says this is awful; these are the tag team champions! And one half of the tag team champions is just standing there, absorbing his actions that he bestowed upon his old friend, Edge!
    - Taz says I’m not even sure if Christian knows what he did! I’m going to have to agree with you on this one, King. I’m just sick and tired of finding out these tiny bits and pieces of information and still being left with nothing! I want answers!

    -- Triple H comes to the ring. Triple H says I’m not behind the actions of Christian, nor do I condone them. I’m not going to wait forever for on Edge. At Higher Brain Patterns, Edge will face Christian! Next, Tyson Kidd, get your ass down here.
    - Tyson Kidd comes down. Kidd asks what Triple H wants.
    - Triple H says he needs to warm up for his match in two weeks against Danielson. You’re a disgrace; when the opportunity came for you to display violence, you failed! But it’s okay, because you are in for a lesson from the school of Triple H right now!

    -- (1) Triple H vs Tyson Kidd

    - Triple H hits an AA Spinebuster for 2. He can’t believe it.
    - Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Kidd crawls through Hunter’s legs.
    - Kidd knocks Triple H down with a dropkick. Kidd wraps around Triple H with the Body Scissors! It doesn’t take long for Triple H to counter it with a Sidewalk Slam.
    - Triple H hits the Pedigree for 3.
    - Triple H def. Kidd @4:57
    - Triple H picks up Kidd and lines him up for another Pedigree.
    - Danielson makes the save and fights off Triple H.
    - Danielson locks in the Dragon Sleeper.
    - The lights fade and Undertaker makes his way out.
    - Taker says save it for next week, when the main event will be Triple H and John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd and Bryan Danielson!

    -- Raven takes the ring. Raven says everything should be so simple. Barrett should hate HHH for the association with Regal and when he attacked him just the other night on UPROAR. Angle should hate Triple H because he should know by now that his true needs will never be met.
    -Kurt Angle walks out. Angle says that in case you haven’t noticed, the Main Event Mafia is back up and running! It won’t be long before we’ve taken our targets out of the picture!
    - Raven says Main Event Mafia… well under Hunter’s rule, you’ll never be in the main event! Hell, if you accept my challenge, we might even be the first match at Higher Brain Patterns!
    - Angle says ok, I’ll stoop down to your level and break your damn ankle!
    - Wade Barrett comes down. Barrett says he has to justify his actions. Wade says that tonight, he will batter down Danielson, as an apology to Triple H. Triple H needs us because if he doesn’t, he doesn’t have near the manpower to hold off our barbaric attacks!
    - Undertaker and Triple H walk out.
    - Triple H says I have no worries about where our alliances lie.
    - Raven says lie, that’s something you better be careful of, Deadman. Triple H loves to screw everyone and lie right in front of them for his own well-being!
    - Taker says that’s enough! Triple H and I make up the Eternal March. We must go on for the benefit of DVW! Taker says that later tonight, Randy Orton will team with Raven to take on Mason Ryan and Drew McIntyre!

    - John Morrison is in the ring. Tonight, I have a non-title match against Primo. The only problem is, I’m John Morrison, and I am gracious enough to put the DVW CoV on the line!

    -- (2) John Morrison (c ) vs Primo [CoV]

    -- Morrison starts off with some spinning dropkicks.
    - Morrison takes Primo out with the Flying Chuck and grabs the ring bell.
    - Morrison preys on Primo and crashes the ring bell into Primo’s skull!
    - Morrison hits the Starship Pain on Primo for 3.
    - John Morrison def. Primo via pin @ 3:54
    - Morrison raises the belt up high. Morrison looks at it and pulls Primo up and sits him against the turnbuckle.
    - Morrison baseball slides to the outside, belt in hand, and strikes Primo across the face on his way out of the ring.
    - Taz says Morrison sure is taking the criticism he received regarding the first ever CoV match to heart!
    - King says not so fast, Tyson Kidd is here to save the day!
    - Taz shouts, Morrison turn around!
    - Morrison looks for more weapons under the ring when Tyson Kidd attacks him!
    - Kidd nails Morrison over the head with a chair.
    - Kidd locks in the Body Scissors. Kidd lets up, grabs the Championship and holds it high.
    - Taz says I gotta admit, I admire the ambition of Kidd, he went back out there and made a statement just after getting an a** woopin’ from the GM.

    -- R-Truth is out. R-Truth says R-Truth enjoyed your performance last week, Dolph. R-Truth thinks that Dolph Ziggler is a great wrestler… inside his head!
    - Ziggler is out, Ziggler says if you’re trying to cut in line for the Intercontential Championship, it’s not going to work. No one is worthy of a shot, except ME!
    - Jack Swagger comes out. Swagger says Truth, you think you’re deserving? I have one of the BEST winning percentages on UPROAR. Numbers are my thing, I use math to make sure that I can grip your ankle strong enough to snap it!
    - IC Champ, CM Punk comes out. Punk says guys, it truly isn’t every day that they are lining up to fight the best. Higher Brain Patterns is so close and I didn’t even have an opponent. So I asked Triple H why. Triple H said that I can determine the number one contender however I want since he’s so busy. Now, I want to please the fans, I want to amuse me, and I want to feed my monster. So, you three will team up in a 3 on 1 elimination handicap match against Kane. If anyone can get the pinfall, then you get the chance to prove yourself against the best at Higher Brain Patterns!

    --(3) Kane vs Truth, Ziggler, and Swagger [elimination]
    - Punk joins the commentary.
    - Kane starts off dominating Truth with strikes and a big boot.
    - Ziggler and Swagger join forces to double team Kane from behind. Truth joins in and it’s a 3 on 1 beatdown.
    - Kane battles them off with big rights. Kane chokeslams R-Truth to hell and pins him for 3.
    - Kane whips Swagger and Ziggler into opposite turnbuckles and clotheslines them both. He then power whips Ziggler into Swagger.
    - Kane drops Swagger with a Tombstone for 3.
    - Ziggler jumps up on Kane’s back but Kane pulls him over his back for a Tombstone.
    - Kane covers for 3.
    - Kane def. Truth, Ziggler, and Swagger @ 9:10
    - CM Punk says that’s what I thought, none of you have earned your shot. Punk says memories haven’t failed me. Undertaker, I want you at Higher Brain Patterns for the WWE Title! Punk says just when I regained respect for the deadman, he took advantage of me. Come on! Let’s do it! Punk sits down and waits. Nothing. Punk says then I’m bringing the challenge to you!
    - King says Punk shouldn’t do this to himself, Taz, haven’t you seen how powerful the Undertaker has become.
    - Taz says Punk has no chance. Let’s move on, up next is Cody Rhodes!

