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    DVWdotcom exclusive:

    The poll has closed and the match involving Cena and Raven will take place in Hell in a Cell.

    A new show will begin giving opportunity to showcase growing wrestlers. It will be called Battlegrounds and will begin after Driven. The show will feature mostly wrestling matches and begin with a 32 man tournament. The winner will get a random title shot when the entire Uproar show visits Las Vegas in a night that anything can happen. The tournament is open to ANYONE that can pass a physical so be sure to jump on board.

    Jeff Hardy checked into a local hospital after last week's show. Word is it's only precautionary. Jeff promised to make it to Driven after the incident on Uproar.

    In the website's featured section, there's a video with a vignette featuring a lone man with a cowboy hat from behind at a bar.

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    Live from Scottsdale, Arizona

    -- Raven makes his way to the ring.

    - Raven says he thought Cena carried the role of the bigger man.
    - The man that worries about what is near not the near distant.
    - It makes me realize you, John Cena, are within my control.
    - Now I want you to the demonic Hell in a Cell structure against me.
    - Then once you induce the pain I desire, you will have failed Cena!
    - Enter Cena.
    - Cena shouts it's simple, just make the first move.
    - If I appeared foolish, I'm not. I'll take advantage of you Raven before you have me.
    - Because in that very Cell, I'm not going to bash your face into the steel just once, it'll happen time after time!
    - Cena says you've never even step foot into Hell in a Cell what do you know Raven?
    - Raven says he may not have competed in that exact match, but he has competing in several equally as dangerous.
    - Cena says after he lays waste to Raven he's going to recapture the WWE title.
    - Raven rolls his eyes and exits as we go to break.

    -- A vignette plays featuring a cowboy hatted man sitting in a bar. Another man approaches him and takes the seat on his left, also in a cowboy hat.

    -- (1) Bryan Danielson vs Matt Morgan

    - Danielson maintains control early utlizing several kicks.
    - Morgan lands a sitout powerbomb for 2.
    - Danielson attempts to lock in the lebelle lock, Morgan escapes.
    - Carbon footprint to Danielson.
    - Triple H runs down and attacks Morgan via taking out his ankles from behind.
    - He's on top of Morgan with big punches, Morgan is busted open.
    - CM Punk runs in, ducks HHH and hits a crossbody.
    - Punk hits a GTS on Morgan.
    - Punk hits GTS on HHH.
    - Danielson locks in Lebelle lock on Punk.
    - Danielson stands tall.
    - Regal comes down and says that tonight both Punk and HHH will be in action.
    - In a blockbuster main event featuring CM Punk teaming with Raven vs Triple H and John Cena

    -- Match is ruled a no decision.

    - RVD is backstage with SS.
    - SS asks his current thoughts on Jeff Hardy.
    - Rob says things still don't make sense.
    - But he's ROB- VAN - DAM and is here to be champion.
    - And he's going to take care of Ziggler at Driven.
    - Ziggler approaches.
    - Ziggler says who's to say that he isn't the one that tried to take out Jeff.
    - Ziggler says RVD can't beat him without help this time around.
    - They get in each other's face.

    -- Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring.
    - Zack says he is the star of the upcoming webshow Battlegrounds that debuts Sunday before Driven.
    - Zack says that along with the Zack Pack, he's the Internet Champion and looks to prove it to everyone.
    - You see, it's called Battlegrounds. The show revovles around myself defeating other rising top names so the universe can become more familiar with the future DVW Champion, Zack Ryder. And I also happen to be the first signed into the 32 man Battlegrounds tournament.
    - Randy Orton interupts.
    - Randy says he wishes the "Internet Champion" the best of luck in his own world.
    - But right now he's angry.
    - His tag team partner isn't here tonight due to a brutal assault.
    - And tonight Orton is the zone to become a one-man DVW Tag Team Champion.

    -- (2) Orton vs Ryder

    -- RKO for 3.

    - Orton def Ryder @0:56
    - Orton says that's why rejects like you need to hide themselves on the internet!

    -- Orton is backstage
    - Orton says it doesn't matter who attacked Edge.
    - He's going to have everyone's head come Sunday!
    - Edge enters.
    - Edge laughs and tells Randy he's glad to be back.
    - Randy says glad to be back?
    - Edge says it's just a few cuts and bruises. He got the night off tonight and will look forward to regaining the titles.

    -- (3) Lesnar w/ McIntyre + Heyman vs Christian w/ Tyson Kidd + Wade Barrett

    - Barrett says that he will work for Kidd/Christian Sunday because just incase Heyman gets involved, the bareknuckle champion will have his "words" for Heyman.
    - Barrett adds that he will be the color commentator for Battlegrounds.
    - Barrett says he knows a handful about earning his spot from winning NXT.

    - Christian plants a reverse ddt for 2.
    - Christian sets up a tornado ddt, Lesnar fights it off and lands a Superplex.
    - Lesnar hits a double powerbomb, Christian fights for his way out of the triple.
    - Lesnar gets the better but Kidd hits a low blow with Barrett's distraction.
    - Christian covers for 2!
    - Lesnar F5 for 3.
    - Lesnar goes after Kidd but Barrett reasons with him.
    - McIntyre from behind axe handles Kidd.
    - Drew hits a futureshock ddt outside of the ring.
    - Barrett joins Tazz and King at the announce table.

    -- Lesnar def. Christian @9:54 via pinfall.

    -- Tazz welcomes Barrett.
    - Wade thanks him and says along with being an announce he'll have a little muscle in the show.
    - He already has inside that the following superstars will be in the tournament: John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Alex Riley, Trent Barretta, and Yoshi Tatsu
    - Wade says that he's also the eye for worthy talent and will be responsible for helping sign new wrestlers.
    - King says he can't wait for the tournament, as my good 'ol friend JR says, It'll be a Slobber Knocker over there so be sure to tune in!

    -- Cody and Goldust prepare for action.
    - Goldust is keying in about making sure to spread their legs out and offer a sweet kick where they are most vunerable.
    - Tazz says Cody takes on R-Truth and that's next!

