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    --RVD stands graciously in the ring; draped with a gold WWE Title.
    - RVD says this is a simple invitation for an unknown man to step forward and fight him tonight.
    - Nothing happens. RVD says keep burying yourself in blurs. I’m not a coward. You can come get a piece of RVD any time you’d like.
    - RVD says that’s ok; RVD is the whole damn show. Each and every person will be just as happy seeing me fight a different battle. Everyone would forget about you when I’m finished anyways, so don’t bother.
    - Cody Rhodes bursts into the scene.
    - Cody says masked men hide their awful, ugly faces for our own good.
    - Cody says but when you and I both are done with them, they’ll have to keep wearing masks for their wives at home. They’ll be ashamed to show their face to their own kids!
    - RVD says you and I? I can handle myself Cody but I appreciate the words of encouragement.
    - Cody says RVD is a selfish fool. Even a fool should be able to see that he can’t hunt down a pack alone. There must be at least two but who knows how many more. Maybe they are a dark cult formed from the remains of a failed business.
    - RVD opens his mouth and the lights fade to black.
    - Undertaker comes out!
    - Undertaker’s voice bellows throughout the arena: The Masked Enigma. He came to me and spoke of a desire to be champion. And since Rob, you want a match with him; you got it! At Fatal Attraction it will RVD vs the Masked Enigma for the title inside a steel cage. Tonight Cody teams with RVD to face masked men.

    -- Kidd and Christian share a laugh in Regal’s office.
    - Regal insures them that they’ll be fine tonight. Besides, Rated RKO already had their shot.

    --(1) Jeff Hardy vs Santino

    -- Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb for 3.
    - Jeff Hardy def. Santino @1:17

    -- The following is pre-recorded footage from Bryan Danielson.
    - Hi. I’m the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. I pride myself on finely tuned technical skills. On any given night, I’ll make you tap out. Triple H is living proof. Danielson joins a short list of guys that submitted Triple H. Now, John Morrison, I admire your courage. I’m still quite shaky on what your purpose is. Just letting you know; at Fatal Attraction your hand shall relentlessly feel the cold, clammy concrete. Why? Because our match is a Parking Lot Brawl!

    --(2) CM Punk vs Yoshi Tatsu

    - Tatsu backslides Punk for 2.
    - Punk recoils with a thunderous kick to the back of the head.
    - Punk secures Tatsu in the Anaconda Vice as Yoshi instantly taps out.
    - CM Punk def. Tatsu via submission @2:46

    - Punk says there are no roadblocks in route to winning the IC Title.
    - Punk says it’s a lost art but he doesn’t only want the IC title, but also the WWE title!
    - Morgan steps down to observe.
    - Punk says at Fatal Attraction, it isn’t a matter of winning or losing. It’s a matter of making you look good or putting this reject to sleep in 10 seconds!
    - Morgan charges the ring as Punk escapes.
    - An infuriated Morgan roams around backstage.
    - Christian tells him not to let Punk push him around.

    -- Christian and Kidd are in ring. They look up at massive ladder.
    - Kidd says they almost couldn’t find a ladder in time for this contest.
    - Christian says all they could find was this old, squeaky ladder.
    - Christian says not to worry because he fixed it by spending his precious time oiling up the ladder.
    - Edge and Orton shake their heads on the stage.
    - Kidd says to make sure no one cheats; he’s hired personal lumberjacks.
    - Edge says not to forget they are RATED RKO and will go to extended depths to get what we deserve. Hell, the network might even have to black this out!
    - Orton says it still would benefit the people; to make sure they can watch us destroy you at Fatal Attraction.
    - Rhino and Brodus Clay come out as the lumberjacks.

    --(3) TLC contract 10 minute limit—Rated RKO vs Kidd and Christian

    - Edge is abruptly double-teamed.
    - Orton takes advantage and RKO’s Kidd.
    - Orton focuses on Christian as the ultimate opportunist, Edge, quietly scales up the ladder.
    - Edge is able to sign the contract but he realizes it’s tightly secured.
    - Meanwhile, Christian is able to feed Orton to the outside where he is ferociously attacked.
    - Rhino gores him into the steel steps.
    - Clay splashes Orton from the barricade.
    - Christian itches for a killswitch but Edge launches the ladder at everyone.
    - Edge spears Brodus Clay. Kidd leaps off the apron but also eats a spear.
    - Edge and Rhino double Gore/Spear.
    - Christian manages to keep Orton grounded with a headlock as time ticks.
    - Orton escapes under the ring to the other side, but is forced to go back for the ladder.
    - Christian meets him with a steel chair but misses, Christian slips out of RKO, then Christian dropkicks the ladder into Orton.
    - Christian places the ladder on-top of Orton.
    - Christian cockily stands on top of the ladder, burying Orton.
    - Edge sneaks in for a surprise spear on Christian as there is less than a minute left.
    - Edge attempts to help Orton up the ladder but time expires.
    - Edge climbs alone anyways. Just as he reaches the contract it is lifted out of reach.
    - King says that Edge did sign that contract.
    - Taz says his plan backfired as the contract was secured above the ring. I don’t think it’s gonna be enough, King.

    -- (4) Samoa Joe vs local joe

    - Samoa Joe hits a death valley driver.
    - Samoa Joe forces the local wrestler to tap to the Klutch.
    - Samoa Joe def. local joe @1:59

    -- John Cena is shown alongside Raven watching film.
    - It would appear they are watching old TNA footage.

    --(5) RVD and Cody Rhodes vs Masked Men

    - Cody and RVD passionately control the match until another masked man appears on the tron. He is taunting Cody and standing over Goldust.
    - The legal masked men hits a sit-out jawbreaker on RVD.
    - The other masked man nails RVD with a Swanton Bomb.
    - Two more masked men hit RVD with similar Swanton Bombs.
    - Three men stand over RVD forcing the ref. to call the match.
    - King wonders if one of these men is the so-called “Masked Enigma”.
    - Taz says the man on the left kinda walks funny, maybe that’s him.
    - King says not to buy into Taz because all three men look alike, decked out in their blue TNA masked gear. They also have long black pants and long black shirts.


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