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    DVW- The birth of a new era - Part I

    This is a continuation of this:!)

    The state: (cliffs, no need to read if you already did)

    Vince K. McMahon has passed away and his will states that he has pre-destinated a wrestler to take over for him as the owner. Being the creative genious he is, he wanted it to be worked into a WWE storyline. The greedy McMahon demands this mystery person to change the name of the company and keep the WWE title + the IC title. Posterboy John Cena first lost the WWE title to Edge. This lead to a confused and more agressive Cena. Raven feels he has the answer. In the process, he insists on knocking the sense out of Cena and went on to defeat him in a Raven's Rules match at Summerslam. Triple H and Drew McIntyre disputed over who the next owner would be. Both sides validated their reasons but Triple H broke through physically and became the IC Champion. He defended this title all the way through Sheamus at Summerslam becoming the undisputed IC champion. RVD and CM Punk stood tall at Money in the Bank while a returning Jeff Hardy got screwed by an angry fan. Instead of a title shot anytime, this year's breifcases held a guarenteed contract for a match at Summerslam for a title. Ultimately, this resulted in a tournament to unify the WWE and WHC at Summerslam. HBK won the WWE title from Edge at MITB in a stellar match. Punk then defeated HBK in the tournament. RVD defeated Orton possibly resulting in Chris Jericho getting involved who claims he will return soon. In the final match, CM Punk controlled RVD early. Upon setting up the GTS, Regal blindsided Punk with brass knuckle shot. RVD went on to win the match after a Five Star Frog Splash to become the second ever undisputed WWE Champion. RVD once again appeared oblivious until he saw the replay on the tron. Who will be the new owner? What will become of the new WWE Champion? Tune in to the first show of a new era.

    WWE Champ: RVD
    IC Champ: HHH
    Tag Champs: Edge and Jeff Hardy

    Uproar I

    Live from California

    -- King recaps Summerslam.
    - Footage is shown of Regal hitting Punk.
    - Undisputed WWE Champion RVD makes his way to the ring.
    - RVD wonders what is going on. Why are people helping him.
    - Undertaker's ministry music plays.
    - Taker appears in the front row of the nosebleed seats above the tron situated on a black throne.
    - Taker says Rob has been chosen.
    - Regal's music hits. Regals stands on the stage.
    - RVD glances all around himself. He then tells Regal that he can handle Punk alone, as he's done before.
    - Regal laughs. Says he gets suckered into doing favors.
    - Taker mutters it's about sending a messege.
    - Rob is speechless.
    - Regal says it's simple. Punk can not represent Undertaker's wrestling business. Cowardly and unestablished describes Punk.
    - Fans "What?!" chant Regal.
    - Regal says it's true, Undertaker obtained the CEO title of Mr. McMahon's wrestling juggernaut.
    - Regal says he's the first to sign a deal under the deadman. It's a one year contract as the general manager. And RVD's position is with them in the Ministry. Teddy Long is fired and Michael Cole must stand up at this time.
    - Tazz locks in a Tazzmission from behind. Tazz is King's new partner.
    - Rob says he appreciates the offer but he'll stay out of this one.
    - Regal says if Rob doesn't become apart of the ministry he'll be joining Cole and Long out the door without his Championship Title.
    - Regal cuts off Rob and says he knows for a fact Rob is a great wrestler that can compete and succeed in his own battles. But in the ministry back-up is always there. Undertaker wants you and that's bold. You need to take on your duties as our WWE Champion.
    - He asks Rob if he's in.
    - A stubborn Rob disagrees.
    - Regal says he'll give him the entire night to make sure he isn't making any rash decisions.
    - Enter Triple H.
    - Triple H says Regal and Taker are imposters.
    - HHH says Shane still hasn't revealed the CEO and should do so later tonight to determine the real CEO.
    - Regal says he's standing above you, you shall bow down to him.
    - HHH attacks Regal, sets up pedigree when Mark Henry and Matt Morgan attack HHH.
    - They do a team frontslam.
    - Morgan hits the Carbon Copy.
    - Henry hits World's Strongest Slam.
    - Regal says HHH is fired.