    -- Cody Rhodes takes the ring. Cody says that last night he was the first ever wrestler to appear on Sports Science. Now, you may ask, what does Sports Science have to do with wrestling? Well, they were searching for the man with the most powerful wrestling move in all of wrestling. They first thought John Cena’s FU was the most powerful but just because you are built like John Cena doesn’t mean your move does the most damage! Sports Science second experiment was the RKO of the viper himself. Early on, the force and rage that Orton uses to drive one’s cranium into the mat was the front-runner. But they didn’t get to me yet. Everyone already knows that I’m the most handsome wrestler. But Sports Science proved that I possess the most powerful move, the Cross Rhodes! They figured that the force of my violent twist was off the charts, so they didn’t even have to decide of Rey Mysterio’s 619 topped my move! Let’s check this out: I’ve got the looks of a champion, the power of a champion but I’m not the champion. Now, it’s only a matter of time. Everyone will be begging me for mercy when they’re about to risk injury from my Cross Rhodes… and I’ll make it to the top.
    - Randy Orton comes out. Orton says they must have forgotten about the move that has taken out a freakishly large amount of people. So stop wasting our time with your non-sense or you’ll wind up with a ruptured skull!
    - Cody says not so fast, you’ll be physically unable to punt me when your head is throbbing against the ground, after my Cross Rhodes.
    - Raven comes out as we go to commercial.

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    UPROAR 19 PART 2

    -- (4) Orton and Raven vs McIntyre and Mason Ryan
    - Orton and Drew start the match off in a back and forth battle. They take each other out and Raven and Ryan are in.
    - Raven dominates Ryan and wins with the Raven Effect.
    - Raven and Orton def. McIntyre and Ryan @6:40
    - Raven says Kurt Angle, you should know by now that when I want to dismantle my opponents… I can. I save up all my might to ruin the ones I HATE the most. And Kurt, I’ve never felt more excitement to obliterate a human being!

    -- SS is backstage with Christian.
    - SS says why the attack on Edge?
    - Christian says it’s time I set us further apart so there’s no mistake in the future. I don’t need Edge to be the Tag Team Champions; I can do it alone. But eventually, I’ll have Edge begging to forfeit his half of the titles to someone that deserves to be my partner going forward.
    - SS asks if he knows what Edge was going to say tonight.
    - Christian says no clue.

    -- (5) Dudleys vs Rhyno and Clay
    - Rhyno wins with a Gore on Devon @4:01.
    - Rhyno says we are the best actual tag team in DVW right now. It’s just a matter of time before we take the titles!

    -- A promo reminds us that the Masked Enigma will make his UPROAR return at UPROAR 21.

    -- Sheamus is backstage. Sheamus says next week I finally gets me hands on Samoa Joe again in a fair singles match. Joe is going to be wishing that he never messed with the Celtic Warrior!
    - John Cena makes his way to the ring to join the commentary team for the main event.
    - -(6) Wade Barrett vs Bryan Danielson
    - King says why are you out here, Cena?
    - Cena says I’m here to observe. I’ve partnered with Danielson before but he’s still unknown to me. I want to be able to believe in this kid to take the DVW Championship away from HHH. And not to mention, I hope Wade Barrett gets what he deserves.
    - Wade is in control early and works the back of Danielson.
    - Danielson counters the Wasteland into a roll up for 2.
    - Wade is back on the attack and runs after a cornered Danielson, Danielson evades high and slips behind Barrett who crashed into the turnbuckle. Danielson hits a German Suplex.
    - Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation. Barrett fights but taps out.
    - Danielson def. Barrett via submission @9:01

    - Triple H smashes Danielson over the head with the DVW Title.
    - Pedigree on Danielson.
    - Triple H says the only mistake I made, was tapping out to Danielson in that meaningless match a few months ago. As a result, he actually thinks he can make me do it again. I guess that isn’t too bad since it gives you poor, pathetic people something to look forward to. You all turned your back on me the moment I tried to make this company better. You saw me too, I gave this kid the opportunity to be a champion but he passed it up in hopes of winning the DVW Champion. He could have been a winner, but he succumbed to the greed. The DVW Champion is right here, and he’s here to stay! Danielson is on his knees and looks up to Triple H who is holding the DVW Title high.

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    Be sure to tune in to the next UPROAR when Sheamus faces Samoa Joe and the #1 contender for the CoV, Tyson Kidd, teams with #1 contender for the DVW Title, Bryan Danielson to face the champs; Triple H and John Morrison in a tag team main event! This means Tyson Kidd will get another chance for the CoV at HBP!

    I'm moving in the upcoming week or 2 so there's no promise I'll be able to post the stuff that I actually write. I'll do my best though and my goal is to not have to delay the PPV this time around.

    Don't forget to watch Wrestlethon, which will take place at the infamous Madison Square Garden in just over 1 month from today. Double the team will be alotted for wrestling!

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    Finally get to post this, am posting from Hong Kong Airport wifi lol.

    UPROAR 20

    -- Edge makes his way to the ring. Edge says last week I was supposed to express an important decision to the entire world. But Christian stole that moment from me. Christian rode my tail for most of his career and I can see it clearly now. He just wants the spotlight. He’s never been big enough to make it on his own. Cause: Christian wants everyone to talk about him, effect: Christian takes Edge out and becomes even more hated than before! I’m past it though; no ordinary superstar would be back out here after the beating that I took last week. It’s what makes me special. It’s what makes Triple H and the Undertaker interested in me.
    - Triple H and the Undertaker walk out. Triple H says it looks like you’ve finally come to your senses. Edge, you weren’t picked out by accident, you’ve earned it. The three longest standing wrestlers in this business are standing in this very ring. Edge may be the youngest of us but he’s still one of few that have survived over many eras. Now, the three of us will join forces to guide the future of this business into the right path.
    - Edge says that’s funny, how you say right path, then why do you each hold the major championships?
    - Triple H says you’re a champion too Edge and with us, you can hold any title you want to. So, Edge, are you ready?
    - Edge says my mind was made up but then Christian scrambled it around last week. I’m not trying to blame Christian because I’m going to give him much worse at Higher Brain Patterns. I do however, remember that my faithful Edgeheads were a big part of my decision process.
    - Triple H says come on, we have a show to run. I’ll put it in simple terms. Undertaker is the God of Wisdom, I am the God of Violence, and you will be the God of Drive! You even admitted it last week; even though times got rough, you went through them because you were driven to achieve greatness!
    - Edge says I know. I’ll ask my Edgeheads what they think. Edge polls the crowd and it’s overwhelmingly evident that they want Edge to be free and support them! Edge says every person chanting my name is right. I’ve already done the dirty work to get to where I am. I don’t need to be associated with two unjust superpowers. Now it’s time to give back! Oh, and, good luck against Danielson.
    - Triple H stares in disappointment as Edge holds his head high while walking to the back.
    - Taz says so this is what HHH and Taker have been up to. Edge is a complete fool if you ask me!
    - King says it is a big miss for the March. They already have two of the most feared wrestlers in history. Don’t forget, Edge is facing Christian at Higher Brain Patterns.