    -- (4) Cody Rhodes vs R-Truth

    - R-Truth says that everyone is right about Cody he keeps winning, but losing that big one.
    - Truth says the truth is, when I defeat you tonight, I'll finally take your place in the spotlight that has been forced upon you.
    - Cody says that's fine, Truth will never beat him in a million years!

    - Truth hits a lie detector.
    - Truth goes up top. Goldust rakes the ropes. The ref. gets into a discussion w/ Goldust.
    - Cody spreads out Truth and hits Shattered Dreams on Truth for 3.

    -- Cody Rhodes def. R-Truth @5:54 via pinfall.

    -- In Regal's office SS stands by.
    - SS asks him about how he feels the ministry will do at Driven.
    - He says that everyone damn sure better hang onto their gold except for....
    - Matt Morgan, he will take it home so we can relieve that goof Triple H of his wrestling duties.
    - What about Jeff Hardy, is he in any shape to compete?
    - Jeff is doing well. A substance had been found in his energy drink that night and I'll be damned if those lunatic Rhodes aren't behind this.

    -- Sheamus strolls down to the ring with the intention to fight.
    - Sheamus says he'll beat anyone because they can't possibly have the luck of Irish.
    - But he says it don't take luck for him to win matches.
    - Jack Swagger answers the call.

    -- (5) Sheamus vs Jack Swagger

    -- Swagger battles tough with Sheamus early, quite back and forth.
    - Swagger hits his gutwrench for only 2!
    - Swagger goes for ankle lock when Sheamus thrusts him into the turnbuckle ringpost.
    - Sheamus lands a Brogue Kick for 2.
    - Sheamus counters again into a High Cross for 3.

    -- Sheamus def. Swagger @12:15

    - Raven is backstage with CM Punk
    - Raven thanks CM Punk for speaking up and getting him into this orginization.
    - CM Punk tells Raven they're stubborn but no one can ignore CM Punk when it comes to my words.
    - Triple H and Cena are backstage.
    - HHH questions Cena's loyalty.
    - HHH says last week Cena attacked his teamate. Make sure to key in on that same guy tonight.
    - Cena says this is what it's about, this business' top two up against two looney, delusional fakes!

    -- (6) Triple H and John Cena vs Raven and CM Punk

    -- Triple H hits an AA spinebuster on Raven for 2.

    - Punk hits a GTS on Cena broken up by HHH.
    - HHH takes punk over the top rope.
    - HHH pedigrees Punk through the announce table.
    - Matt Morgan out of nowhere hits the Carbon Footprint.
    - In ring Cena and Raven engage in an intense battle.
    - Raven hits a Russian Leg Sweep into an exposed turnbuckle.
    - Cena misses Raven with a running shoulderblock and takes out the Ref.
    - Raven pounds on Cena with a Trash Can.
    - Cena gets outside and blindsides Raven with a Kendo shot to the face.
    - Regal comes out and says he's had enough.
    - Cena gets several shots in to Raven's back.
    - Regal threatens to take away their match at Driven.
    - John has some words shouted at Regal.
    - Raven hits the Even Flow DDT from nowhere.
    - Raven grabs the steps and Regal warns him.
    - Raven grabs a mike and tells Regal to never question the actions of the Raven! Nevermore.

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    After a month hiatus the DVW will present Driven this Sunday! DVW will be back with a flare.

    Current Driven card

    Triple H (c) vs Matt Morgan vs Bryan Danielson vs CM Punk (no rules, IC title)
    Sheamus vs ???
    Cody Rhodes w/Goldust vs Jeff Hardy (c) {DVW Title}
    Rated RKO vs Kidd and Christian (c) vs Lesnar and McIntyre w/Heyman
    RVD (c) vs Ziggler
    Cena vs Raven - Hell in a Cell
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    -- Jerry says what a show we have in store tonight! Every title is on the line.
    - Taz says it’s a little more than just a few title matches. I can’t wait to see Raven collide with John Cena for the tiebreaker inside the cold-blooded Hell in a Cell.
    - Jerry says it looks like Sheamus is out here ready to fight. It’s still unknown who the Great White will face toight.
    -(1)Sheamus vs ????
    - Sheamus grabs a mike and says he’s full of fightin’ green blood and wants someone to go square off with him right now!
    - Taz says who in the right mind would come out here and challenge the Celtic Warrior?
    - King says the man walking to the ring right now! Do you know him Taz?
    - Taz says well Jerry that’s the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! He’s one brutal guy.
    - Sheamus charismatically hits multiple War Swords to kick things off.
    - Joe ducks and Sidewalk Slams Sheamus.
    - Joe then Splashes Sheamus for a two count.
    - Sheamus runs at Joe. Joe bounces back into the ropes and nails Sheamus with an Enziguiri.
    - Joe beats down Sheamus and sets him up for a Muscle Buster.
    - Joe connects with the Muscle buster with a big grin on his face.
    - Instead of covering up Sheamus he locks the Clutch in and Sheamus is forced to tap out.
    - Samoa Joe def Sheamus @6:02
    - Taz grabs a mike and asks Joe why he is here.
    - Joe bellows out: “New Victims!”