    -- (1) Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison

    - Cody sneaks in a Cross Rhodes early for 3.

    -- Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison @2:34 via pinfall.

    -- Edge and Jeff are in Regal's office.
    - Regal asks if they are here to join the minstry.
    - Edge says no, he heard rumor there's new tag team titles.
    - Regal says he just decided to name the organization (with Taker's approval) the DVW or Death Valley Wrestling.
    - Edge says he's pretty sure there's already an Indy Promotion there.
    - Regal tells Edge next week the titles will be unveiled to the winner of your match.
    - You won't know your opponents until next week.

    - Raven is sitting in the hall as RVD walks by.
    - Raven tells him we've worked so hard to get into this promotion, that it's worth staying.
    - He tells Rob nothing lasts forever except Hulk Hogan and you don't want to end up in playing in his ballpark.
    - Camera zooms in on Rob's expression as we go to break.

    -- (2) Mark Henry vs Evan Bourne

    -- Mark Henry catches Bourne and hits World's Strongest Slam for 3.

    -- Mark Henry def Bourne @3:01

    -- Orton comes out to call out Jericho.
    - He pesters him.
    - No show.
    - RVD says he'll join the ministry, but first Orton must get his rematch.
    - Regal is out and is glad RVD came to his senses.
    - Regal announces that match as the main event next week.
    - Regal pulls out a championship title.
    - He says things are back to ye olde English way.
    - He says since England is in a bit of an uproar so will we.
    - Regal announces a 15 man Regal's Riot match for the DVW championship tonight.
    - The match will start with 15 men in the ring. It will have scramble-like rules. Every pinfall results in a new temporary champion. A pinfall or submission can be made both in the ring and around the ring. Anything on the other side of the barracades or up the ramp will result in the ref. to start a count, a 10 count gives you a loss. Each wrestler can afford 1 loss, after losing twice they are eliminated. The match lasts for 30 minutes. Score will be kept with the timekeeper. The last wrestler to gain a pinfall or submission is the champion!
    - CM Punk strolls down.
    - He asks about his title rematch.
    - Regal says if he doesn't get eliminated in Regal's Riot he can have the winner of RVD/Orton at Grave Danger.
    - CM Punk says Regal looks like the kind of idiot that would run around England setting buildings on fire.
    - Punk says Regal can't have the match without the Queen of England himself competing.
    - Regal says he'll compete but Matt Morgan will also be in the match. Along with 12 other wrestler, so don't screw it up again Punk.
    - And Randy, your match is next.

    -- (3) Randy Orton vs Zack Ryder

    - Orton hits a power scoopslam for 2.
    - Ryder reverse whips Orton over the top rope.
    - Matt Morgan hits Orton with a chair.
    - Morgan hits Orton with the Carbon Copy.
    - He then chokeslams Orton.

    Randy Orton def Ryder via DQ @4:02

    -- John Cena is backstage with Scott Stanford.
    - SS asks him about his match with Raven.
    - Cena tells Scott it happened, it was his playground.
    - Cena says he's going to rebound and hurt someone tonight in Regal's Riot.

    - Cody enters regal's office.
    - He tells Regal he's sick of winning against Morrison and thinks he deserves a title shot.
    - Regal tells him he can be in the Riot. If he eliminates CM Punk he can have a shot at Grave Danger.

    -- (4) DVW Championship [Regal's Riot]: Regal, Morgan, Cena, Raven, Sheamus, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Rhodes, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, McGulicuty, Wade Barrett

