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    Live from Indianapolis, IN

    -- The arena is dark and all you can see is the glowing green mask of the Enigma.
    - A spotlight shines down revealing the DVW Championship being held high.
    - The Enigma slowly reaches for his mask.
    - The crowd is getting even louder!
    - The spotlight is off and the glowing mask can be seen on the ground.
    - The lights come on and the Enigma has his head down.
    - He roars upward and turnbuckle poses with the DVW Title as “The Game” plays.
    - Triple H grabs a mike but Regal interrupts him.
    - Regal says this isn’t possible, how can this be happening?!
    - Triple H says I’m Baaaaack! And…
    - Regal says shut your bloody mouth.
    - Regal says right now you will face Mason Ryan.

    --(1) Triple H vs Mason Ryan

    - Ryan nails two arm lariats followed by a power clothesline for 2.
    - Mason has HHH in a bear hug and squeezes away.
    - Ryan decides to ram HHH into the turnbuckle.
    - Ryan charges at HHH but Hunter counters with a stiff elbow.
    - Triple H hits a second rope knee buster!
    - Triple H crawls over for a two count.
    - As Ryan rises, Hunter thrusts him in the gut with a fierce boot.
    - Triple H locks in the crossface. Ryan forces a rope break.
    - Ryan runs full speed at HHH looking for a spear but Triple H tosses him out of the ring.
    - Triple H attempts to suplex Ryan back into the ring but Ryan lands on his feet.
    - Ryan misses a running axehandle and Triple H catches him off the ropes into an AA Spinebuster.
    - Triple H tells Ryan to get up and plants a Pedigree for 3.
    - HHH def. Ryan @14:33
    - Wade Barrett from behind takes out HHH at his legs.
    - Wade boot chokes him down with use of the ropes.
    - Wade picks him up and delivers a Wasteland.
    - Regal is out and locks in the Regal Stretch for several seconds and then poses with one foot on top of Triple H.
    - Regal goes to the time-keepers table but can’t find what he wants.
    - King says that’s where the DVW Title was sitting before the match!
    - Taz says he didn’t notice anyone take it. But if Triple H doesn’t have it and the GM doesn’t. Where the hell is it?

    - Drew McIntyre is in the ring.
    - Drew says tonight he’s going to break Orton into pieces.
    - Drew days this is also so his master won’t have any more silly problems with Randy.
    - Drew says that he’s the future and he must rid DVW of psycho veterans like Orton!

    --(2) Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton

    - Randy hits a few uppercuts and Drew tries to retreat to the outside.
    - Orton keeps him from leaving by grabbing his hair and plants a hangman’s DDT.
    - Orton plants McIntyre with an RKO for 3!
    - Orton def. McIntyre @3:04
    - Orton stops leaving the ring and focuses in at a struggling McIntyre.
    - Orton is raging against the turnbuckle but Bubba shouts out at Orton on the tron.
    - Bubba says he’s sick of “superstars” like you Randy…
    - “Superstars” that get to do whateva they want!
    - “Superstars” that don’t have to take many bumps.
    - And Orton, you think you can put your hands on the greatest man wrestling has eva seen, Paul Heyman?
    - Randy, you ain’t seen nothing. Cause at Almost Honest there will be no rules.
    - Except, Randy, you’re gonna be at my mercy when I BREAK your body through a table.

    -- Security footage reveals a masked man leaving the arena with the DVW Title.

    - Dolph Ziggler jumps CM Punk backstage, Zig-Zag!
    - What’s UP to Ziggler from R-Truth.
    - Truth pins Punk for 2.
    - Truth is sitting in disbelief, legs sprawled out.
    - Morrison hits him with a running super kick.
    - Morrison runs up the wall and hits a moonsault on Punk for 3!
    - Punk runs after Morrison but Raven knocks him down with a chair.
    - Raven sets up the chair, sits down, and asks Punk if he’s ready now.
    - Punk shakes his head no while on the ground.

    -- King says he’s just been notified our main event will be Rhyno and Samoa Joe/Booker T vs RVD and John Cena!
    - Taz says yeah not to mention, Undertaker took the night off but he did text me to clarify some matches for Almost Honest.
    - Taz says he isn’t sure who’s the true DVW Champion so the Enigma will face Triple H at Almost Honest!
    - King says also at Almost Honest, Edge and Christian defend their tag titles against Bourne and Gabriel. And look at this one; Cody Rhodes looks to finally put an end to AJ Styles.
    - Taz says don’t forget, Bubba is up against Orton in a tables match!

    - (3) Cody Rhodes vs Kaz

    - Cody reverses the opening grapple into a CrossRhodes for 3.
    - Cody def. Kaz @:0:22
    - Cody says he will use AJ’s advice to MAKE SURE he win at Almost Honest!
    - Cody says he will use every tool that is presented before him to make it to the top.

    -- A sweaty and angered Triple H is stopped by SS.
    - HHH says listen Regal!
    - Triple H says that Regal can’t avoid him forever.
    - Triple H says if Regal gets anywhere near him Sunday at Almost Honest…
    - It will be GAME OVER for Regal!
    - Danielson is passing by. They stare down. Triple H is trembling with rage.
    - Danielson heads towards the ring.
    - Danielson sees Rhyno gore Morrison for 3.
    - Danielson locks in the LeBelle Lock and makes Rhyno tap out!
    - Danielson is the new #1 contender!