    -- A video package displays Joe’s debut in DVW when he destroyed Sheamus, who was a force to be reckoned with before Joe defeated him, and then the feud involving Cena, Sheamus, Joe, Booker, and unknown assaults on Sheamus/Cena.
    - Sheamus says he’s finally got the match he’s been preparing for weeks!
    - Joe walks down to his music and stays silent, with a smug look on his face.

    -- (1) Sheamus vs Samoa Joe

    - The match is physical and grueling; Joe has been working Sheamus’ upper body while Sheamus got in some hard chops on Joe’s Chest.
    - Sheamus ducks down from an Enziguiri and rolls on the ground. Sheamus nails Joe with a Brogue Kick for 2. Joe gets the upper-hand again and throws Sheamus into the corner. Joe goes for a corner splash but Sheamus meets him half-way with another Brogue Kick out of nowhere! Sheamus covers for 3.
    - Sheamus def. Samoa Joe @10:10 via pin.

    - Christian is backstage with Triple H. Christian says you should go with the next best guy for your third spot, me!
    - Triple H says so you don’t think you can defeat Edge at HBP?
    - Christian says no, I didn’t say that!
    - Triple H laughs and says I’ll give you both the night off tonight because it will get physical at HBP. The match will be a Ladder Match! The winner will climb the ladder to retrieve a contract that entitles you to a place in the Eternal March!
    - Christian says okay, I like it, I technically beat 2 other teams in the TLC match, including Edge! Christian walks away saying he’s got this!
    - Undertaker walks up and says the man you wanted, I contacted him and he seems quite interested.
    - Triple H whispers in Taker’s ear and they both share a laugh.
    - Taz says wow this is big news. But what happens if Edge reaches the contract first? He’s already made it clear he doesn’t want a part of the march.
    - King says I don’t think he’ll let Christian just win so he can get what he wants. If Edge was fine with throwing matches, he would have already cost them the tag titles. Edge is a winner and I’d expect nothing less than maximum effort!

    -- Danielson is backstage with SS.
    - SS asks about his match with Triple H this Sunday at HBP.
    - Danielson says Triple H wants to write off the fact that he tapped out to me as a joke! But, heading into HBP, I get my hands on Triple H and my old foe, John Morrison in tonight’s main event. Let’s just say that Triple H can run away if he wants to avoid the embarrassment of tapping our again tonight! But tonight is just a preview of what happens at Higher Brain Patterns.
    - Triple H is the Cerebral Assassin. Doesn’t this PPV name play right into him? How will you play the game at Higher Brain Patterns?
    - Danielson says take it easy Scott. Sure, there’s no doubt Triple H is trying to get inside of my head. But after he tried to behead me with the DVW championship title, I got back up to my knees. And when he looked down on me, I could see the WORRY in his eyes.
    - SS says thanks for your time, Danielson. And best of luck!

    --(2) Kane vs Kurt Angle
    - Kane dominates Angle early but Angle slips out of the Chokeslam and slips out of the ring. Angle ducks a Big Boot that sends Kane over the guard rail. Angle climbs over and plants the Angle Slam on the concrete floor. The ref. has counted to 10 for a double count out.
    - Kane and Angle wrestle to a double countout.
    - Raven appears on the tron as Angle releases the Ankle Lock on Kane.
    - Raven says if others can alter the righteous path of humanity, so can I. Kurt Angle, you may have made it out alive against Kane but at least you are warm for our match. Winning is essential. Nothing less than a victory at HBP. A victory that will stray you. A victory that will uproot you from the natural path.
    - Angle grabs a mike and says that he went through Kane… a man that’s been unstoppable! Angle says that at Higher Brain Patterns HE will eliminate the threat of Raven.
    - Raven laughs but switches back to a serious tone and says you get it.

    -- (3) John Cena vs Mason Ryan

    - Ryan has shown a powerful offense and eventually hits a Sidewalk Slam for 2.
    - Cena hits his signature Back Drop and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Ryan.
    - Cena pours it on Ryan with the FU.
    - Cena def. Ryan @4:12

    - Cena says that Barrett will not be allowed to create another team that can risk everyone’s well-being. Cena promises to take down Barrett and stop him. Cena says the real reason he came to ringside was to keep an eye on Wade Barrett. Cena says he will put his career on the line in a match with Wade Barrett as long as if Barrett loses, he can never been in charge of a large team again! Cena taunts Barrett to come out but nothing.

    -- Cena is shown bloody and taken out backstage.

    -- CM Punk comes to the ring. Punk says Taker, you know I’m ready to face you! Not just to face you, but go against all odds to prove that I would be the WWE Champion had I not been screwed! Nothing. Taker, get your a** down here!
    - Taker comes out. Taker says as much as I’d love to; I can’t defend the WWE Title against CM Punk. I’ll admit that you are a little bit better than I ever gave you credit.
    - Punk says how can the almighty and great deadman be afraid to defend the WWE Title against me?!
    - Taker says that he is much too powerful for Punk.
    - Punk says you’re not. CM Punk is the best in the world that has never gotten the chance to prove himself. If, I got the match with you, it would be an instant sellout. It’s the match they all want to see! Most of these people think I’m a fake but I win. I only get to win against jobbers like Dolph Ziggler because everytime I face a bigger name; I get screwed. When I plead before the WWE Champion that claims to be much too powerful for me; he won’t budge! Let’s do this!
    - Taker says you still aren’t worthy to face me. The WWE Championship is sacred. Yet, the title holds no prestige in DVW. The title will be retired in a man’s name that will never be put down: the Undertaker!
    - Punk says since you are so certain, you can add one bigger win to the list of victims. I just want a goddamn fair chance!
    - The lights flicker and the Undertaker levitates from the ring to the stage. Taker says at Higher Brain Patterns he will face Wade Barrett as a true test for both men! The IC title will be on the line! Taker disappears and Wade Barrett attacks Punk from behind.
    - Wade nails Punk with the Wasteland.