    - Morgan hits Carbon Copy on Mysterio and pins for 3. @2:11
    - Barrett hits Wasteland on Sheamus and pins for 3. @3:31
    - CM Punk hits GTS on Ziggler for 3. @4:06
    - CM Punk hits GTS on Swagger for 3. @5:18
    - CM Punk hits pespi plunge on Rhodes for 3. @7:11
    - Cody Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on Jeff for 3. @7:24
    - Edge hits spear on Regal for 3. @7:48
    - Cena hits FU on Mysterio for 3. @9:09. Mysterio is eliminated.
    - Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on Punk. Barrett hits Wasteland. Regal pins for 3. @11:21
    - Bryan makes Swagger tap out to lebelle lock. @ 13:45 Swagger is eliminated.
    - Morgan hits Carbon Copy on Bryan for 3. @15:52
    - Barrett hits wasteland on Bryan. Regal locks in Regal Stretch, Bryan taps out. @16:22 Bryan is eliminated.
    - Sheamus hits brogue kick on Matt Morgan for 3. @17:58
    - Cena hits FU on McGuilicuty for 3. @18:44
    - Cena hits FU on Raven for 3. @19:56
    - Edge spears Raven for 3. @21:34 Raven is eliminated.
    - Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on CM Punk. Sheamus hits Brogue kick on Rhodes. Ziggler locks sleeper in on Sheamus. Cena locks STFU on Ziggler. Barrett breaks it up, hits Wasteland on Ziggler for 3. Morgan and Regal hold off Cena @24:33 Ziggler is eliminated.
    - CM Punk hits GTS on Regal for 3. @26:11 Regal is eliminated.
    - Sheamus brogue kicks Cena, followed by highcross. Morgan tries to steal but Sheamus Brogue kicks him for 3. Morgan is eliminated @29:42
    - Jeff Hardy schoolboys Sheamus, both feet on the rope (ref doesn't see) for 3. @29:58

    -- Jeff Hardy wins and is new DVW Champion!
    - CM Punk will face Orton/RVD at Grave Danger due to surviving Regal's Riot.


    Show's name will be Uproar, theme song= Riot by Three Days Grace. Still in catch up mode, then shows will go down to 2/week and 3 in a week if it's a PPV week.
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    Looking Ahead:

    (ppv1) Grave Danger (Seattle, WA)
    (ppv2) Driven
    (ppv3) Electric Elimination
    (ppv4) ???
    (ppv5) Memento Mori
    (ppv6) Higher Brain Patterns
    (ppv7) Sinister Urge
    (ppv9) Battlegrounds
    (ppv10) The Riot (London, England)
    (ppv11) Hellish Dream

    Uproar II preview:

    Shane McMahon is scheduled to be there. Will Triple H appear? Can Orton defeat RVD? Will space monkeys attack the DVW? Be sure to tune in soon.
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    -- Live from Salt Lake City, UT.

    - HBK enters the ring after a full enterance.
    - HBK thanks all his loyal fans for their support.
    - He says his contract expired at Summerslam.
    - He planned on resigning if things went differently last week.
    - Shawn says it's time to be there for his family.
    - Triple H comes out.
    - He tells Shawn that if he can sign a contract, do it.
    - Shawn reminds HHH he got fired last week.
    - Hunter says he'll confront Regal on this issue later.
    - Shawn alerts HHH of an attack.
    - Triple H escapes through the crowd from Henry and Morgan.

    -- (1) CM Punk vs Henry and Morgan

    - Punk says he survived the riot last week to take what is his.
    - Punk says this victory is a messege straight to the Undertaker.
    - He thinks Undertaker is senseless for picking RVD over Punk.
    - However Punk would never by into it.
    - RVD is just a dope while CM Punk always takes the correct fork in the road.

    - Punk lines Morgan up for macho drop when Henry rakes the ropes.
    - Morgan lands a huge superplex for 2.
    - Punk reverses WSS into an armbar.
    - Punk knocks Morgan off the ropes with a swift kick to the head.
    - GTS on Henry.
    - McGuilicuty smashes Punk over the head with a chair.
    - McGuilicuty hits a spinning neckbreaker on Punk.

    - CM Punk def Henry and Morgan via DQ @8:22

    - Rhodes is backstage with SS.
    - SS asks about his recent title opportunities.
    - Rhodes says it beats smashing the wanna-be pretty-faced John Morrison into the mat.
    - Rhodes says tonight he's going to go on to face Jeff Hardy at Grave Danger after defeating Sheamus, Bryan, and Barrett in a fatal four way match.
    - SS asks him if he's involved with the ministry.
    - Rhodes says he may be evil but doesn't want to be a part of it.
    - Rhodes says he'll do what it takes to stay in the title picture.