    -- (4) Bryan Danielson vs Tyson Kidd

    - Danielson hits three thurst kicks to the left side.
    - Danielson misses with a buzzsaw kick and Kidd rolls him up for 2.
    - Kidd hits a springboard moonsault for 2.
    - Danielson puts his head down trying to flip an in-motion Kidd.
    - Kidd lands a leaping armbar to the opposite side.
    - Danielson screams but ends up escaping and puts Kidd into an ankle lock.
    - Danielson runs at a backward Kidd near the ropes but Kidd drops down and tugs down on the second rope, sending Danielson out into the barricade.
    - Kidd connects with a Plancha to the outside.
    - Kidd is on top of the barricade and grabs Danielson’s arm.
    - Kidd stomps on Danielson’s arm and then stretches it out and drops his legs onto Danielson’s arm.
    - Danielson’s is favoring his arm but Kidd tosses him back into the ring.
    - Kidd goes up top. Kidd leaps onto Danielson’s shoulders and hits a victory roll for 2.
    - Danielson catches Kidd’s ankle after an evaded dropkick.
    - Danielson can’t grasp it tight enough, Kidd is up but Danielson hits a drop toe hold.
    - Danielson kicks a rope-hanging Kidd in the head.
    - Danielson waits and hits a German Suplex Bridge for 2.
    - Danielson strikes Kidd into the corner.
    - Kidd climbs up to the second rope and they trade blows.
    - Kidd lands a hard right and hits a tornado DDT.
    - Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter!
    - After a good hold, Danielson finds a hole in the lock and escapes.
    - Danielson manages to stop Kidd from standing and locks in Cattle Mutilation.
    - It’s close to the ropes and Kidd is able to wiggle his finger onto the bottom rope.
    - Danielson and Kidd are breathing heavily and stare down in the middle of the ring.
    - The timekeeper rings the bell and announces the match as a 20-minute draw!
    - Danielson and Kidd wrestle to a 20-minute Draw.

    - Morrison from nowhere hits a flying chuck on Danielson for 3.
    - Here comes CM Punk!
    - Morrison tries to escape through the crowd but Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag for 3!
    - Ziggler attempts to sneak out through the crowd but Punk grabs him and throws him in the ring. High turnbuckle knee followed by a Macho Drop for 3!
    - Rhyno hits Punk from behind with a chair.
    - Rhyno gores Punk for 3!
    - Rhyno runs to the back as Brodus Clay fights off R-Truth and Jack Swagger.

    -- King says Kidd really proved he could cash in the opportunity Regal gave him. I’m shocked.
    - Taz says where I’m from we never fight to a tie!
    - King says everyone else realized Danielson was the 24/7 #1 contender for the WWE Title and boom, Rhyno is now the current #1 contender.
    - Taz says Rhyno can’t escape like Ziggler once did, Rhyno is in our main event!

    -- Booker T is with Joe in the locker room.
    - Booker says tonight Joe will fight the battle.
    - Booker says at Almost Honest they will tear apart John Cena and prove he is no longer Main Event material.
    - Booker says can you dig that?

    -- (5) Christian vs Yoshi Tatsu

    - Christian wins with the Spear!
    - Christian def. Yoshi Tatsu @1:12
    - Christian says HE is a WINNER.
    - Christian says HE is the longest reigning DVW Tag Team Champion.
    - Christian says HE will win at Almost Honest.

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    UPROAR 16 Main Event

    -- (6) Samoa Joe and Rhyno w/ Brodus Clay vs John Cena and RVD

    - Rhyno says RVD hurt my feelings.
    - Rhyno says it’s okay though because in a half-hour, I will be confirmed into Almost Honest and take RVD’s belt from him!
    - Joe and Cena tie up and send back and forth strikes against each other.
    - Joe whips Cena into his corner and back splashes into him.
    - Rhyno is tagged in and hits a running slam on Cena for 2.
    - Rhyno sets up the gore but RVD comes in illegally and hits a jumping twist kick to Rhyno. Joe comes in and nails Cena with the Death Valley Driver.
    - Joe’s got the clutch locked in on Cena while RVD hits a five star frog splash on Rhyno.
    - CM Punk fights off Brodus Clay with two swift mid-kicks and a roundhouse kick to the head.
    - Ziggler from behind tosses Punk into the ring post.
    - Zig Zag on Rhyno! Cover is 1,2,… broken up by Punk.
    - GTS to Ziggler. GTS to Rhyno for good measures and pins him for 3.
    - Meanwhile, Joe is causing havoc to Cena: first he whipped him into the stairs and then into the barricade. Officials separate Joe from Cena but Booker T comes from nowhere and Bookends Cena through the table. Officials escort Joe and Booker out of the arena.
    - CM Punk is on the stage holding his IC Title high.
    - Taz says he doubted Punk but it looks like he’s done it!
    - Kane’s stage pyro goes off on CM Punk!
    - Fire specialists rush out to extinguish Punk.
    - CM Punk is loaded into an ambulance and taken away.
    - The tron shows a laughing Kane asking if Punk is ready NOW?
    - The tron now shows an EMT checking out the burns on an aggravated CM Punk.
    - The tron suddenly blanks out like an old TV losing its antenna reception.
    - It comes back to reveal the Undertaker executing the Darkness Pin for 3 on Punk!

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    Live from Cleveland, OH

    1. Danielson vs Kidd vs Morrison
    2. CM Punk (c ) vs Dolph Ziggler [IC]
    3. Edge and Christian (c ) vs Bourne and Gabriel
    4. Randy Orton vs Bubba Ray [Table]
    5. Samoa Joe and Booker T vs John Cena and ???
    6. Masked Enigma (c ) vs Triple H [DVW]
    7. RVD [c] vs Undertaker

    UPDATE: Half of the matches are done and there's a huge problem in deciding something. This WILL be ready by the weekend.
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    It's written, just needs to be finished typed (almost done) but is at home on my laptop.