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    --(4) Dolph Ziggler def. Evan Bourne @1:35 via pin.
    - Ziggler wins with the Zigzag.
    - Ziggler says he just found out that he won’t be competing for the IC title at HBP. It’s fine because I just remembered how one day, I’ll become THE champion. Earlier today, I was told that I was competing in an 8 man falls count anywhere elimination match for the #1 contendership for THE CoV!
    - Randy Orton comes out and says me too! Orton heads to the ring but Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind. McIntyre chimes in and starts beating down Orton with Rhodes. Bubba storms in and attacks Drew. Bubba plants Drew with a Bubba Cutter on the steel ramp! Cody drops Bubba with the Cross Rhodes. Ziggler teams up with Cody to double team Orton. R-Truth and Jack Swagger run in for an all-out brawl to occur. Weapons fly everywhere but Dolph Ziggler sneaks out of the chaos. R-Truth hits the What’s up on Swagger on top of a chair. Cody, Orton, and Truth brawl towards the back. Orton and Truth trade off turns bashing Cody into sound equipment. They go behind the curtain and Ziggler plants Orton with the Zig Zag. Ziggler reverses Truth and hits the Zig Zag on him too. Rhodes and Ziggler stare down but they both agree to save it for Higher Brain Patterns!

    -- Kidd is walking backstage and meets up with Danielson. They’re about to talk when SS approaches them.
    - SS says he wants to start with Kidd. What are you going to do to beat Morrison this time around?
    - Kidd says last time was a trial run. I gave it my all for the greatest match in UPROAR history; just ask Danielson himself. Sunday, I’ll give Morrison a run like I gave Danielson in that twenty-minute epic.
    - Danielson says he respects the confidence but maybe Kidd isn’t ready yet. I’m just worried that you are going to be outclassed by the faster, more athletic, and the heavier inflictor of pain; John Morrison. I’ve fought you both in recent times and all the matches have been close. Both of you have heaps of passion for each wrestling match. You need one tip from the man that will make Triple H tap out and become the new DVW Champion. All you need is to look ahead and figure that there’s no way that you can lose! Once you’ve mastered something you can just guide yourself by KNOWING that each and every tiny detail will just flow out of you; meaning that there will be NO second-guessing.
    - Kidd says powerful stuff. Let’s go out and win tonight and vow to both become new champions at Higher Brain Patterns!

    -- John Morrison is shown watching the TV in his locker room. Morrison says Kidd will need to bring much more to the table to defeat me. I’m the prince of parkour and NO ONE can overcome me in MY environment for MY title – ANYWHERE outside the ring!

    -- A promo airs with soft and delicate booted feet gracing across the ground. They stop and a hand starts to reach down but it cuts out.

    -- (5) Triple H and Morrison vs Danielson and Kidd

    - Triple H stops away on Kidd and mocks Danielson. Triple H locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock on Kidd. Kidd is in pain but Morrison screams that he wants some now! Triple H listens, breaks the hold, and hands Kidd over to Morrison.
    - Morrison goes for the Starship Pain but Danielson runs around and drags Kidd out of the ring. This leads to Triple H coming after Danielson and knocks Danielson down with the Running High Knee on the outside. Triple H stomps Danielson’s ribs into the barricade.
    - Tyson Kidd has regained some fuel on Morrison on the inside and takes him down with a Complete Shot. Kidd goes for the Springboard Elbow but Triple H grabs him and turns him around for an AA Spinebuster off of the ring apron. HHH feeds Kidd back into the ring.
    - Triple H gets tagged in and pins Kidd for 2.
    - Kidd scrambles away from HHH to tag in a recovered Danielson. Danielson flies in and takes down HHH with an arm lariat. Triple H catches Danielson’s kick but Danielson swings his other foot around for a hard enziguiri to the head. Danielson covers for 2.
    - Triple H scrambles out of the ring to avoid a submission. Triple H comes back in and hacks away at the back of Danielson’s legs. Triple H’s Pedigree is escaped and Danielson hits a Belly to Belly Suplex from nowhere. Both men are down! Danielson grounds Triple H and forces the LeBelle Lock onto him! Triple H crawls and screams and refuses to tap. Triple H eventually reaches the ropes. It’s up to a four count but Danielson hasn’t let go yet. The ref. counts 5 and calls for the bell! Danielson won’t let go. Triple H still has the rope but is powerless as the match is over. After a good hold, Triple H finally taps out. Danielson lets go and grabs the DVW Title from the scorers table. Danielson on the outside of the ring shoves the belt in a woozy Triple H’s face and tosses the title onto of him. Triple H flinches as it hits him and Danielson heads to the back alone.

    - Triple H and John Morrison def. Bryan Danielson and Tyson Kidd @19:31 via DQ.

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    DVW presents Higher Brain Patterns -- Part 1
    Live from Baltimore, MD

    -- RVD comes to the ring.
    - RVD says he still isn’t in good enough condition to compete after DVW’s very own GM; Triple H took him out with the sledgehammer. He pledges that it isn’t over. I could be an inconsiderate failure like CM Punk and beg for the rematch. But that’s not me! I’ve spent hours at home thinking of why I lost. I concluded that I would have NEVER lost the championship if it wasn’t for Triple H. But who would be there to believe me? In the making of my great WWE Title reign, I forgot about EVERYTHING ELSE in order to maintain my greatness. It won’t be long before I come back… and I’m not coming back alone! With a little help from my friends, WE will make things right.
    - Taz says bold words from RVD. Let’s move on to our first match!
    - A video package displays Edge and Christian’s Tag Team reign and all the knots down the road between the two.
    - King says don’t forget; the winner will retrieve a contract to be the third member of the Eternal March; the powerhouse group that Triple H and Undertaker have put together.
    - Taz says yeah King, don’t forget, it wasn’t too long ago that Triple H wanted to end the Undertaker but now they clearly are on the same page.

    --(1) Edge vs Christian [ladder/EM contract match]

    -- Christian comes out first and proudly holds his half of the Tag Team Championships closely to him. Edge follows and storms the ring and they’re off!
    - The match is physical. Christian hits a spot where he evades Edge who tried to spear Christian into a ladder set up on the turnbuckle (sideways) and Edge rams his shoulder into the ladder.
    - Christian tries to climb up and grab the contract but at the last minute Edge is able to push the ladder over from the ground. This leaves both men down.
    - A ladder struggle ensues and the result is each men taking a shot at each other and setting both ladders up. A third ladder is wedged horizontally and Christian spikes Edge with a Tornado DDT from the wedged ladder.
    - Christian is in the clear and has climbed up a ladder. He’s got the contract in one hand and decides to fend off Edge, who climbed up the ladder, with the other. Edge gets the best of him and Christian is teetering from one of the top hinges.
    - Edge rolls over the top of Christian and catches him with a Sunset Flip through the wedged ladder!
    - The ladder is shattered in pieces, as both men lay motionless. The ref. calls for the medics after both men still don’t respond. As the medics come down, Edge has shown signs of life. The crowd gets hot as Edge scales up the ladder. He hesitates but does grab the contract.
    - Edge def. Christian @13:02