    -(2) Christian and Kidd (c ) vs McIntyre and Lesnar vs Rated RKO [Elimination Tag Titles]
    - King says it’s time for new champions and the odds are only 33% for the champs to retain. I’m sick of these two unworthy champions running around with the belts.
    - Tazz says Christian and Kidd are too smart to lose. They deserve every bit of their gold.
    - Orton lands a snap powerslam on Drew for 2.
    - Drew tries to tag Christian but he steps down from apron.
    - Lesnar illegally comes in and powerbombs Orton.
    - Ref tries to pull Lesnar out Edge lashes out at Lesnar and spears him down.
    - Orton plants McIntyre with an RKO for 3. Lesnar and McIntyre are eliminated.
    - Ref tells Kidd it’s time to get in the ring. Edge has to toss him in from behind.
    - Christian then spears Edge off the apron.
    - Kidd reverses RKO into a rollup for 2.
    - Kidd hits a missile dropkick on Orton for another nearfall.
    - Kidd tags in Christian with Orton cornered.
    - Christian nails a Tornado DDT for 2 on Orton.
    - Christian sets up Killswitch, Orton almost counters into RKO but Christian recounters into a brainbuster-like suplex.
    - With perfect timing Kidd crossbodies a suspended Orton out of mid-air.
    - Edge saves the 3 count by kicking Christian.
    - Christian tags Kidd back in. Christian stomps down Orton in the corner. Ref tells Christian to break it up, meanwhile Edge hammers away at Kidd.
    - Christian raises hands up, ref turns around and Christian exposes turnbuckle.
    - Christian smerks, turns around and eats an RKO.
    - Kidd from nowhere attempts to Hurricarana Orton, Orton catches in powerbomb position.
    - Edge from the top rope spears Kidd all the way off Orton’s shoulders into the mat!
    - Lesnar sneaks back into the ring.
    - Lesnar F5 on Orton.
    - Lesnar catches an airbourn Edge and presses him out into the barracde.
    - The ref calls for the bell.
    - Tazz says Lesnar is a true sore loser.
    - King wonders why Lesnar would do this. Heyman wanted revenge on the ministry.
    - Rated RKO wins via DQ @14:05. Christian and Kidd retain the titles.

    --Scott Stanford caught up with a livid Paul Heyman.
    - Heyman shouts at that he’s really starting to question where Brock’s loyalty is!
    - Heyman accuses Lesnar of having no brain what-so-ever without Heyman at his side. Lesnar’s explanation better be damn golden.

    --A video package plays of everything HHH has gone through to retain the title and his job. It also features HHH taping out to Danielson, Punk’s words to HHH, and all the beat downs Morgan has given since joining the ministry.
    - King says HHH is on the biggest roll of his storied career.
    - King says Triple H will win!
    - Tazz says he is a bit skeptical; everyone brings a valid reason to the table to win this match. Two of the men, Triple H has never, ever beaten.
    (3) HHH (c) vs Danielson vs Morgan vs CM Punk [IC Title]
    - HHH and Morgan battle for position as do Danielson and Punk.
    - Morgan breaks free of a headlock and clotheslines both Punk and Danielson to the outside.
    - Triple H forearms Morgan down low at his ankles.
    - Hunter then bulldogs a kneeling Morgan into the mat for 2.
    - Punk from behind smashes HHH down with a kick to the head.
    - Punk covers, Punk breaks it up at two as he dodges a flying Danielson.
    - Danielson lands a flying elbow on HHH for 2 broken up by Punk.
    - Danielson chops away at Punk’s chest then hits a kick combo.
    - Danielson drags Punk down into the LeBelle lock.
    - Punk slips out before Morgan can break it up.
    - Danielson manages to German Suplex Pin Morgan broken up by Punk.
    - Punk covers Morgan quickly for 2.
    - Punk stomps Morgan out of the ring using the ropes for leverage.
    - Punk nails a lurking Danielson with a superkick.
    - Triple H hits a running knee to Punk’s face then an AA spinebuster for 2.
    - HHH and Danielson then trade off rights.
    - Tazz wonders how anyone could have too much left in the tank.
    - King says at this point everyone has a 1 in 4 chance of winning the IC title.
    - Triple H pedigrees Danielson.
    - HHH looks in disgust at a lifeless Danielson. HHH picks him up and pedigrees Danielson once more.
    - Punk from nowhere hoists HHH on his shoulders.
    - HHH pedigrees Punk from above resulting in great impact.
    - As HHH looks to cover someone Morgan cleans out HHH with a Carbon Foot Print.
    - Hunter lands on Danielson.
    - Matt is barely able to save 3 but does so and discards HHH from the ring.
    - Morgan then pins a still lifeless Danielson for 3!
    - Morgan wins @19:57. New IC Champ!
    - King says Triple H’s streak is snapped, I can’t believe my eyes!
    - Tazz wonders what’s next for Triple H. Is it really Game Over?
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    -(4) John Cena vs Raven
    - The cell lowers and both men separately making their way to the ring.
    - Cena comes out with booming shoulderblocks and a few jabs to the face.
    - Cena goes to suplex Raven into the cell from the apron; Raven instead guillotines Cena into the ropes.
    - Raven drives a knee into Cena’s face for 2 on the outside.
    - Raven’s leg sweep into the cell is defended by Cena latches his fingers onto the steel structure.
    - Cena kicks Raven in the gut and climbs up a few feet and connects the flying leg drop to Raven. Cena crawls over and covers for 2.
    - Raven is in control near the cell door and the steel steps.
    - Cena counters the Raven Effect into and Irish Whip that bursts the cell door wide open.
    - Cena goes to pick up Raven but Raven scurries up the Cell.
    - Raven taunts Cena while standing on top of the cell.
    - The crowd gets behind Cena encouraging him to climb, and he takes a breath while scaling his way up to the top.
    - They trade blows, as both men take turns teetering near the edge.
    - Cena catches Raven with a Fisherman’s Suplex.
    - As Cena lifts Raven onto his shoulders Tazz and King abandon the announce table.
    - Cena is unable to hit the FU; Raven drives Cena’s head straight ontop of steel with the Raven Effect.
    - Raven covers but the Ref is unable to make the count. Raven then picks up a worn down Cena and drags him near the edge.
    - King says he can’t believe Raven would do this!
    - Raven shoves Cena, turns around smiling and posing for the crowd. Cena, however clamped his feet tightly to the surface and held on.
    - Tazz yells at Raven to turn around!
    - King says Raven’s got another thing comin!
    - Cena nails Raven with a powerful diving clothesline.
    - Tazz says but to what costs, King it looks like Cena just landed real bad on his ankle.
    - Cena slowly descends to the floor.
    - Raven beats him there on the opposite side and starts to chuck chairs at him in mid-climb, favoring his right ankle.
    - Cena falls but lands on top of Raven in a crossbody and gets a 2 count.
    - Raven jams Cena into the cell and hits a few knees to Cena’s ribs.
    - Cena slips behind Raven while stumbling on his ankle.
    - Cena reaches out for Raven’s head but Cena Raven slips behind and applies the ankle lock.
    - Raven tightens the pressure; Cena yells out in pain but will not cave in.
    - Cena powers out flipping Raven into the cell with his legs.
    - Taz says both men paid their dues in this brutal match, but it just keeps goin.
    - Meanwhile, Cena and Raven trade desperate blows right in front of Taz.
    - This time Cena connects an FU that tosses Raven through the announce table.
    - Cena gingerly makes his way over and covers for 3.
    - King asks John if his ankle will be all right.
    - Cena musters out a “yeah” as the referee raises his hand up.
    - Tazz says what a match!
    - Cena def Raven @32:31 via pinfall.