    Official Report: CM Punk will make it to Almost Honest and defend the IC title against Dolph Ziggler! His burns turned out to be just minor.
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    -- (1) John Cena vs Booker T and Samoa Joe

    - Booker and Joe are in the ring.
    - Cena hobbles out with a mike.
    - Cena says that you two can try to defeat me! But, they all have tried!
    - Cena says he won’t give up! Tonight, revenge is for dessert!
    - Joe and Booker are now outside the ring, bringing the fight toward Cena.
    - Sheamus’ music hits and he rushes toward Booker and Joe, hitting them both with War Axehandles.
    - Sheamus shoves Joe into the ring post, then Booker into the stairs.
    - Brogue Kick to Joe! Cena nails Booker with an FU!
    - Sheamus is choking out Joe with a lead pipe.
    - Sheamus gets low blowed from a hand from under the ring.
    - Cena keeps the STFU locked tight on Booker T until he is sprayed in the eyes with a fire extinguisher from underneath the ring.

    -- SS is backstage with Orton and Edge.
    - SS asks Orton if he is upset that he isn’t Tag Team Champions with Edge.
    - Orton says angry? All my anger is fueled toward Bubba Ray and Paul Heyman. And by the way, Paul, I suggest you don’t show up tonight. I only plan on crushing Bubba through a table…
    - SS asks if Orton blames Edge for his problems with Heyman.
    - Orton looks at Edge and says Edge is wise; I’d never question what he does.
    - SS asks Edge his thoughts.
    - Edge says Randy isn’t just Rated R for Randy. He is Rated R for RUTHLESS! I have the utmost respect for this. Yeah, I realize that I’M the only Rated R Superstar but if anyone else has earned this title, it’s Randy Orton!
    - SS asks Edge about his match teaming w/ Christian later tonight.
    - Edge smiles and says he can’t wait!
    - SS says thanks for your time guy!

    -- King says I can’t believe what we witnessed earlier. Someone wants John Cena blind!
    - Taz says he’ll be fine King. Don’t forget about the hand that tried to question the fertility of Sheamus! I dislike Sheamus but a man needs to be able to make babies. What’s this all about?!
    - King says on any note, let’s get onto to our next match!
    - Taz says last month at Fatal Attraction, Morrison and Danielson destroyed each other in the parking lot but Danielson managed to win. Tyson Kidd fought Bryan Danielson to the first ever draw in DVW history! Tonight, it looks like we’ll find out who is the best of these three magnificent rising stars. <Video Package>

    --(2) Danielson vs Morrison vs Kidd

    - Morrison and Danielson stare down mid-ring.
    - Kidd nails Danielson with a backstabber.
    - Kidd moves Danielson out of but covers for just 2 as Morrison misses Starship Pain.
    - Morrison trembles in pain and falls to the outside, holding his left arm.
    - Danielson corners Kidd and chops away at his chest.
    - Danielson hits Kidd with a Tiger Suplex.
    - Danielson goes up top and hits a Diving Headbutt for 2.
    - Morrison re-enters the ring with a springboard missile kick to Danielson for 2.
    - Morrison locks Danielson in a headlock and it progressing into a head scissors.
    - Danielson screams in pain as Morrison rolls him onto his front.
    - Kidd locks in an Ankle Lock on Danielson, adding to Danielson’s pain.
    - Morrison alertly nails an enziguiri to Kidd for 2.
    - Morrison hits the Flying Chuck on Kidd, who lands sitting near the bottom turnbuckle.
    - Morrison, on the apron, brutally smashes Kidd to the outside, through the bottom rope, with a running kick.
    - Danielson shoves a taunting Morrison off the apron.
    - Danielson launches himself over the ropes with a suicide dive and connect with Morrison.
    - All three men are down on the outside. Danielson makes it back in the ring first but is met by a rollup from behind by Kidd for 2.
    - Danielson reverses Kidd and takes down Kidd with a neckbreaker.
    - Danielson regroups and puts Kidd in the Cattle Mutilation.
    - Morrison breaks the hold by stomping on Danielson.
    - Morrison’s Northern Lights Suplex is countered into a German Suplex from Danielson.
    - Danielson is struck by Kidd but Danielson responds with a strong elbow, followed by his own Northern Lights Suplex.
    - Morrison from behind nails Danielson with a front facebuster into the ropes.
    - Morrison plants Danielson with a twisting DDT for 2.
    - Morrison kicks Danielson out of the ring and turns around into a springboard moonsault from Kidd.
    - Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter. Morrison shouts out that he will not tap out, ever again! Morrison is screaming out with pain.
    - Danielson breaks the submission with a drop neckbreaker.
    - Danielson secures the LeBelle Lock on Kidd.
    - Kidd struggles, trying to reach the ropes.
    - Kidd taps just before Morrison can get there.
    - Danielson wins via submission @22:47.

    --(3) Edge and Christian (c ) vs Bourne and Gabriel

    - Christian dominates Bourne with a striking combo and then hits the drop down uppercut.
    - Christian looks for a Tornado DDT but Bourne escapes, leaping into a hurricarana but Christian powerbombs him.
    - Christian hits a diving knee from the second rope that digs into Evan’s ribs.
    - Christian turns around and gouges Gabriel in the eyes.
    - Christian is overly proud and asks for some noise from the crowd, but they boo him.
    - Christian plants the Killswitch on Bourne.
    - Edge from nowhere nails Christian with a spear to a big pop!
    - Edge drags Christian to his corner and tags himself in.
    - Bourne tagged Gabriel, Edge meets him with a spinning heel kick.
    - Edge-O-Matic to Gabriel.
    - Edge locks in the Edgeucator and Bourne taps!
    - Christian is on his knees, staring at Edge who is holding both tag team championships on the stage.

    - Edge and Christian def. Bourne and Gabriel @8:00

    - Cody is backstage with Goldust.
    - Cody says he is going to take care of this bastard for both of us!
    - Cody says stay back here, I got this!