    -- (2) CM Punk (c ) vs Wade Barrett [IC Title]

    - Wade controls the early match by working Punk’s back. He has a backstretch locked in and CM Punk is wailing in pain. Punk powers out and runs Barrett into the turnbuckle followed by the high knee.
    - Punk hits the running bulldog for 2.
    - Barrett tries to lock in an Abdominal Stretch but Punk nails Wade with the High Kick. Wade slowly goes to fall down but Punk grabs him into the GTS for 3.
    - CM Punk def. Wade Barrett @6:40
    - John Cena runs in. Cena attacks Barrett while Punk looks on. Cena hits Barrett with the FU.
    - Rhyno and Clay run in for the save and get the upperhand on Cena.
    - Punk watches as Kane’s music plays.
    - Kane and Punk save Cena. Punk hits a GTS on Rhyno and Kane hits the Chokeslam on Clay. Barrett catches Punk with a strike to the back of the head. Kane grabs Barrett and plants the Tombstone Piledriver on him.

    - Sheamus says I showed Joe who the greatest warrior in all the lands is last UPROAR. Booker T is just another man that once tried to stop the universe’s warrior. I’m going to kick your arse!

    -- (3) Sheamus vs Booker T w/ Samoa Joe

    - Joe watches on carefully as Sheamus is in control of Booker.
    - Sheamus hits Booker with his 10 chest strikes right in front of Joe.
    - Joe gets up on the apron and stares at Sheamus.
    - Booker runs toward Sheamus but Sheamus sticks him with a boot.
    - Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker.
    - Sheamus lands a thunderous High Cross on Booker T for 3.
    - Sheamus def. Booker T @3:49 via pin
    - Joe signals that he wants Sheamus.

    -- Raven is backstage sitting against the wall.
    - Raven says Kurt, you are oh-so close to being in the main event tonight. Just one match away! Simple logic suggests that you are just one win away from actually living up to Main Event Mafia standards! So close but you stand slim chances against Raven!
    - John Cena walks by.
    - Raven says it looks like you’ve done yourself well. You could have had your match and halted Wade Barrett but I’m glad you listened and brushed him away anyways! Well done.
    - Cena says that now he’s done enough following. It’s time to go for the DVW Title.
    - Raven says you and Punk have so much wrongfully in common. Your not going to take down the Eternal March, CM Punk won’t, and I certainly won’t. The answer is in plain sight though.
    - Cena says he didn’t choose to be left off the card for no reason! I’ve beaten Triple H before and I can do it again!
    - Raven says the prophecy doesn’t foresee it. Calm down and let me guide you to success. Kane walks up. Kane realizes what he has to do. Kane does it for long-term success. If you John Cena, are still blurry… Kane will get you on track. Cena, you will team up with Kane until you get it.
    - Cena stands there in rage but keeps himself from talking.
    - King says all he knows it that at UPROAR 21, Cena teams with Kane to face Rhyno and Clay.
    - Taz says he wishes Raven could look into his “prophecy” and tell us if it’s even worth watching Danielson try to dethrone the Game.
    - King says Danielson does indeed have all the tools to do it. But a champion won’t be crowned until the main event!

    -- (4) 8 man anywhere falls elimination challenge: Orton vs McIntyre vs Bubba vs Cody vs Ziggler vs R-Truth vs Swagger vs Masked Enigma

    - The first seven men are in the ring. The eighth man is the Masked Enigma!

    - Jack Swagger is eliminated by R-Truth via the What’s Up.
    - Truth is mauled by Ziggler with a Kendo Stick shot followed by the Zig Zag for 3. Truth is eliminated.
    - Orton, Bubba, Drew, and Cody brawl as does Ziggler and the Enigma.
    - Bubba catches Drew with the Bubba Cutter. Orton plants Bubba with an RKO.
    - Cody and Orton stare down and Cody taps him. Cody yells that he can do better!
    - Cody picks up Bubba and hits the CrossRhodes on the steel ramp. Cody pins Bubba for 3. Bubba is eliminated.
    - McIntyre is up and has a 2 by 4. Orton smiles at Cody as Drew drives the 2 by 4 to the midsection of Orton. Drew covers for 2.
    - Cody has a bat and Drew a 2 by 4 and they spar for position on the apron. The Enigma knocks Drew into Cody with a missile dropkick from the top rope! Dolph looks to take advantage but pins Cody for 2.
    - Enigma has a chair and cracks Ziggler over the head in the ring. Cody is there with a Trash Can and nails the Enigma over the head. Cody gets sprayed by Orton with a fire extinguisher as he attempted the Beautiful Disaster. Orton hits a springboard RKO on Cody that lands him on top of the trashcan! Cody is well out but Orton is limp. Ziggler jumps on the opportunity and pins Cody for 3. Cody is eliminated. Cody is rolled to the outside to be looked at by the medical team.
    - Enigma goes up high but Ziggler chucks a brick at him, sending him to the outside! Ziggler looks to take advantage again on a injured Orton but Orton from the ground grabs a chair and uppercuts Ziggler with the chair! Ziggler gets RKO’d while take a slow fall to the ground. Orton pins Ziggler for 3.
    - Drew is working on the Enigma on the outside, punishing him into the barricade and stairs. Drew hits a snap suplex into the barricade. Drew covers for 2. Enigma is up, backward on the barricade but Drew takes his legs out, driving his chest into the barricade. Drew looks back to eat a flying knee from Orton. Orton and Drew battle back and forth. Drew powerslam tosses Orton into the ringpost for 2. Orton battles back out of desperation with uppercuts and plants a DDT on Drew. Both men are laid out. The Enigma has a ladder and climbs up. Enigma nails both men from the top of the ladder with the Swanton Bomb! Cody tells the medical team he is fine and goes over to check out the carnage. Cody picks up Randy and nails him with the Cross Rhodes. Cody drags Drew onto Orton for 3. Randy Orton is eliminated.
    - The referee pleads with Cody to go to the back. Cody kicks a crawling Enigma in the face and raises his hands up. Cody smiles at the lifeless Orton and limps to the back. Drew covers the Enigma for 2.
    - Drew has a chair in hand but the Enigma ducks under and climbs the ladder. Drew looks on in shock as the Enigma hits the Whisper in the Wind! After quite the pause, Enigma covers for 2.
    - Enigma sets up the chair. Drew fights back with some shots to the gut. Drew’s Futureshock is slipped out of. The Enigma gets ontop of the chair and lands a sitout Jawbreaker into the high point of the chair! Enigma climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Swanton Bomb for good measures. Enigma covers for 3!
    - The Masked Enigma is the new #1 contender for the CoV @28:27
    - John Morrison’s music hits. John has a mike and says he’d like to congradulate the Enigma because he will be forced to face John Morrison because Morrison WILL defeat Tyson Kidd. Morrison extends his hand to the woosy Enigma and they shake. Morrison pulls a wrench out of his pocket and nails the Enigma over the head. Moonlight Drive to the Enigma!
    - Tyson Kidd’s music hits and he runs out!