    --Goldust is creepily encouraging his brother pre-match in the back.
    -Taz says good lord, I know Jeff and he looks awful; not very charismatic or enigmatic on this entrance.
    - King says someone tampered with his health last UPROAR. As much as I hate his attitude, that’s wrong to do to anyone.
    - Taz Jeff is tough as nails though. No backing down. Especially against a glorified nobody; Cody Rhodes.
    - King says well Taz, Cody happens to be apart of a very successful wrestling family!
    - Taz says alright king, enough small talk, let’s get right into action!
    - King says wait just a minute Taz, RVD is coming out to even up the sides!
    - Taz says RVD has always been a compassionate guy, lookin out for his buddies but this is just stupid to put yourself at risk before defending the WWE Title.
    -(5) Jeff Hardy (c ) w/ RVDvs Cody Rhodes w/ Goldust [DVW Title]
    - Cody whips Jeff into the corner after a mid-ring tie up.
    - Cody drives his shoulder into Hardy then shoves a boot in a sitting Jeff’s mouth.
    - Rhodes sprints into Hardy and drills a boot to the face for just 2!
    - Jeff shifts momentum connecting a Whisper in the Wind.
    - Both men are down as the crowd starts to get hot.
    - Cody grabs the DVW title as Goldust distracts the Ref.
    - Rhodes is attacked from behind by a masked figure with a lead pipe.
    - Taz says it’s no secret, that mask has TNA written all over it, literally! First Joe, now this. What the hell is goin on.
    - Goldust comes to Cody’s aid but also gets beat down. While spectating, RVD takes a short blow and Rob fires back and chases the masked man through the crowd.
    - The ref is tending to a passed out Goldust and calls for help.
    - Hardy’s Twist of Fate is reversed into CrossRhodes.
    - A second masked man hits Rhodes over the head with a chair.
    - Hardy struggles his way up but hits the Swanton Bomb on Rhodes.
    - Hardy covers for 3.
    - Jeff def Cody Rhodes @11:10

    --SS is in Regal’s office
    - SS asks Mr. Regal do you know who these masked bandits are?
    - Regal says he has no idea. But it’s not acceptable for anyone to harm our wrestlers so Cody got what he deserved.
    - RVD storms in.
    - RVD says Regal, I was out there in Jeff’s corner like he would have wanted. I demand to know what’s going to happen to the guy who attacked me before my WWE title defense.
    - Regal says Rob I’m sorry for the lunacy out there. Jeff Hardy is still the DVW Champion and you need to focus on retaining your WWE title now. I’ll send Mr. Barrett in your corner to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    - Rob says he appreciates the help. But Wade, if ANYONE comes out during my matches with Ziggler, you do what it takes to stop them.
    - Wade says yes sir.

    --King says this should be a classic.
    -Taz says yeah, who could forget the effort Ziggler put up during his first title shot. Now he’s earned the shot again and RVD better not take this one lightly.
    -(6) RVD ( c)w/ Barrett vs Ziggler [WWE Title]
    -RVD takes the upperhand by sweeping Ziggler’s legs out.
    - RVD lands a standing moonsault for 2.
    - Ziggler gets a cheap thumb to the eye in.
    - Dolph follows up with a modified backdrop for 2.
    - Ziggler looks for a sleeper, almost connects but RVD reverses with a flip takedown. RVD covers for 2.
    - Ziggler dropkicks RVD back over mid rolling thunder.
    - He rolls RVD up for 2.
    -Wade joins in on commentrary and says he can’t wait for the 32 man tournament to start next week on Battlegrounds.
    - King tells Wade to pay attention to this thrilling match!
    - Ziggler attempts to suplex RVD to the outside.
    - RVD lands on the apron and quickly strikes a spinning leg kick on Ziggler.
    - Ziggler on his knees grabs the table to get up but RVD leaps for a spinning leg drop, pressing Dolph against the announce table.
    - Ziggler desperately whips RVD into steps.
    - King says Ziggler needs to win this quickly cause he looks worn down.
    - Tazz says well, RVD isn’t in the greatest of positions either right now.
    - Ref starts counting and both men break the count at 9.
    - Ziggler gets RVD in the corner for 5 solid rights before RVD pushes him off and runs him into the kiddy-corner turnbuckle and a back elbow.
    - RVD monkey flips Dolph all the way back across the ring.
    - RVD’s split legged moonsault is evaded by Ziggler.
    - Ziggler locks in the sleeper and RVD breaks it at a 2 count.
    - RVD battles out with some punches to Dolph.
    - Ziggler ducks a 4th punch and nails the Zig-Zag for 2!
    - King says he can’t believe it! He adds he cant believe Wade hasn’t gotten involved yet either.
    - Wade says there’s a reason RVD was chosen to represent the ministry. This is exactly what Regal sees in Rob and that’s also going to be my job to find someone with this much sacrifice in them over on Battlegrounds.
    - Ziggler looks for another sleeper, this time Rob jumps to the second rope, leaps back into a thunderous superkick from the second rope!
    - Both men are down, Rob is up first and makes his way to the top rope.
    - Ziggler meets him there and is unable to superplex RVD.
    - RVD forcefully shoves Ziggler down.
    - Five Star Frog Splash!
    - RVD crawls over and covers Ziggler for 3!
    - Wade enters the ring and extends his hand to RVD.
    - They shake hands and Wade raises the champion’s hand high.
    - RVD def Ziggler @27:48
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    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]UPROAR IV
    --King says he can’t believe all four gold belts are under a dark reign now.
    - Taz says what can you expect, they went out and got what they wanted.
    - Regal comes down to the ring.
    - Regal says tonight is one to celebrate; so all champions will have the night off.
    - Regal says McGulicuty will test the waters against Samoa Joe.
    - Regal smiles and says he can’t wait to fire Hunter Hearst Hemsley.
    - Taz says Regal sure is a man of his word but what business does Raven have interrupting such royalty.
    - Regal smirks and asks Raven how he can be of assistance to Raven.
    - Raven, head down, slowly mutters he thrives on pain and the brain.
    - And one brain of mine foresaw trouble brewing within the ministry.
    - Regal tells Raven dreams are just dreams.
    - Raven says this dream was vivid and real. People always questioned prophets but their wisdom astonished millions of people throughout time.
    - Raven glances upward and says go ahead and ignore the problem now but when times are tough… quote the Raven! Nevermore!
    - Regal says well Raven you changed my plans. Don’t jump too far into time because tonight, you will face Triple H. Someone will be fired by the end of tonight!