    --(4) Aj Styles vs Cody Rhodes

    - A video package displays the feud, going all the way back to when AJ screwed Cody out of the DVW Title and then attacked his father.
    - Cody gets the upper-hand, leaps on Styles and pounds away at his head.
    - Cody fades the Pele Kick, tackles AJ to the ground again, and pounds AJ with more haymakers to the skull.
    - Rhodes picks up a bloodied AJ Styles and hits the CrossRhodes for 3.
    - Cody def. Stlyes @3:59

    -- RVD is backstage.
    - RVD says Undertaker is the last person he expected to be dishonest to him.
    - RVD says says he’s the one that put Undertaker on the sidelines way back in WWE.
    - RVD says with all his toys at his disposal, he isn’t afraid to do it again.
    - RVD says RVD is hardcore! R-V-D is your W-W-E Champion!

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    --(5) Bubba w/Paul Heyman vs Randy Orton [Table match]

    - Bubba hits a scoop slam, followed by a standing leg drop.
    - Bubba brings in a table.
    - Orton battles off Bubba with uppercuts.
    - Orton charges at Bubba but misses and crashes into the turnbuckle.
    - Bubba forces Orton’s shoulder into the ring post.
    - Bubba chokes Orton with the bottom rope.
    - Bubba drops his knee to Orton’s groin.
    - Bubba tries to powerbomb Orton through the table but Orton nails Bubba with a few closed fists to the temple.
    - Orton sets up a table on the outside. Heyman takes down the table.
    - Orton chases after Heyman.
    - Bubba tries to stop him but Orton plows through Bubba with a clothesline.
    - Orton pounds Heyman in the head with a haymaker, sending Heyman into the crowd.
    - Bubba yells at Orton, drawing Orton towards him.
    - Orton is able to capitalize with a quick RKO!
    - Orton leans the table up against the stairs.
    - Orton picks Bubba up, nails him in the head with a chair, and then spears Bubba through the table and into the stairs!

    - Randy Orton def. Bubba @10:13

    -- SS is backstage with Christian.
    - SS asks Christian why he thinks Edge speared him tonight.
    - Christian says you are a genius for asking stupid questions!
    - Christian says Edge shouldn’t even be one half of the tag team champions.
    - Christian says all Edge cares about is himself.
    - Christian says Edge, I’ll give you the opportunity to forfeit YOUR half of the tag team championships.
    - Christian says if you don’t, I’m going to Killswitch your head so forcefully, that you will never be able to wrestle again!

    --(6) CM Punk (c ) vs Dolph Ziggler [IC Title]

    - <video package displays Punk’s problems with Kane in the past.>
    - King says CM Punk needs to be careful.
    - Taz says it’s simple, if you have the choose to take less pain, wouldn’t you take it?
    - Taz says he would have hopped on the idea of moving away from New York.

    - Ziggler locks in the sleeper, on top of the bandaged back of Punk.
    - Punk screams out: no, you’re going to sleep!
    - Punk gets out and hits the running high knee and bulldog combination.
    - Punk signals for the GTS when Kane’s pyro goes off.
    - Kane is walking down to the ring but Punk grabs the mike.
    - Punk says he’s had enough; he’ll start playing along.
    - Ziggler hits a Zigzag from behind.
    - From nowhere, Raven hits the Raven Effect DDT on Ziggler.
    - Raven assures Punk that the wounds will heal quickly.
    - Raven, Kane, and Punk head back together.

    - Dolph Ziggler def. CM Punk @6:39 via DQ
    - Punk is still the IC Champion.

    -- Triple H is seen making a B-line toward the ring.

    --(7) Masked Enigma (c ) vs Triple H [DVW Title]

    - Enigma runs at HHH but meets a knee to the gut.
    - Enigma tries to counter into an over-the-top DDT but HHH catches him in an AA Spinebuster for 2.
    - Triple H mounts the Enigma but the Enigma escapes and rolls into a pin for 2.
    - Enigma does a dropkick but HHH backs away and executes a running kick to Enigma’s side.
    - Enigma is quickly back up and nails HHH with a Twist of Fate.
    - Enigma hits a Swanton Bomb.
    - Enigma covers for 2!
    - Enigma tries for another Twist of Fate but Triple H plants a quick kneebuster.
    - Triple H hits a Pedigree for 3.

    - Triple H def. the Masked Enigma @11:43
    - Triple H is the new DVW Champion.

    - William Regal makes his way out.
    - Regal says that right now Triple H is defending the DVW Title against… Regal!
    - A gong goes off and Undertaker shows up on the tron.
    - Taker says I don’t approve of this match, but it’s too late, Regal made the match.
    - Taker says if Regal loses, Triple H will become the new GM!
    - Taker says Regal can forfeit his match now and continue to be the GM.

    - Regal taunts a battered Triple H to come outside the ring.
    - As Triple H puts one foot through the rope, he is stabbed in the side by brass knuckles. Triple H stumbles down to the outside.
    - Regal takes a well-measured brass knuckle shot that digs deep into Hunter’s forehead. Triple H is a bloody mess!
    - Regal runs Triple H into the ring post.
    - Regal plants Triple H with a DDT on the steel steps.
    - Regal tosses HHH into the ring, and exposes the turnbuckle.
    - The bell rings to start the match.

    --(8) Triple H (c ) vs William Regal [DVW Title]

    - Regal attempts to whip HHH into the exposed turnbuckle but Hunter collapses before he reaches it.
    - Regal smirks and covers Triple H for 2!
    - Triple H is slow to get up but lifts Regal into a spinebuster that drives Regal into the exposed turnbuckle.
    - Triple H, one arm at a time, puts Regal in the pedigree position.
    - Triple H nails Regal with the Pedigree.
    - Triple H covers for 3!