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    --(5) John Morrison (c ) vs Tyson Kidd [CoV]

    - Kidd is all over Morrison and hits several standing elbows to Morrison’s ribs. Kidd removes the protective turnbuckle pad.
    - Kidd catapults Morrison into the exposed turnbuckle but Morrison lands on the top rope. Moonsault to Kidd for 2.
    - Morrison has Kidd in a headlock with the top rope while standing on the apron. Morrison jumps down to the floor, causing whiplash to Kidd.
    - Morrison grabs the chair and heads back to the ring. Morrison hits Kidd over the head and throws him over the top rope.
    - Morrison runs the top rope and leaps to the outside, chair in hand. Kidd dropkicks the chair back into Morrison’s face. Kidd covers for 2.
    - Kidd stands Morrison up against the ring and takes alternating shots, as if Morrison was a punching bag. Kidd jumps up and locks in the Body Scissors, splatting Morrison’s back on the ground. Morrison sheds battle cries and impatiently struggles. Kidd turns it into a pin but Morrison gets a shoulder up. The ref. asks Morrison if he taps but he continues to shake his head no. Morrison sneaks his hand into his pants and grabs the wrench. Morrison jabs Kidd between the eyes with the wrench!
    - Morrison rests against the ring post, on top of the steel steps. Kidd groggily comes after him but when Kidd is near Morrison summersaults and grabs the steps during the tuck, thus smashing the steps into Kidd.
    - Morrison tosses a blooded Kidd back into the ring. Morrison then stretches Kidd’s back by pulling both arms back through the ropes. Morrison releases and enters the ring and nails Kidd with the Running Knee Smash.
    - Morrison lands the Starship Pain for 3.
    - John Morrison def. Tyson Kidd to retain the CoV @13:49

    -- Danielson is backstage. Danielson says that he is ready for tonight. Ready to play HIS game. Danielson says that if Triple H is still so embarrassed from the first time he tapped out… how will the GM ever show his face here again after he makes Triple H tap out!

    -- (6) Raven vs Kurt Angle

    -- Angle takes down Raven and locks in a wrestling lock.
    - Raven has a rough time but eventually musters his way away from Angle.
    - Raven pounds away at Angle into the corner.
    - Angle quickly tosses Raven around with a Belly to Belly Suplex.
    - Angle applies the Ankle Lock!
    - Raven quickly taps out.
    - Kurt Angle def. Raven @1:45 via submission.
    - Angle breaks the hold and Raven scurries out of the ring and up the ramp.

    -- We cut in as Triple H is walking to the Undertaker in an office. Undertaker says he’ll be looking out for Triple H from the back.
    - Triple H says he’s offered the kid a championship but he wanted more. Triple H says it’s okay because after he puts away Danielson he’ll be begging to get into the match at Wrestlethon… an Elimination Chamber match for the Championship of Violence! That is if the wounds from tonight heal before Wrestlethon!
    - Triple H says he doesn’t need Taker’s back since he has added no DQ to their match!
    - Undertaker nods as we cut to a small promo for Raven/Angle.

    -- (7) Triple H (c ) vs Bryan Danielson [DVW Title]

    - Danielson waste no time and hits alternating kicks to the midsection of the Game.
    - Danielson takes him down with a drop kick.
    - Danielson goes back on the attack and mashes his boot into the side of Triple H. Danielson covers for 2.
    - Triple H is still down and Danielson grabs Triple H by the head and nails a hard shot to the skull.
    - Danielson grabs Triple H’s head and bashes it into the mat!
    - Danielson lifts Triple H’s head up again and locks in a head lock.
    - Triple H is fading away and the ref starts to raise Triple H’s hand for signs of life.
    - Triple H powers out with a back drop.
    - Triple H crawls to the outside of the ring to take a break and sits down against the announce table.
    - Danielson vaults over the top rope but Triple H trips up Danielson as he flies toward him, sending Danielson crashing into the announce table.
    - Triple H grabs a chair, winds up his shot, and aims to sandwich Danielson’s cranium inbetween the table. Danielson ducks left but Triple H recovers with a chair shot to Danielson’s ribs.
    - Danielson is crouched down and Triple H hits a thunderous shot to the head of Danielson.
    - Triple H drags Danielson back into the ring by his arms and covers for 2.
    - Triple H lunges forward and drives his knee into Danielson’s back as he attempted to get up.
    - Triple H hits several standing knee drops to the face of Danielson.
    - Triple H smiles and raises his hands up as his backs away into the corner. He preys on the struggling Danielson who is attempting to get up.
    - As Danielson is up, Triple H runs and takes Danielson legs out from behind him. He picks up Danielson’s leg and uses it as leverage to stomp away at the other leg. Falling knee smash into Danielson’s tender leg. Triple H locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock!
    - Danielson’s changes from just taking a beating to yelling out in pain. The ref. asks Danielson if he wants to tap out but he refuses! Danielson scraps around for the ropes but Triple H tightens the lock in the center of the ring. Hunter yells at him to don’t give up, not in the big one! Danielson’s shoulders are now down but it’s just a 2 count. Triple H is yelling to him to give up now.
    - Danielson manages to slip up through the lock. Triple H lets go and gives a right boot to Danielson’s face.
    - Triple H pulls Danielson up and Taz says it’s Pedigree time!
    - Danielson drops down and grabs Triple H’s ankle and locks in the ankle lock! Danielson yells at HHH telling him to tap! The ref. asks Triple H if he taps and Triple H grabs onto him and uses him to drag himself over to the ropes.
    - Danielson lets go and yells out “Triple H, you’re a coward!” The crowd gets behind Danielson and starts to chant “coward.”
    - The distraction favors Triple H as he is back up but Danielson locks in the Triangle Choke as Triple H looked to hit the AA Spinebuster!
    - Triple H is flailing around, desperately, trying to get out. He lifts up his hand and repositions on his arm.
    - Triple H uses his free elbows and just barely nudges Danielson in the face. Danielson eases up on the hold, allowing Triple H to get a good elbow shot to the face of Danielson. Danielson still has the position on Triple H but is in a dazed state. Triple H picks up Danielson and nails the AA Spinebuster. Triple H covers for 2!
    - Triple H is tanked and pissed, with his hands brushing through his hair, while positioned against the turnbuckle.
    - Danielson catches a burst and schoolboys Triple H for 2!
    - Triple H is back to his feet first and is pissed.
    - Danielson is on his knees, staring down the Game. Triple H grabs for Danielson but Danielson grabs Triple H into a Fireman’s Carry. Danielson struggles ontop of Triple H to lock in the Lebelle Lock. Trips fights back. Triple H is able to crawl away before Danielson can apply the full lock. Triple H is now sitting in the corner, shaking his head, looking up at Danielson.
    - Danielson slowly walks over and Triple H nails Danielson with a low blow from his knees. Triple H hits the Pedigree!
    - Triple H covers Danielson for 2!
    - Triple H is livid and goes to the outside and starts kicking and hitting the steel steps. Triple H goes under the ring and grabs his Sledgehammer.
    - Triple H climbs back into the ring and prepares by hitting the mat with it. He measures the woosy Danielson, who looks on in fear from a sitting position. Danielson times it perfectly and pulls Triple H down and locks in the Lebelle lock!
    - Triple H is struggling and the crowd gets into and starts to chant “tap out”.
    - Triple H appears to be passing out. He plays Danielson by putting his head down, giving him enough leverage to roll Danielson over as he attempted to readjust. Triple H smashes his elbow into Danielson’s face, and they are both down now!
    - The ref. looks uncertain but starts a count. The count is up to 8 and both men are up.
    - Triple H has the Sledgehammer and Danielson tries to take it away from him. Triple H releases it and goes to strike Danielson in the face, but Danielson ducks and plants a German Suplex on Triple H. Danielson is setting up Cattle Mutilation but the strength of Triple H won’t let Danielson flip over. Triple H scraps around on the ground and pulls Danielson into the Crossface but Danielson escapes quickly. Danielson is coming toward Triple H, and Hunter picks up the sledgehammer and nails him with the back end to the ribs.
    - Triple H folds Danielson’s arms up and drops him with the Pedigree.
    - Triple H stands over Danielson. He gives Danielson a boot to the chest. Triple H drags Danielson up and nails another Pedigree! Triple H holds onto Danielson and jumps back up and hits another Pedigree! Triple H falls over in exhaustion. Triple H sways his arm backward over Danielson for 3.