    --(1) Samoa Joe vs McGulicuty

    -Joe nails McGulicuty with an enziguiri.
    - Joe cockily toys around with Mcgulicuty, then lands a sidewalk slam.
    - Joe finishes off McGulicuty with a Muscle Buster.
    - Samoa Joe def. McGulicuty @2:02 via pin.
    - The lights fade with a gong. Joe is gone as Undertaker kneels before McGulicuty in a thin layer of fog.
    - Undertaker picks him up and does a Tombstone.
    - Undertaker kneels down again and saps power from him.
    - King wonders what the hell is going on.
    - Tazz says he’s a little freaked out himself.

    --Cody Rhodes is backstage with SS
    - SS asks Cody what he’s done.
    - Cody says he’s done nothing.
    - Cody says he’s done a lot of messed up things in the past but can’t recall messing with Jeff’s drink.
    - The fans boo Cody.
    - Cody looks agitated and says… but is attacked by the Impact masked men.
    - Rhodes gets tossed around and is left in a bad state.
    - King says he’s starting to feel bad for Cody, first his brother, now him.

    --(2) R-Truth vs Primo

    -R-Truth hits the What’s Up for 3 @4:16.
    - R-Truth says all these people been watchin’ scoundrels hangin’ on to their championships.
    - But R-Truth is going to earn his shot through the BG tournament, and that’s the truth!

    -- Edge and Orton are backstage with Heyman.
    - Orton demands to know why Lesnar cost them the titles.
    - Heyman says loyalty has been breached.
    - Heyman says he has a plan.
    - Heyman says it will draw a big match for Fatal Attraction.
    - Heyman says that you two just need to lure Christian and Kidd into it.
    - Edge and Orton smile.

    --RVD is backstage with SS
    - SS asks if Ziggler surprised him at Driven.
    - RVD says maybe I’ve given him less credit than he deserves.
    - RVD says he certainly has the in-ring ability to shine here in the future.
    - SS asks why he attacked the masked men when it appeared they were on his side.
    - RVD says it was self-defense. How can I trust a guy hideing his face from me? I was there for Jeff like he wanted. I feel let down and disrespected by Jeff. Sure he was ill but I….
    - Jeff interrupts and says it’s all about RVD isn’t it? That’s why I need further back up. I thought we were cool man now this?
    - RVD says ok, I can’t trust you either now. Besides, how can anyone trust a schmuck like you. What a bad excuse, “someone poisoned my drink.”
    - Jeff says our top-notch doctors here have already confirmed it at DVW. My system contained a harmful substance that no one could possibly take for pleasure. Who gave you the guts to criticize my personal life, you dope!
    - Nearly in combat, Matt Morgan breaks them up.
    - Morgan says he’s watched everything on his TV and has seen enough.
    - Morgan says we all won at Driven but we can’t move on until you two settle this.
    - Morgan storms out of the room as RVD and Jeff only exchange eye contact.

    --(3) Ziggler vs Bourne

    - Ziggler wins with a sleeper.
    - Ziggler says he’s bummed at failing at his shot.
    - Ziggler says he will take on anyone until he perfects his perfection.
    - Ziggler says he’ll start with the BG tournament.
    - Break.

    -- Danielson comes down to the ring.
    - Danielson says it will continue between him and Triple H.
    - Danielson says if Regal has to fire HHH he’ll challenge Triple H to a match in his backyard and make sure the entire universe gets to see HHH tapping out again by posting it on Youtube.
    - Danielson is attacked from behind by John Morrison.
    - Morrison unbuckles his belt and lashes away at Danielson.
    - Security is out but Morrison lands a starship pain then exits through the crowd.

    -- CM Punk walks down to the ring for his match.
    - Punk says he should have helped Triple H win at Driven.
    - Punk says he’s beating himself up about it.
    - Punk says just kidding, that’s what all of you people would have wanted.
    - Punk says he’s now he’s going to feed himself by defeating a lucky Matt Morgan for the IC title.
    - Punk says Morgan didn’t win it, he sat back and waited till Triple H did the damage and took advantage.
    - Punk says he could do that any day if he wanted, but that’s not proving anything.
    - Punk says it won’t be long, and all you people will forget about Triple H, and you’ll all be chanting CM Punk.
    - Punk calls out Morgan. He wants Morgan to come down right now and kick CM Punk’s ass. Punk says he’ll stand there and take it because it’ll be the only time Morgan will get his hands on CM Punk.
    - Morgan comes to the ring.
    - Morgan says he doesn’t need to kick CM Punk’s ass now because he’s has spare time at Fatal Attraction to do it, in a match.
    - Punk says fine, then I’ll give anyone else in the locker room a shot at me.