    -- Triple H def. Regal @4:02
    - Triple H is still DVW Champion and the new GM!
    - King says it’s a pleasure to have the king of kings as our new GM.
    - Taz says good for you, King.

    --(9) RVD (c ) vs Undertaker [WWE Title] [HARDCORE]

    -- RVD goes for a leg kick, Taker catches it, lifts RVD’s leg up, and smashes it to the ground.
    - Taker Chokeslams RVD for 2.
    - RVD recovers to the outside and smacks Taker with a stop sign.
    - Taker is still on his feet, seemingly undazed, so RVD strikes him again.
    - Taker is still standing. RVD repeats fives stop sign strikes, until Undertaker is down to the ground.
    - RVD takes a chair and hits a twisting leg drop to Taker’s head.
    - RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for 2.
    - RVD does Rolling Thunder off the apron but Taker spikes him with a big boot to the back.
    - Taker plants RVD with a sidewalk slam for 2.
    - Taker goes for the Last Ride but RVD rolls Taker up for 2.
    - Taker hits RVD with Old School.
    - Taker grabs a chair, but RVD hits him with a Vandaminator before he can re-enter the ring.
    - With Taker’s head landing against the announce table, RVD hits a missile drop kick into Taker’s head.
    - RVD covers for 2!
    - RVD hammers away at Taker with two chair shots to the head.
    - Taker is still standing, and RVD hits a thunderous running chair shot to the skull.
    - RVD rolls Taker onto the announce table. Taker grabs RVD by the throat, while lying down on the table.
    - Taker tosses RVD into the steps.
    - Taker signals for the end but RVD kicks him in the groin.
    - Triple H’s music goes off and both men stare as Triple H hobbles toward them. Triple H has a mike in one hand and a sledgehammer in the other.
    - Triple H is in breathing distance , backs away and eyes them both down.
    - Triple H looks at Rob but hits taker in the gut with the back of the sledgehammer.
    - Triple H near beheads RVD with the hammer!
    - Triple H feeds RVD to Taker who Tombstones RVD through the announce table.
    - Taker covers for 3.

    - Undertaker def. RVD @20:11
    - Undertaker is the new WWE Champion!
    - Triple H raises Undertaker’s hand.

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    UPROAR 17

    -- King says Almost Honest disrupted the DVW landscape forever!
    - Taz says yeah, you got on your high-horse for Triple H after he won the DVW strap, what do you think now?
    - King says he has no idea what to think anymore.

    -- Triple H walks down to the ring in street clothes. He eats in his entire entrance, ending with him holding up the DVW Title on the top rope. A fancy table is in the ring with a tablecloth covering an object.
    - Triple H says just when all you people lost hope, I came back and I came through. Let’s be honest, Regal could have stayed away. But no, he tried to end me. The game I play doesn’t accept hypocrites. Regal got just a little too close and he paid the price.
    - Danielson walks out and gets in the ring.
    - Danielson says you are a sick man!
    - Triple H says Danielson… that name rings a bell. Oh yeah, last time we met, I embarrassed you, just like your sad excuse for a trainer, William Regal.
    - Danielson says you never defeated me, admit it! I made you tap out! And after that I called you out, and where did you hide?
    - Triple H says going toe to toe with me isn’t like one of your silly video games; I am THE GAME! You ought to be careful what you wish for but since I call the shots around here now… you can try to win a battle against me whenever you want, kid!
    - Danielson says how about right now!
    - Triple H says hold on. Since Deadman is the WWE Champion, and no one will take his title away and I’m the DVW champion and no one will take that away…
    - Undertaker walks out. Taker intimidates Danielson by looking him in the eye.
    - Triple H says as I was saying… it’s been decided that a new championship will be created, since we do want everybody else to have something to fight for.
    - Taker says hold up. Allow me to enlighten the world what the new DVW brings to you. Hunter and I both possess the three qualities that represent DVW: Drive, Violence, and Wisdom!
    - Triple H says since nobody in the locker room is qualified to be more driven, more wise than us, the young stars, like you Danielson will have to prove they can be more VIOLENT than the next guy! Triple H removes the tablecloth from the table. This is the DVW Violent Championship! Danielson, I don’t want you to make any rash decisions…
    - Danielson interrupts and says…
    - Triple H says shut up! You can either take this championship as a token for your great recent wins over John Morrison and Tyson Kidd or face me at Higher Brain Patterns for the DVW Title. Think this over kid!
    - Danielson says I’m not going to be rash, only one choice suits me. I’ve competed between four sets of ropes for over ten years. In that time, no yielded more DRIVE than I have! No one ever or will ever outsmart me in this sport! That belt can’t mean anything to me, because the only way I can show you my violence, is if it’s with YOU Triple H!
    - Triple H says fair enough. Later tonight Randy Orton will face John Morrison and Tyson Kidd will face Kane. No rules in any matches, may the most violent man win and advance into next week!

    -- Cody Rhodes and Goldust are in the ring.
    - Cody says that it’s hilarious that AJ Styles took him lightly. Styles, DVW is the big leagues, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multiple time world champion in Double A.

    --(1) Edge and Christian vs Cody and Goldust [Non title]
    - Taz says he hopes Christian can get the pinfall this time, Edge was so selfish at Almost Honest. Who the hell takes out his own tag team partner and then still goes on to win the match!
    - Christian hits a Killswitch on Goldust.
    - Edge comes in the ring. Christian and Edge argue with each other. Edge ends up saying screw you! Christian gets a cheap eye-gouge in.
    - Chrisitan ducks Goldust and rolls him up for 3 as Cody looks on from the apron.
    - Christian and Edge def. Goldust and Cody @5:50
    - Cody steps in the ring and Christian runs away from Edge, Edge chases him.
    - Cody helps his brother up. Cody grabs a mike and yells in his face that he’s sick of Goldust weighing him down! Cross Rhodes to Goldust. Cody says he is a singles wrestler and he’s coming after a major championship!