    -- Edge and Jeff are getting ready backstage.
    - Edge says he can't wait to claim the new gold just like Hardy did last week.

    -- (2) Edge and Jeff Hardy vs ??? and ??? {DVW Tag Titles}

    -- Edge is anxious to know who their opponents are.
    - He says there can't possibly be a team better than he and Jeff.
    - <GO! If you close your eyes....> It's Christian and Tyson Kidd!
    - Christian says he's been let down.
    - Christian says that all of the people he wanted to recreate history with... it had to be his ex-rival, Jeff Hardy!?
    - Christian says Edge is a tag team whore and will partner with anyone just to further his success.
    - Edge says it doesn't matter who his partner is.
    - Edge says he gains chemistry quicker than anyone else in this business... aside from Jeff.
    - Jeff says he's at the same caliber as Edge.
    - Jeff says you can try, but he doesn't like Christian's odds of overcoming them.

    - Edge and Christian square off.
    - Christian and Kidd tag in and out wearing down Edge.
    - Christian hits his rope jumping uppercut.
    - Jeff hits a running senton off the apron to Christian.
    - Kidd stomps away at Edge in the corner while Ref is telling Jeff to get back.
    - Kidd helps Christian in ring and gets tag.
    - Kidd keeps the advantage. Edge ducks a lariat and hits a standing crossbody knocking both out in the middle of the ring.
    - Jeff is on the top rope. He nails a Swanton Bomb on Edge!
    - Jeff walks away. Christian hits killswitch for 3 on Edge.
    - Kidd locks sharpshooter in on Edge, ref tries to break it up but Christian shoves him away.
    - Regal comes down and tells Kidd that's enough. He awards them the brand new DVW Championships.
    - Lights cut and Undertaker appears in his spot above Tron.
    - Taker says the ministry now has control of all the title except one.... and it won't be long until they are in complete control.
    - Jeff Hardy comes back out and all four celebrate and leave to ministry music.

    -- Christian and Tyson Kidd def Edge and Jeff Hardy via pinfall @6:56

    -- Raven is in the boiler room.
    - He says he had a dream that one of these days another mortal will enter and never be found again.
    - His body will wither away with his/her family searching dead end clues to what really happened.
    - Raven says he hopes this person isn't John Cena.
    - Raven says just as John is bouncing back, he doesn't want to go through the pain of eliminating John Cena from the picture.
    - But business is business and dreams are sometimes reality.

    -- (3) Jack Swagger vs Rey Mysterio

    -- Swagger catches Rey's ankle in 619, pulls him back into the ring. Rey taps.

    - Swagger def. Rey via sub. @5:05

    -- Triple H bursts into Regal's office.
    - HHH let's Regal know the IC title binds him to this business.
    - Hunter spots Shane sitting in Regal's office.
    - Shane tells Hunter he promised his father he would never lie about this. Undertaker is his guy. Paul, there's nothing I can do about this.
    - He tells Regal that HHH is correct, the title does indeed bind him to the business according to VKM's will.
    - Regal says HHH is defending the title tonight in a triple threat match.

    -- (4) John Cena vs R-Truth

    -- Cena rushes to the ring and tells the universe he's back.
    - He finally created a flare with his own two hands.
    - And it's the same two hands that are going to shut up Raven at Grave Danger.
    - He challenges Raven to a 1 on 1 match at Grave Danger with traditional rules.
    - Truth tells Cena he's crazy to buy into Raven. And that's the truth!

    - R-Truth hits a lie detector for 2.
    - Cena hits a fisherman's/five knuckle combo.
    - Cena locks in STFU and Truth taps out.

    -- Cena def. Truth @5:58 via submission.