    Triple H def. Bryan Danielson @28:01

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    UPROAR 21

    -- King says the fallout from Higher Brain Patterns will be eminent tonight.
    - Taz says will your guy Edge, side with the dark side? He’s still walking around with that contract, and I think it’s an opportunity that no one can pass up twice!
    - King says that’s not all, tonight we will have our first of 5 elimination chamber qualifying matches. Tonight, Tyson Kidd takes on Drew McIntyre.
    - Taz says that one championship will be at stake, and that’s the CoV, where John Morrison attempts to defend his title against the Masked Enigma.

    -- CM Punk, the IC champ makes his way to the ring.
    - Punk says there’s no doubt that I’ve handedly beat top contending opponents to gain and defend this belt. I value the prestige of the greats who have held the IC title. On the same note, I am astounded by the few who have held multiple major titles in wrestling. Being IC and the WWE champion at the same time would cement my previous claim as the best wrestler in the world. And, to be honest, each and every one of these people has the right to watch CM Punk face the Undertaker for the WWE Title. Because when I defeat the Undertaker, it will be proof that I’ve been screwed over time after time!
    - RVD comes out.
    - RVD says chill out man. If anyone deserves a shot at the WWE Title it’s me. We’ve all heard that Undertaker is retiring the belt, so let’s move forward and stop whining!
    - Punk says whining? Me? Nah, I promised myself I would get this done. At Summerslam I had you defeated when I got screwed! Undertaker has to accept this match sooner or later because it’s his business now! If he doesn’t he’s an idiot for not jumping on top of an opportunity to have one of the most watched main events of all time!
    - RVD says Punk it’s consuming you like it consumed me… and you are not even the champion yet! Just forget about it. You already have a top championship in DVW. As a friendly gesture to cool you down, I challenge you in a match tonight!
    - Punk says he accepts but he isn’t going anywhere until the Undertaker comes to the ring and books the match for Wrestlethon: Undertaker vs CM Punk!
    - Nothing. Some more time goes by as Punk yells out “come on”! A gong sounds and Taker appears on the tron. Undertaker says it won’t happen. In the mean time, I suggest you make the best of what you have!

    -- A video shows Edge’s win at HBP. Taz says he wonders if Edge will come to his senses and sign the contract to triangulate the Eternal March.
    - King says he turned it down once. Anything can happen in DVW; we’ll just have to find out later tonight!
    - Taz says that’s not all because the Masked Enigma will take on John Morrison for the CoV.
    - King says this match is important, because the winner will not only be the champion of violence, but he will also enter the Elimination Chamber match last!

    - The Masked Enigma is shown taping up for the match.
    - The Enigma opens the door and is smacked over the head with a stop sign from John Morrison

    - (1) John Morrison (c ) vs the Masked Enigma [CoV]

    - Morrison covers Enigma for 2.
    - Morrison Superkicks the Enigma into the wall.
    - Morrison grabs the Enigma’s hand and starts to run up the wall. He flips backward over the Enigma and sticks his legs on the Enigma’s back for a reverse monkey flip into the parallel wall. Morrison covers for 2.
    - The Enigma gains some momentum and delivers multiple drop kicks to Morrison. The Enigma grabs some change and starts to buy sodas from the machine.
    - The Enigma chucks the Sodas at Morrison as he starts to get up.
    - Morrison catches a soda and throws a strike between the Enigma’s eyes.
    - Morrison tosses Enigma into a room and starts to attack the Enigma with the plants and furniture.
    - Morrison pulls the couch on top of the Enigma and slams it on him repeatedly. Morrison sets up both couches parallel against the wall, standing up on its arms.
    - Morrison climbs up in-between the couches and nails the Enigma with the Starship Pain from the top of the couches.
    - Morrison covers for 3.

    - John Morrison def. the Masked Enigma @9:45

    -- King says the next one is an interesting match as Cody Rhodes teams up with Randy Orton to take on Brodus Clay and Rhyno.
    - Taz says there’s no way Cody and Randy like each other one bit, but Triple H told me that DVW is lacking tag teams and Clay and Rhyno wanted to prove their worth for the tag team titles.