    -- Back from the commercial, it’s shown that Edge continued chasing Christian through the backstage area until he was stopped by Triple H and Undertaker. The three had an unknown exchange of words.

    -- (2) Kane w/ Raven vs Tyson Kidd – No DQ

    - Kane dominates Tyson Kidd. Kane picks up Kidd and nails the Chokeslam from Hell. Kane plants the tombstone piledriver.
    - Raven grabs a mike. Raven says stop. I know it’s hard, I know your angry Kane! You need to stop!
    - Kane is breathing heavy with his eyes darting around his head. Kane sets Kidd down.
    - Raven says good job! CM Punk, get down here!
    - Punk comes down.
    - Raven says hit the GTS on him, now!
    - Punk nails Kidd with the GTS.
    - Raven tells Kane to pin Kidd. 1,2… Raven yells to break it up. Kane breaks up the pin. Raven says leave him there, let’s go!

    - Tyson Kidd def. Kane via forfeit @7:30

    -- King says it looks like Kane was unable to finish the match so Tyson Kidd scored the victory and will compete for the DVW Violent Championship next week!
    - Taz says what a great name for a championship; it gives me the tingles every time I hear it!
    - King says it looks like we were able to capture exclusive footage of the talk that Edge had with Triple H and Undertaker.
    - Triple H is whispering. We’ve begun the Eternal March. You see, without Vince, some strong veterans need to guide the newborns into the future. There’s a lot of pressure on us, a lot of people think wrestling is nothing without Vince...
    - The footage is interrupted by John Cena. John Cena is in the ring. Cena says Joe, Booker, let’s just have our fight right now!
    - Cena is jumped from behind by Wade Barrett. Wade beats him down. Wade hits the Wasteland on Cena. Wade says he doesn’t know why he ever let this peasant, John Cena survive to live another day. I had him at my mercy and I let him go. Now all he does is come down to the ring and waste time. People don’t need to worry about John Cena, they need to worry about US! Rhyno, Brodus Clay, and Mason Ryan take the ring with Barrett.

    -- (3) Rhyno vs Kofi Kingston

    - Rhyno dominates Kofi and wins with the Gore!
    - Rhyno def. Kofi @ 2:57

    -- Tyson Kidd is backstage with SS
    - SS says Tyson, I admire your bravery to conduct this interview after Kane and Punk gave you a beating.
    - Kidd says thanks, I’m not willing to give up that easily. My plan is to keep pushing myself to the limit so one day I can defeat Kane. Why Kane didn’t finish me? I don’t know. It’s been proven that I can hang in there with the best. There’s no doubt that I’ll be the underdog going into the match, but I’m positive that I can become the first ever DVW Violent Champion
    - SS says is Violent really a word that describes you, Tyson?
    - Kidd says violence makes humans who we are. If I can’t be more violent than the next guy, then I’m setting myself up for failure.
    - SS asks how do you plan to prepare for either Randy Orton or John Morrison.
    - Kidd says neither man will be easy. I think the best way to study will be to watch old ECW tapes and figure out what fueled hardcore legends to nearly kill each other. As odd as it sounds, I like my chances against Randy since I’ve watched him for hours upon hours wrestling and he’s never squared off against me. Hey, there was even a time that no one realized what destruction Randy Orton was capable of. I need to prove that no one is even close to predicting Tyson Kidd!
    - SS says good luck next week Tyson!

    -- Taz says big words from Kidd but I think he’s way over his head.
    - King says I don’t know, he makes me want to root for him! Don’t forget, he fought Danielson to a 20 minute draw, and now Danielson is contending for the DVW Championship!

    -- (4) Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth

    - R-Truth misses the Lie Detector and Ziggler snaps on the opportunity by locking in the sleeper. Sleepy R-Truth passes out.
    - Dolph Ziggler def. R-Truth @4:49
    - Dolph says that he defeated CM Punk for the IC title at Almost Honest but not a single person has spoken a word about it! Ziggler says it’s okay because he will get his rematch and defeat CM Punk!

    - Edge is seen backstage grasping his hair tightly with his palms against his head.

    -- SS catches up with John Morrison. He asks John Morrison why he thinks he should be the first DVW Violent Champion.
    - Morrison says I don’t know. Maybe it’s because over the past two months, I’ve been involved in two of the greatest matches in DVW history! I’m DVW’s go to guy when they need blood given!
    - Randy Orton walks up. Orton says all you are good at is believing that people watch your matches because of you… when really, it’s the other guy they are there to see. People know what the viper is capable of. Every single time, someone is in a position to get hurt! Tonight I’m the main event and you John, are the prop that could get hurt!
    - Morrison says we’ll see about that. I’m ready to make sure that YOU are the one that won’t be able to walk out of this arena tonight!