    -- (5) Bryan vs Sheamus vs Barrett vs Rhodes {#1 contender for DVW title)

    -- Barrett hits a wasteland on Bryan, broken up by Rhodes.
    - Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on Barrett, broken up by Sheamus.
    - Bryan locks in the lebelle lock on Barrett while Sheamus brogue kicks Rhodes in.
    - Sheamus covers for 3 before Barrett taps out.
    - Sheamus says he's coming for the peasent scum and it's going to be a brutal one.

    -- Sheamus wins @10:34

    -- Ryder and Ziggler are warming up.
    - Ryder is pumped and says it's such a great opportunity for one of us to win.
    - Ziggler says that he will win.

    -- (6) Triple H vs Ziggler vs Ryder {IC Title}

    - Ryder and Ziggler double team HHH.
    - Ziggler locks in sleeper, Ryder breaks it up.
    - Ziggler hits zigzag on Ryder.
    - HHH hits pedigree on Ziggler.
    - HHH hits pedigree on Ryder for 3.

    - HHH def Ziggler, Ryder @8:31

    -- (7) RVD (c) vs Orton {WWE Title}

    - Orton hits a hangmans ddt.
    - He preys and looks for RKO when Jericho's music plays.
    - Jericho keeps standing backwards in his leather attire.
    - Tyson Kidd sneaks in and low blows Orton.
    - RVD hits a Monkey Flip.
    - RVD then lands the 5star frog splash for 3.
    - "Jericho" turns around and it's a laughing Christian.
    - RVD holds up title in embarassment.

    - RVD def. Orton via pinfall @12:22

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    Live from Portland, Oregon

    -- The ministry comes out: Christian, Tyson Kidd, McGulicuty, Morgan, Henry, and Jeff Hardy (all in darker attire)
    - Christian says he wants to congradulate the DVW champion Jeff Hardy on becoming one with the dominant ministry.
    - Taker says from his spot this shall be the Eternal Ministry as it shall never end.
    - Edge gets a huge pop as he bursts onto the stage.
    - Edge wonders why a talent like Jeff Hardy would waste his breath in a cult.
    - Jeff says being partners with Edge just passed his time until something better came around.
    - Jeff says he's a great champion and more dangerous than Edge ever will be.
    - Sheamus comes out and says Jeff is nothin but a weasel.
    - Sheamus says Jeff Hardy could never defeat the celtic warrior in the ring.
    - Jeff says that riot got so out of hand he didn't even get the chance to defeat Sheamus properly.
    - Jeff says at Grave Danger Sheamus will be begging for mercy.
    - Jeff says Sheamus will have no choice but to congradulate Jeff on being the greatest DVW champion of all time.
    - Sheamus says he's a barbarian and he's come to fight.
    - Edge says he wants some too and they charge the ring.
    - Sheamus lays Hardy out with a Brogue Kick.
    - Edge and Sheamus get swarmed and end up knocked out due to the ministry.
    - Christian nails Edge with a Killswitch.
    - Morgan Carbon Copys Sheamus.
    - Jeff makes it back up and hits a Swanton on Edge and Sheamus.

    -- RVD is in Regal's office in street clothes. (Regal is with his assistant Wade Barrett)
    - Regal wonders why RVD missed their in-ring meeting.
    - RVD says he's the main event and doesn't stick around for any less.
    - Regal says RVD must get to Uproar on time.
    - Regal says RVD says he's the main event, well tonight he's not.
    - Rob can pick whoever he wants to face and that's next.
    - Regal says he's sending Barrett down to the ring with him to make sure RVD stays in good terms with the EM.

    - RVD is shown walking to the ring.
    - Rob tells Wade he's going to defend his title tonight and he's doing it by himself.
    - Wade says it's an awful idea and he'll be there for him.
    - RVD tells Barrett to stop being a bitch and stay here.
    - RVD makes his way to the ring alone.
    - RVD says Dolph Ziggler is the man he wants to give a title shot.
    - Regal shows concern while looking at his TV.
    - RVD says tonight it's about winning the Van Dam way.