    --(4) CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre

    --CM Punk hits a few leg lariats.
    - Punk connects with a lionsault for just 2.
    - McIntyre tries to powerbomb Punk but Punk fights his way down, landing on Drew’s head for 2.
    - Punk tosses Drew into the corner and follows up by spearing Drew into the turnbuckle.
    - Punk then hits the high knee.
    - Punk calls for naptime and plants McIntyre with the GTS for 3.

    - CM Punk def Drew McIntyre @7:41

    -- Triple H walks down.
    - Triple H says tonight he’s going to have a lot of fun.
    - HHH says it doesn’t really matter what happens with Raven because his chances of survival in DVW are slim.
    - Triple H says he’s going to cut deeper into an old wound with Raven.
    - Triple H says Raven’s crazy dreams probably don’t involve a crazy, hell-bent, Game stepping before him.
    - John Cena comes to the ring.
    - Cena says he has great, great respect for Triple H.
    - Cena tells Triple H it won’t be over forever unless he wants it to be.
    - Cause Cena was speaking with Raven.
    - Enter Raven. Raven says Cena should keep his mouth closed tightly.
    - Raven says a time may come but what will we have become several paces down the road?
    - (5) Raven vs Triple H

    -- A furious Triple H wins the tie-up and hits the most impactful AA spinebuster ever for 2.
    - Triple H exposes the turnbuckle and bashes Raven’s head against the turnbuckle repeatedly.
    - The Ref. calls for the Bell.
    - Raven def. Triple H via DQ @3:34
    - Triple H pedigrees Raven in the middle of the ring.
    - Triple H dusts off the announce table.
    - Triple H searches the ring for his trusty sledgehammer.
    - Triple H can’t find it, and is stricken to the mid-section from behind with a sledgehammer by William Regal.
    - Regal says he’s not only going to fire Triple H, but he’s going to give a piece of his mind.
    - Regal lashes Triple H into the Steel Steps.
    - Regal mounts himself on top of Triple H.
    - Regal pulls out brass knuckles from his tights and takes shot, after shot on Triple H.
    - Triple H is a bloody mess, lying motionless on the ground.
    - Regal grabs the mike.
    - Regal lowers himself to Triple H’s ears and barks at him “You’re fired!”

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    -- Josh Matthews here, alongside Wade Barrett here for our first episode of BG. What’s going through your head Wade?
    - Wade says he’s excited this is finally here. Wade says it won’t be easy to impress him. It will take certain specific qualities to get Wade to raise an eyebrow. Whoever does impress Wade will be in for a fruitful future.
    - Josh says we aren’t even sure who’s all signed up for this thing, but 32 wrestlers will compete. Eight matches will take place tonight; let’s see who’s up first!
    -Wade says It’s the charismatic monster from Whales, Mason Ryan. Ryan’s got a lot to prove but carries a UK connection that may bias me.
    - Josh says and his opponent looks to be the War Machine, Rhino!

    --(1) Mason Ryan vs Rhino.
    - Rhino looks for a gore but Ryan is able to get a big boot up.
    - Rhino appears to be out and Ryan covers for 3.
    - Mason Ryan def. Rhyno.
    - Wade says a bit of a shocker here, Rhino just got the wind knocked out of him and wasn’t able to make it up before 3.
    - Josh says the winner will need to win five straight matches and if others catch a break along the way, it’s anyone’s game.

    --(2) Trent Barretta vs Kane
    - Josh says he really likes Trent Barretta but how will he combat a returning Kane, equipped with a new mask and all.
    - Kane dominates Barretta with a Chokeslam to Hell.
    - Kane def. Barretta.
    - Barrett says nothing out of the ordinary there.

    -- (3) Brian Kendrick vs Jack Swagger
    - Josh says at one point Kendrick was on the road to being a big star here but he never quite came all the way.
    - Wade says second,third, and fourth chances is what we bring to the table. Jack Swagger has been making a presence lately and is an early favorite to win this tournament.

    - Kendrick looks for a hurricarana off the top rope, Swagger catches him.
    - Swagger is unable to powerbomb Kendrick and Kendrick hurricarana’s Swagger into a pin and barely gets a three count.
    - Kendrick def. Swagger.
    - Swagger dives outside to intercept Kendrick from getting to the back.
    - Swagger applies the ankle lock until referees break it up.
    - Kendrick is left with a pained ankle.

    --Josh wonders who’s next.
    - Wade says it looks like it’s the return of the masterpiece.
    - Josh says who is this guy.
    - Wade says he has no idea.
    - It’s DDP!
    (4) Masters vs DDP
    - Masters hits a belly to belly for 2.
    - DDP evades the Master Lock and hits a Diamond Cutter for 3!
    - DDP def. Chris Masters.

    --(5) Justin Gabriel vs Dolph Ziggler
    - Gabriel hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2.
    - Ziggler lands an inverted backdrop for 2.
    - Gabriel tosses Ziggler off the top rope.
    - Gabriel’s 450 is evaded by Ziggler.
    - Gabriel pops back up from the impacts and Ziggler puts him to sleep.
    - Ziggler def. Gabriel.

    -- Josh wonders what the main event.
    - Wade says that he was told it’s John Morrison vs Kofi Kingston.
    - Josh says we still have ways to go, great wrestling so far.

    -- (6) R-Truth vs Austin Aieries
    - Wade says Aieries just looks impressive to him.
    - Josh says looks aren’t everything let’s see what he can do in-ring.
    - Wade says that’s what ugly people like you say. Josh you think Stone Cold Steve Austin would have gotten as over with long hair, long pants, and a long shirt? No, you need a great look to play your role as well.
    - Josh says yeah, you mimic the perfect Dracula-ish villain.
    - Wade says I take pride in that, not many could pull off the Wade Barrett.
    - Aieries is in control most of the match when R-Truth hits What’s Up! From nowhere for 3. Aeries is shocked.
    - Wade says R-Truth is a huggable thug that is too nice to catch his eye.

    -- (7) Brodus Clay vs Ted DiBiase
    - Josh says Jr. is bringing his father’s coveted Million Dollar Championship to the ring with him.
    - Wade says look at the size of this man. Even I’d be slightly intimidated to get in the ring with Brodus Clay.
    - Zack Ryder comes out mid-match.
    - Ryder taunts Ted and says in the year 2011, the Internet Championship is all that matters, all $1500 of it.
    - Ted eats a monsterous Fall of Humanity from Clay for 3.
    - Clay def Ted.