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    UPROAR 17 Main Event

    --(5) Randy Orton vs John Morrison [no DQ]

    - Morrison hits an enziguiri for 2.
    - Morrison keeps Randy grounded with a headlock, Orton battles out, gets to his feet and strikes Morrison with multiple uppercuts.
    - Orton plants a snap powerslam for 2.
    - Orton gets a crazy look in his eyes and misses the punt!
    - Morrison catches Orton in the back of the head with a kick, and Orton tumbles to the outside of the ring.
    - Morrison smashes Orton’s head off the steps.
    - Morrison goes second rope and attempts to sandwich Orton’s head into the steps but Orton dodges it.
    - Orton hits a backbreaker on Morrison.
    - Orton decides to grab a chair. Orton continuously tries to spike a crab-walking Morrison with the chair but misses every time.
    - Morrison leaps off the ground and catches Orton with a dropkick to the gut.
    - Morrison takes the chair, jumps onto the barricade, and turns around while jumping off and nails Orton in the skull with the chair.
    - Morrison hits Orton with a moonsault from the apron for 2.
    - Orton leaps up from the ground and hits an RKO on Morrison.
    - Orton rests up against the barricade and measures up a knocked out Morrison.
    - From the crowd, Bubba chokes Orton with a chain. Devon sets up a table.
    - Bubba busts Orton open with a chain shot to the head.
    - Dudleys nails Orton with the 3D through the table!
    - Dudleys throw Orton back into the ring and walk away, toward backstage, Bubba is shouting that it’s not over!
    - Morrison is back in the ring and hits the Starship Pain on Orton.
    - Morrison covers for 3.
    - John Morrison def. Randy Orton @18:26

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    UPROAR 18

    -- Triple H is in the ring. Triple H says Taker isn’t here tonight but he still has big plans to carry out for tonight. At this time, I’d like to introduce to you… Edge!
    - Raven comes out.
    - Triple H says why the hell are you out here?
    - Raven says there’s a slight crack in the prophecy, but those who were chosen to suffer, eventually will find themselves pleading for mercy! Triple H is shaking his head sideways but Raven continues. He says he holds information that can turn DVW upside down but now isn’t the right time.
    - Triple H says Raven is a poor, lost soul. But that’s okay, because I’m not like Danielson’s hero, William Regal. I have the power to just fire you, but I also have the brains to realize that firing you will solve nothing! In DVW we settle our problems by fighting each other! Tonight, you will be in action!
    - Raven says why?
    - Triple H says why what?
    - Wade Barrett comes down. Wade says that Raven is even worse than Cena, he just wastes our time with rambles that only his mind can comprehend. I’ve taken the brightest stars from Battleground to assemble a team that deserves more airtime than pathetic wannabes like Raven. And Triple H, Regal is a great man, be careful how you speak!
    - Triple H says Wade, you don’t get to question me!
    - From behind, Kurt Angle hits an Angle Slam on Raven! Angle feeds Raven to Barrett who hits Raven with the Wasteland. Wade hands Raven to Triple H.
    - Danielson runs out. Triple H backs out of the ring and throws Raven to the ground.
    - Danielson attempts to overthrow both Angle and Barrett but is eventually double-teamed and down.
    - Cena runs down. Cena clotheslines Barrett over the top rope.
    - Cena and Angle stare down.
    - Triple H has backed up the announce table. Triple H says in tonight’s main event, Raven will have the partner of his choice to take on Wade Barrett and Kurt Angle. Danielson will face Edge. Dolph Ziggler will take on CM Punk for the IC Title. And next, John Morrison faces Tyson Kidd to crown the first ever DVW Violent Champion!

    -- King says it’s a lot to digest but wasn’t Edge supposed to come down to the ring?
    - Taz says I thought so, but the Olympic champ, Kurt Angle is back!
    - King says anyways, tonight should be a great night for wrestling! It’s time to crown the first ever DVW Champion of Violence.
    - Taz says I can’t wait, every time this championship is defended, there will be no disqualifications, so you can be as VIOLENT as you desire!
    - A video recaps Kidd and Morrison’s interviews from last week.

    --(1) John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd [Violent]

    -- Morrison and Kidd duke it out in the ring, Morrison gains that upper hand and tosses Kidd to the outside.
    - Morrison takes a Kendo Stick and breaks it across the back of Kidd for 2.
    - Kidd has recovered, up to the apron, Morrison stops him from diving off and powerbombs him into the barricade.
    - Morrison leaps onto the barricade and drives a diving knee into the mid-section.
    - Morrison covers for 2.
    - Kidd reverses the suplex hold and flips Morrison into the crowd!
    - Kidd smacks Morrison across the head with a cookie pan.
    - Kidd flapjacks Morrison onto the barricade.
    - Morrison recovers with a big Pele Kick!
    - Morrison covers for 2. Morrison tosses a trashcan in the ring and re-enters the ring and Kidd follows behind.
    - Morrison strikes Kidd to the mid-section with the trashcan.
    - Morrison fits the can around Kidd’s head and nails him with a Corkscrew Step-up Enziguiri!
    - Morrison lands the Starship Pain on Kidd for 3.
    - John Morrison def. Tyson Kidd @11:01.
    - John Morrison is the new Champion of Violence.

    -- Randy Orton is in the ring. Orton says I can’t believe that it’s not over yet. Randy Orton is looking forward, and is on path to recapture the WWE Title! I’m sick of setbacks, tonight we finish this!
    - The Dudleys, Drew McIntyre and Paul Heyman come out. Heyman says you want to settle this? It’s not going to be easy; you’re going to have to get through all four of us!
    - Orton motions for them to come to the ring, and Drew and the Dudleys surround Orton.
    - Orton is pumped and tries to take on all three. He slips in an RKO on Devon and turns around and gives Bubba an RKO. Drew goes after him but Orton sneaks outside of the ring.
    - Heyman runs away but Orton catches him and knocks him down on the ramp.
    - Orton gets a quick punt in and runs away as Drew chases after.
    - Drew stops to help Heyman up. Drew plants Heyman with the Futureshock DDT on the ramp.
    - Drew grabs a mike and heads into the ring.
    - Drew says everyone is right about Heyman, I’m stuck in reverse right now! The future lies elsewhere. However, I do hold one trait that will always remain the same; I have a stinging pleasure for producing violence!
    - Randy Orton walks back out. Orton says am I hearing you correctly? You think that attacking helpless victims displays violence? Drew smiles and Orton says TRY to take me out!