    -- (1) RVD vs Dolph Ziggler {WWE Title}

    - RVD hits a spinning wheel kick then Rolling Thunder for 2.
    - Ziggler hits an apron jump kick.
    - Ziggler tosses RVD's back into steps.
    - Ziggler applies the sleeper.
    - RVD wakes up before 3.
    - Ziggler reverses RVD's irish whip and hits an inverted powerslam for 2.
    - RVD hits a superkick.
    - RVD looks to hit Five Star Frog Splash when CM Punk kicks RVD in the head from behind.
    - Punk stomps down RVD and hits a GTS.
    - Punk says that this lunacy will end when he becomes the new WWE Champion.

    -- Ziggler def RVD @9:23 via DQ.

    -- In Regal's office, Regal is scolding Barrett for not obeying orders.
    - Regal says next week RVD will face Ziggler again and this time Barrett better be there.
    - Regal says the main event will be Edge and Sheamus vs Kidd, Christian, and Hardy.
    - Regal orders Barrett to aid the ministry as their manager.
    - Rhodes knocks and asks Regal if there's anything he can do to help around here.
    - Regal tells Rhodes to kiss his ass.
    - Regal says he'd rather Cody take on John Morrison and Triple H in a triple threat match for the IC title.
    - Regal says the first person to win the title from HHH will earn a $100,000 reward.
    - So everyone should stop taking these matches so lightly and pound HHH in.

    -- (2) Randy Orton vs Matt Morgan

    -- Orton hits a quick RKO out of nowhere for 3.

    - Orton def. Morgan @0:25

    - Orton says he wants a match at Grave Danger and become the #1 contender for the WWE title.
    - Henry and McGuilicuty run in.
    - Orton tries to fight off but they corner him.
    - Orton fights off and lays them both out with an RKO.
    - Morgan gets up goes for CC but Orton hits an RKO on him.

    -- Raven is in the ring for his match.
    - John Cena appears on the Tron in the boiler room.
    - Cena says he's there but he can't see Raven. Not on top of the boilers, not under the boilers. He's not even standing me eye to eye.
    - Cena says Raven fears Cena but acts like he has the balls to destroy Cena.
    - Cena tells Raven "You can't see me!"
    - Raven tells Cena his visions are blurred, his mind only operates on one level.
    - Raven says Cena needs to dig deep in his brain to escape the room of terrors.
    - R-Truth comes out and says Raven needs a hefty dose of the Truth to stop talkin all whacky-tacky.

    -- (3) R-Truth vs Raven.

    - Truth hits a vertical suplex stunner for 2.
    - Raven hits a Russian Leg Sweep into the ropes, turning it into a power facebuster.
    - Raven hits the Raven Effect for 3.

    -- Raven def R-Truth @7:12 via pin.

    -- Sheamus s backstage with SS.
    - SS asks Sheamus what he thinks of Jeff's recent actions.
    - Sheamus says Jeff is a disgrace. He thinks he's this great champion but hasn't even gone through the Celtic Warrior yet in a singles match.
    - After Grave Danger, Jeff will find out what the making of a great champion are.

    -- (4) Triple H (c) vs Morrison vs Rhodes

    -- Morrison hits Star Ship pain on Rhodes.
    - HHH breaks it up. HHH hits Rhodes with a pedigree for 3.

    -- Triple H def Rhodes, Morrison @7:54

    - Rhodes attacks Morrison.
    - Triple H clears Rhodes out of the ring.
    - Triple H says Cody fails under pressure.
    - He tells shouts out to Regal that he thinks Rhodes should face Morrison for the #1 contender's for the DVW title at GD.
    - He is sure Cody will foil under the pressure.
    - Undertaker says HHH will RIP.
    - Triple H says Regal can throw anything he wants at him, he's the Game and the IC Champion for good.
    - Regal can plot and plot and nothing will dethrone the Game.

    -- Tazz says it's a rumor that HHH will enter the gauntlet next week on Uproar.

    -- (5) Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio

    - Mysterio goes for a Hurricarana, Bryan catches and Powerbombs Rey.
    - Bryan tries to lock in lebelle but Rey grabs ropes.
    - Bryan lands a Dragon Suplex for 3.