    --Morrison is backstage with a mike.
    - Morrison says that he originally signed up for this tournament because it was the only way he could wrestle.
    - But now he’ll just take anyone out that deserves it and get bigger and better matches.
    - Morrison says he will forfeit his match and let Kofi have the win.
    - Danielson attacks Morrison from behind and works him down to the ring.
    - Danielson applies the Lebelle lock on the stage.
    - Kofi comes out and tells him to let up.
    - Kofi drags Morrison down to the ring and hits the S.O.S for 3.
    - Kofi def. Morrison.

    - Barrett says he wants the power to make main event matches now, what a bust. Barrett says Morrison may not want to be here, but he thinks he has the flare now to light a big torch in DVW.

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    Live from Austin, Texas

    --King and Taz discuss Triple H’s fireing.
    - Regal’s music hits to strong heat.
    - Regal smiles and says it’s a good day here in Texas.
    - Regal says the only reason it’s not great is because of all the dirty, smelly Texans.
    - The crowd continues to chew away at him and they start to chant for Triple H.
    - Regal says the other problem I put Triple H on the shelf. He’ll be spending his first few days of freedom cooped up in the hospital! But I did that for your own good, making this a better place. The DVW is a place for opportunity.
    - Regal yells at the crowd to shut their bloody mouths.
    - Regal pauses and tells them to shut up once more. The show must go on.
    - Regal says the first ever episode of Battlegrounds captured the eyes of many viewers. However, my good friend Wade Barrett told me the main event failed. So tonight Morrison gets a rematch against Kofi. Our UPROAR main event will shine as John Cena takes on Samoa Joe!

    --(1) Kofi Kingston vs John Morrison

    - Morrison connects with multiple dropkicks for 2.
    - Morrison jumps to the second ropes in hope for a flying chuck but Kofi springboard crossbodys him from the adjacent rope.
    - Kofi is up top but Morrison superkicks him mid-air.
    - Morrison nails a knocked out Kofi with Starship Pain for 3.
    - Morrison def. Kofi @ 7:56 via pinfall.

    - Morrison is stopped by SS backstage.
    - SS says Danielson just arrived literally seconds ago. What’s your deal with him John?
    - Morrison sprints through the halls.
    - Morrison spots Danielson in the parking lot and goes after him.
    - Morrison tackles him into a car.
    - Danielson is slow to get up, holding his back.
    - Morrison attempts a running superkick but Danielson dives out of the way. Morrison keeps going and flips backward off a car and DDTs Danielson into the ground. Morrison empties out a trashcan and drives it into a defenseless Danielson.
    - A nearby garbageman asks Morrison what the hell is he doing with his garbage.
    - Morrison knocks him down and then lifts Danielson into the garbage truck.
    - Morrison drives the truck out of the arena.
    - King wants to know who Morrison thinks he is.
    - Taz says it’s just another day takin’ out the trash.

    --(2) Goldust vs RVD

    - The match begins back and forth for about a minute.
    - RVD hits a twirling leg sweep. RVD then does a Standing Moonsault for 2.
    - RVD nails a retreating Goldust with a plancha.
    - RVD runs at Goldust but Goldust leads him into the unforgiving ring post.
    - Goldust delivers a piledriver for 2.
    - RVD recovers with a jumping heel kick but both men are now down.
    - A bright blue TNA masked man nails RVD with a slightly botched Swanton Bomb.
    - Goldust tries to capitalize but is attacked by two TNA masked men.
    - Cody runs in. Clothesline to one man.
    - Cody counters the other man with a CrossRhodes.
    - CrossRhodes to the other man and Cody helps his brother out of the ring and aids him to the back.

    -- Raven is in the ring.
    - Raven says tonight one lucky fan will get to experience the most devastating DDT in wrestling history.
    - Raven says his keen sense will find someone that can truly appreciate this moment.
    - Raven puts on a blindfold and begins walking throughout the crowd.
    - Raven pats a teenage kid on the shoulder.
    - Raven says this is the one, what’s your name?
    - Tim, the kid replies.
    - Raven says Tim appreciates pain.
    - Raven says a time will come when someone takes an invaluable part in society.
    - Raven says a part that isn’t forced upon but he or they will know when it’s right.
    - Raven says to act upon or let everything fall apart is up to them.
    - Raven finally reaches the ring and helps Tim enter the ring.
    - Raven says people have to make their own choices. I’m giving you the choice. Are you going to take the Raven Effect DDT right now?
    - Tim replies and says he will because it’s the right thing to do.
    - Raven says 3,2,1 and drives Tim’s face in a quick downward motion into the mat.
    - Raven says that one ordinary man now gets to share the pain that several are yet to realize. Welcome to fate. Nevermore!

    --(3) Sheamus vs Kidd

    --Kidd says Sheamus will need real Irish luck to defeat him.
    - Kidd says he’s the champion and will showcase it by beating Sheamus.
    - Kidd rolls up Sheamus for 2.
    - Kidd leap frogs sheamus but eats a running axe handle for 2.
    - Kidd reverse whips Sheamus into the corner.
    - Kidd hits multiple turnbuckle mini spears into the corner.
    - Kidd scales up to the top rope above Sheamus, bashes him a few times to the side of the head.
    - Kidd then jumps onto Sheamus’ shoulders, Sheamus grabs Kidd by the boots and flips him hard into the canvass.
    - Sheamus stalks Kidd and hits a High Cross for 3.
    - Sheamus def. Kidd @7:01
    - Christian comes down to the ring.
    - Rated RKO music hits.
    - Edge says Christian is such a weasel that Edge still hasn’t gotten a fair tag team title match yet.
    - Edge says he knows life isn’t fair and it just so happens to bend over backwards to scumbags like you two.
    - Edge says he knows Christian wanted to be his partner at Summerslam but was never contacted by his good friend.
    - Edge says you can be a part of a TLC tag team title match at Fatal Attraction! What do you say?
    - Christian says you seriously want me and my partner Tyson Kidd to face Rated RKO in a title match at Fatal Attraction?..... NO!
    - Orton says then I’m going to punt your skull……
    - Edge says easy Randy..
    - Christian says here’s how you can earn ANOTHER shot.
    - Christian says he’ll hang a contract for the match 20 feet + above the ring next week. If both you and Orton can sign the contract in under 10 minutes we can have our match at Fatal Attraction. But first why don’t you face a hand-made tag team I compiled for you.
    - Orton quickly accepts the match.