    - (2) Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton

    - Orton dominates the match and hits the Hangman’s DDT.
    - Orton preys on Drew, looking for an RKO.
    - Brodus Clay, Rhyno, and Mason Ryan attack Orton in a 3 on 1 ambush.
    - Ryan lays Orton out with a Powerbomb. Clay punishes Orton with a Belly to Belly.
    - Rhyno gores Orton!
    - McIntyre grabs a chair and puts Orton’s leg inside of it.
    - McIntyre repeatedly stomps the chair into Orton’s thigh.
    - The others hand Orton to Drew who hits the Futureshock DDT on the steel chair.
    - Randy Orton def. McIntyre via DQ @3:34

    -- CM Punk is in the ring. Punk says that at Almost Honest he didn’t sell himself to the devil. He CHOSE to align himself with the shrewd, skillful, Raven! Ziggler comes down. Punk says wait, wait. As for you Dolph, you have skills, they just need to honed.
    - Dolph says Punk doesn’t get it. If it wasn’t for Raven, I would be the IC Champ!
    - Punk says talk is cheap if you can’t back it up. Let me show you who is the better man!

    --(3) CM Punk ( c ) vs Dolph Ziggler [IC Title]

    - Punk rarely misses a beat and controls the tempo. Punk is able to hit the Macho Elbow and then locks in the Anaconda Vice. Ziggler Taps.
    - CM Punk def. Dolph Ziggler @ 6:34
    - R-Truth comes out. With all do respect Mr… Punk, Dolph Ziggler claims that nobody talks about him. But I’m more forgotten than anyone on this roster! I’m a former World Champion and you’re about to see a lot more of me.
    - CM Punk says what’s your point?
    - Truth says point? I don’t need a point and that’s the TRUTH!

    -- John Morrison is backstage with SS.
    - SS asks how does it feel to be the first ever CoV in DVW?
    - Morrison says it’s right. Nobody can out-shine me in a wrestling match in which I can use the entire landscape to my advantage. People thought that Jeff Hardy’s three-month reign as the first ever DVW champion was something but his reign will be inferior to mine.
    - SS says how can you compare two titles that don’t even hold the same prestige?
    - Morrison says Triple H put it well; the chances of taking the DVW title away from him are slim. So I vow to give everyone else slim chances of prying my championship away from me!
    - SS says rumor has it that fans expected more violence in this match, your thoughts?
    - I went easy on Tyson Kidd because he’s nobody; just wait to see the level of violence I’ll display against a formidable opponent!

    -- King says it appears that tonight, Rey Mysterio returns.
    - Taz says he’s not in great condition, in an exclusive interview; he wants to try fighting tonight to figure out if he’ll ever be in shape to wrestle again!

    -- (4) Kane vs Rey Mysterio

    -- Mysterio kicks Kane into 619 position and goes for the 619 but Kane catches him into a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane picks him up and Chokeslams him to hell!
    - Kane covers for 3.
    - Kane def. Rey @2:01

    -- John Cena and Raven are backstage. Raven says you deserve to get your revenge out there tonight, Cena.
    - Cena says Angle is up to something, why else would he crash our parade.
    - Raven says that uneducated people like Angle are spontaneous, who the hell knows why he’s here!

    - Edge is roaming around backstage. Christian asks to speak a word with him.
    - Christian says look, deep down, I’m still your friend. Just let me know what you need help with, I’m there for you.
    - Edge says your full of s*** and attacks Christian! Edge is dives ontop of Christian and pounds away until Triple H breaks them up. Triple H says Edge, you have a match now! Get out there!

    -- (5) Edge vs Bryan Danielson

    - German Suplex to Edge.
    - Edge attempts a DDT but Danielson sneaks around the backside and rolls Edge up for 3!
    - Danielson def. Edge @2:10

    - Edge says I have to get this off my chest. There’s a big decision to be made involving me. By next week, I’ll have decided and will inform the entire universe, live on UPROAR.

    --(6) Cody Rhodes vs Zack Ryder

    - Cody destroys Ryder with the Cross Rhodes.
    - Cody def. Ryder @2:29.
    - Cody says that he is going to be a featured guest on the TV show, Sports Science this Monday. Be sure to tune in!

    -- SS is backstage with Tyson Kidd.
    - SS says John Morrison says that you aren’t a formidable opponent for him, your reaction?
    - Kidd says next time I’ll have to take Morrison to the next level. Morrison still doesn’t have an opponent for HBP and I’m on a mission to get that rematch to prove to everyone that I AM of the caliber to step in the same ring and defeat John Morrison.

    -- A promo airs revealing the Masked Enigma’s return is set for UPROAR 21!

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    ​UPROAR 18 Main Event

    --(7) Raven and Cena vs Angle and Barrett

    - Raven and Angle start it out. Angle hits a Belly to Belly for 2.
    - Angle locks in the Ankle Lock but Raven eventually crawls over and tags in Cena.
    - Cena is pumped, he shoulderblocks Angle to the ground and gets a cheap shot on Barrett.
    - Cena hits the Cena Backdrop on Angle.
    - Cena goes for 5 knuckle shuffle but Samoa Joe from the apron grabs Cena and chokes him with his body and the ropes. Joe releases Cena and Booker T nails Cena with his patented Scissors Kick.
    - Raven gets in the ring and tries to fend them off. Sheamus runs in too.
    - Angle, Barrett, Joe, and Booker T beat down Raven and Sheamus.
    - Angle hits Raven with the Angle Slam.
    - Bookend to Sheamus. Joe locks in the Clutch on Sheamus.
    - Cena is up but Barrett stops him and hits the Wasteland on him.


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