    - Bryan def. Mysterio @6:23

    -- CM Punk is backstage.
    - He says he hopes RVD can defeat Ziggler one more time so Punk can finally regain the WWE Title.
    - Punk says that next week he's going to defeat Wade Barrett to keep loose before he sends RVD into a deep sleep.

    -- (6) Edge and Sheamus vs Tyson Kidd, Christian, and Jeff Hardy w/Barrett

    -- Edge hits an electric chair drop on Kidd for 2.
    - Christian works Edge into corner in which their team tags in and out weakening Edge.
    - Edge battles back against Jeff, hits a spinning wheel kick on Jeff.
    - Sheamus gets the tag.
    - Sheamus hits an Irish Curse on Jeff.
    - Sheamus knocks Christian and Kidd off the apron.
    - Barrett distracts the Ref allowing Christian to hit a low blow on Sheamus.
    - CM Punk attacks Barrett and knocks him into crowd.
    - RVD comes out and attacks Punk.
    - RVD hits a Van Damaniator.
    - Christian and Edge get tags in.
    - Edge hits a spear on Christian for 3.

    -- Edge and Sheamus def. Christian, Kidd, and Hardy @14:43

    - Rob hits a corkscrew leg drop on Punk.
    - Kidd drags Sheamus back into the ring.
    - Kidd hits a springboard elbow drop.
    - Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb.
    - RVD stands on barracde and holds up title.
    - Edge runs back out to the ring and they scatter.
    - Edge and RVD staredown.

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    Live from Aberdeen, Washington

    -- CM Punk makes his way to the ring.
    - He says that RVD can't win a match without help.
    - Punk says he'd go on about how much he hates Rob's guts and exactly how he's going to pin Rob 1-2-3 @ Grave Danger, but he's probably not even here to listen.
    - Ziggler makes his way to the ring.
    - Ziggler says he's been overlooked in this situation.
    - Ziggler says he had the perfect way to counter RVD but CM Punk ruined his night.
    - Ziggler says he's going to prove himself tonight by putting Punk to sleep the REAL way.
    - Wade Barrett comes out.
    - Barrett says he's not going to let this Punk walk over him like he did last week either.
    - Barrett says Mr. Regal says right now it's CM Punk vs Ziggler and Barrett, and Punk can have a partner if anyone has the guts to team with him.
    - It's Daniel Bryan! The hometown hero for the night, coming out to a big pop.
    - He's says this isn't for CM Punk, it isn't because he hates anyone.
    - It's because his home crowd came see something special.
    - Punk tells Ziggler/Barrett it's klobberin time!

    -- (1) CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs Barrett and Ziggler

    - Ziggler locks a sleeper on Bryan.
    - Punk makes the save and hammers away on Ziggler.
    - Punk goes up top but gets pressed into the ropes by Barrett.
    - Ziggler looks for zig-zag but is reversed into lebelle lock by Bryan.
    - Barrett breaks it up and hits Wasteland on Bryan.
    - After ref. get Barrett out of the ring, Ziggler crawls over and covers Bryan for 2.
    - Bryan is able to get a neckbreak in and both make tags.
    - Punk is hot, hits some kicks and chops. Punk hits GTS for 3.

    -- Punk and Bryan def. Barrett and Ziggler @13:48 via pinfall.

    -- (2) Tyson Kidd vs Edge

    -- Kidd is in ring w/ Christian. Edge comes out with a mic.
    - He says Kidd and Christian still need a challenge for GD.
    - Edge says although he is the Rated-R superstar, he has an idea for a partner.
    - Christian says he already got his chance and lost.
    - Edge tells Christian to not worry. Regal just told him that he's got a match. Edge says he planned on adding an "O" to his team.
    - Christian says that's not fair, he will not take on Rated RKO.
    - Edge says if it'll make the whiny baby happy, he'll find someone else. Orton is already booked anyways.

    - Edge is setting up a spear on Kidd when Christian gets on the apron.
    - Edge spears Christian off the apron into the barracde.
    - Kidd nails Edge with a Tag Title.
    - Kidd hits the springboard elbow drop for 3.