    --(4) Rated RKO vs Clay and Ziggler

    - King says Clay and Ziggler both had impressive wins in the BG tournament and look to keep warm tonight.
    - Clay lands a belly to belly on Orton followed by a splash for 2.
    - Ziggler is in and puts Orton in a sleeper.
    - Ziggler rolls Orton into a pin w/ a handful of tights for 2.
    - Orton hits consecutive clotheslines on Ziggler, Ziggler ducks the third and a double clothesline ensues.
    - Brodus gets the tag and prevents Orton from doing so.
    - Clay military presses Orton but then takes an illegal missile dropkick from Edge.
    - Ziggler strikes away at Orton but Orton plants Ziggler with a quick RKO.
    - Edge spears Brodus Clay. Edge lifts the big man to his feet.
    - RKO to Clay for 3.
    - Taz says tonight it took two men to defeat this monstrous Brodus Clay.
    - Rated RKO def. Clay and Ziggler @9:32

    --(5) Matt Morgan vs Trent Barretta
    - Morgan squashes Trent with a Hellevator for 3.
    - Morgan def. Barretta @1:06
    - Punk walks down and says at Fatal Attraction he WILL take away Morgan’s undeserved IC Championship Title.
    - Morgan says he can hang with the best and can CERTAINLY defeat CM Punk.
    - Punk says he knows Triple H would beat Matt Morgan and that he’s going to take the belt away so everyone forgets about Morgan being champion after Triple H. Now CM Punk must be your hero.
    - Morgan says the world needs a hero more like himself.
    - Punk says yeah, another tall, chiseled out of stone piece of s*** from the heavens. You. You are everything Mr. McMahon could ever wish for but he let you go. Now you get to mope around in DVW acting like you’re the man.
    - Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Punk ducks and sneaks out of the ring.

    --(6) John Cena vs Samoa Joe

    - Cena heads to the ring, still favoring his right ankle, mike in hand.
    - Cena ponders for a few seconds. Cena asks who is Samoa Joe?
    - Cena says Joe, give me a reason to respect or hate you man. Right now you are just Joe Somebody.
    - Taz says notice the stone gaze in Samoa Joe’s eyes, King.
    - King says he’s still got Cena in-sight while slowly making his way to the ring.
    - Taz says John Cena obviously isn’t kidding when he says he doesn’t know who Joe is. Samoa Joe is one man not to mess with. Joe is no stranger to success; he’s held a plethora of championship titles throughout his career.

    - Cena backdrop with five knuckle shuffle for 2.
    - Joe hits a Samoan Drop for 2.
    - Cena struggles to get Joe up in FU position, Joe is able to hold tight to the ground.
    - Joe Sidewalk Slams Cena.
    - Joe elbow drops Cena from the 2nd rope, driving his elbow into Cena’s ankle.
    - Joe assaults Cena’s ankle.
    - Cena pulls Joe into an inside cradle for 3.
    - Joe attacks Cena after the match. The lights then fade.
    - A flickering spotlight unveils Undertaker posing on top of the titantron.
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    Part 2 of the milestone tenth episode of uproar fit inside of the part 1 so it's merged. I'll post BG II here.

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    -- Josh says he’s just been informed the tournament will go to a double elimination format. Next week four matches from the winners bracket and four from the losers bracket will take place.
    - Wade says it’s a good format, more wrestling could mean more opportunity.
    - Wade says he’s glad Morrison was forced to fight Kofi on Uproar and looked good. It’s a shame he thinks he’s too big for this show. But tonight is a guaranteed thriller main event featuring Sheamus.
    - Josh says that an exclusive wrestler rating system is being developed for Battlegrounds.
    - Josh says up first it looks like the Internet Champion will take on… The Miz!

    --(1) The Miz vs Zack Ryder

    -- Ryder is fist pumping while the ref. is tending to a blooded Miz. DiBiase smashes Ryder over the head with the Million Dollar Championship.
    - Miz starts attacking Ryder, then picks him up and drops him down for a Skull Crushing Finale for 3.
    - The Miz def. Ryder.
    - Wade says remember how Ryder screwed Dibiase last week. Looks like these two are still a tad bitter.

    -- (2) Christopher Daniels vs Yoshi Tatsu
    - Daniels wins with Angels Wings

    --(3) Shelton Benjamin vs Evan Bourne

    - Benjamin plays possum to the Airbourne and sticks knees up.
    - T-Bone suplex for 3.
    - Benjamin def. Bourne.
    - Josh says it looks like a great former champion has returned to reclaim some gold.

    --(4) Stevie Richards vs Drew McIntyre

    - McIntyre ducks superkick and plants Richards with Futureshock DDT.
    - Drew def. Stevie.
    - Wade says this time around Drew could be the future!

    -- (5) Santino vs Alex Riley

    - Riley hits TKO for 3.
    - Riley def. Santino.
    --(6) Carlito vs Justin Credible

    - Carlito wins with a Backstabber.

    --(7) Booker T vs Abyss

    - Abyss evades scissors kick and hits a blackhole slam for 3.

    --(8) Sheamus vs Mr. Anderson

    - Anderson gets Sheamus down and connects a face wash.
    - Anderson delivers a snap ddt for 2.
    - Sheamus catches Anderson with a Brogue kick for 3.
    - Sheamus def. Anderson

    - Wade says Sheamus is everything he says he is.
    - Josh wonders how Mr. Anderson will fair with an opponent weaker than the mighty Sheamus.


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