    -- (2) Orton and Rhodes vs Clay and Rhyno w/ Drew McIntyre

    - Clay and Rhyno are double-teaming Orton inside the ring and the ref. forces Clay to the outside of the ring. In the meantime, McIntyre climbs in the ring and hits the Futureshock DDT on Orton. Rhyno slides overs and covers Orton for 2.
    - Orton battles back with uppercuts and plants an RKO out of nowhere on Rhyno. Cody looks to enter the ring but Orton stares and intimidates him back to the apron. McIntyre gets back up on the ropes and taunts Orton.
    - The ref. goes over to ban McIntyre from ringside.
    - Cody Rhodes turns Orton around and hits the Cross Rhodes.
    - Rhyno tags Clay and and Clay hits a Big Splash for 3.
    - Rhyno says that they aren’t ready for the titles. Rhyno says he challenges Kane and Cena to a match next week just to get revenge and cement the Blood Beasts as the best tag team in the world.

    -- Brodus Clay and Rhyno def. Orton and Rhodes @7:23

    - Cody Rhodes grabs a mike and heads to the stage. Cody says that at Higher Brain Patterns, he proved a point to Randy Orton. But next week he will qualifiy for the Champion of Violence Elimination Chamber Match… where he will deliver five of the most devastating Cross Rhodes on solid steel to become the new CoV!

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    -- Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring.
    - Danielson says that at Higher Brain Patterns he brought everything to the table to outfight the Game. But Triple H had to bend the rules to make sure he didn’t embarrass himself and his own filthy pride. Danielson says he is okay with Triple H making it his way once… but if he is a man, he will accept his challenge to a 60 minute Iron Man Match at Wrestlethon!
    - Enter Triple H. Triple H says he can’t accept the match because it would make Danielson a hypocrite. Danielson complains about his disadvantage and wants his own advantage in return. It just doesn’t work like that! HHH says he is better and smarter than Danielson and the case is closed… he already proved it at HBP.
    - Danielson says if Triple H still has it, he’ll accept the match and wrestle like a man in one of the most grueling matches known to the wrestling world. Danielson says that Triple H may have won last time but he’s still tapped out twice to Danielson!
    - Triple H scowls and gets in Danielson’s face.
    - It stays silent but gets more heated up. Then Edge’s music hits.
    - Edge runs out on the stage, holding the contract up.
    - Edge says you don’t know what to do Hunter. Edge says that Triple H wants and needs him and it’s just a simple 4 letter signature away. Edge says that he can take care of Danielson and give Triple H Wrestlethon off if he so desires.
    - Triple H says taking care of Danielson is okay… but he will defend his title to show all the undercard how it is done, in hopes that one day they can have their chance.
    - Edge says you lightened up, put a smile on when you finally saw that Edge came out here. Edge signs the contract. He goes to hand it over to Triple H and smacks him over the head with the clipboard. Edge rips it into pieces and poses for the fans and heads down the ramp.
    - Danielson says what about our match at Wrestlethon. Looks like it’s on, right?
    - Triple H climbs back to his feet and says he’s already booked for Wrestlethon. He’s going to successfully defend his title against Edge.
    - Danielson says that this is disappointing. The Undertaker sees clearer than you and that he will give Danielson the match at Wrestlethon!
    - Triple H says stay in the ring, you will go 1 on 1 with Christian!

    -- (3) Christian vs Bryan Danielson

    -- Christian controls the match, constantly working the back of Danielson.
    - Christian goes up for a Moonsault when Danielson runs up and executes a German Suplex off the top rope!
    - Danielson locks in the LaBelle Lock and Christian taps out.

    -- Bryan Danielson def. Christian @6:17 via pin.

    -- John Morrison is backstage with SS.
    - SS says that Morrison retained his championship and will enter the Chamber match last. No one has qualified yet, is there anyone Morrison doesn’t want in the match.
    - Morrison says that he use the chamber ten times more to his advantage than any other wrestler in the match.
    - SS says you are the only CoV in history of DVW. Are you afraid that the odds aren’t in your favor at Wrestlethon?
    -Morrison says not in my favor? Maybe if I have to battle 5 military tanks in a deathmatch would I be at a disadvantage. But it’s okay because everyone else will feel like the one mortal man vs the almighty John Morrison!

    -- Cena is backstage. Cena says that he recalls the thick, looney accent of the man that took him out last UPROAR. Cena says that next week he challenges him to try and get involved in their match against the so-called “Blood Beasts” and get his ass handed to him!

    -- (4) Tyson Kidd vs Drew McIntyre (EC qualifier)

    -- The quickness of Kidd dominates McIntyre in the early going.
    - Kidd hits a Springboard Senton.
    - McIntyre gets a thumb to the eye before Kidd can lock in the Sharpshooter. McIntyre is DQ’d.
    - The time keeper from the scorers table says that there was a mistake and that the match was supposed to be no DQ.
    - The Ref. calls for the bell and restarts the match.
    - Kidd swings around wildly but can’t see. McIntyre laughs and kicks him straight in the nuts.
    - Drew hits the Futureshock DDT for 3.
    - Drew McIntyre def. Tyson Kidd @6:59

    -- Edge is backstage with SS.
    - SS asks about his match at Wrestlethon against Triple H.
    - Edge says he has done nothing to deserve it. Danielson fought hard to be able to contend with Triple H and Triple weaseled his way out, like usual. Triple H needs to face Danielson in a 60 minute Ironman Match so he can really prove to the younger guys that he’s the great wrestler he says he is.

    -- (5) Raven vs Ted Dibiase

    - Raven has complete control and wins with the Raven Effect DDT.
    - Raven def. Dibiase @1:01

    - Kurt Angle comes out.
    - Kurt Angle says screw Raven I beat him. And while I’m at it, screw Edge, I deserve the title shot.
    - Raven ponders and says… your point is valid. You deserve it, but they’ll never see. Quote the Raven, Nevermore.
    - Kurt looks pissed and says that next week he will beat the crap out of Edge for stealing his spotlight!

    -- A promo airs that displays a man lacing up his boots. You can only see his boots and his hands are covered with gloves. A close-up of his boots are displayed as he begins to walk.

    -- (6) Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk

    -- RVD and Punk battle it out and go back and forth.
    - CM Punk hits the GTS but RVD kicks out at 2!
    - RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash and Punk kicks out at 2!
    - The gong sounds and the lights fade.
    - Gong sounds again and the lights are back to show both Punk and RVD laid out in the middle of the ring.
    - RVD and CM Punk fight to no decision @10:05



    ​Sunday April 15th, Live from Madison Square Garden.

    Official Song: Face to the Floor - Chevelle

    Current Card: (card is subject to change)

    Triple H vs Edge (DVW Title)

    Elimination Chamber (CoV) John Morrison (c ) (enters last), Drew McIntyre, ???, ???, ???, ???
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