    -- Tyson Kidd def. Edge @6:59 via pinfall.
    - Christian hits a Killswitch on Edge for good measures.

    -- William Regal is making his way to the ring w/ some ministry members.
    - Regal says HHH may think he can survive anything.
    - And it does come to my attention that he still doesn't have an opponent for this Sunday at Grave Danger.
    - So tonight there's going to be a mini battle royale.
    - But HHH will be in it!
    - He will start off with one other wrestler, then more wrestlers will join in 2 minute intervals.
    - Whoever can eliminate HHH will get a title shot at Grave Danger.
    - And don't forget, whoever wins the IC title from HHH earns a $100,000 bounty.
    - And I'd also advise you to beat him badly so you can claim your reward.
    - Raven is on his way down.
    - Raven says that it's not offical yet, but it's been pre-determined by higher powers that John Cena's will not escape our boiler room brawl.
    - Regal says that's non-sense. He can't have anyone competing in such a cruel match.
    - Regal says he's facing John Cena in a single's match at GD, unless he can take out the Game tonight.
    - Raven says Regal can't keep avoiding Cena's fate. Nevermore! Raven leaves.
    - Regal says....... Orton comes out.
    - Orton demands a title shot.
    - Orton said he'll beat Regal's cronies, phonies, and all his ponies if he has to. And if he gets too angry.....
    - Regal says there will be opportunity at Grave Danger to become the #1 contender.
    - All Orton has to do is defeat my assistant Wade Barrett quicker than Cody/Morrison wins their match and he'll be the #1 contender for the DVW title.
    - Wade interjects and asks Regal what makes him think Orton will beat him.
    - Barrett says he'll make quick work of Orton and go on to be the #1 contender himself!
    - Orton says he might not defeat Wade....
    - But if he does it's because he'll punt his skull off!
    - And he's not going to pin a severed corpse.

    -- Edge is backstage with Daniel Bryan.
    - Edge tells Daniel he was impressive in his match.
    - Edge asks Bryan to be his partner at Grave Danger.
    - Bryan accepts.

    -- (3) R-Truth vs Jack Swagger

    -- Swagger says he's on a winning streak and wants to continue his roll and one day become DVW champion.
    - Swagger says at Grave Danger he wants to make someone tap out.
    - Truth comes out.
    - Truth says to get anything around here ya gotta speak up kid. Nobody's going to just hand everything over to an oversized monkey freak. And that's the Truth!

    - A good back and forth match takes places.
    - Swagger locks in ankle lock and Truth taps.
    - Swagger won't let go. Many officials have to break it up.

    -- Swagger def. Truth @ 7:25

    -- Jeff Hardy is in the ring.
    - He says at this time, he'd like Sheamus to come down and sign for his loss at Grave Danger.
    - Sheamus comes out.
    - Sheamus says Jeff can't even hold his own anymore.
    - At one time Jeff Hardy meant something to everyone.
    - You were never able to hold your own Jeff, but instead of just having your brother, you now need an entire ministry to back you up.
    - It's like going to a retirement home. Or should I say your home after I pound you in.
    - Jeff says Sheamus is too rash.
    - Always jumping to quick conclusions and assuming the worst.
    - Jeff says Sheamus is going to reconnect his thoughts after he doesn't just beat, but deface the "Celtic Warrior" (says it snarky)
    - Sheamus signs, Jeff gets a cheap shot in and hits a Twist of Fate in the ring.

    -- Tazz says What a main event tonight King! Even if HHH does pull this one off, how he's going to have anything left for Grave Danger.
    - King says Triple H is a man of integrity and he'll get it done to stay in the business he loves.

    -- (4) Main Event Battle Royale Gauntlet: HHH vs all.

    -- Triple H has to start the match.
    - Cody Rhodes is 2nd with a mic.
    - Cody says he's not going to take any opportunities lightly.
    - Tonight HE is going to eliminate HHH.
    - Triple H smirks.
    - Cody has Triple H halfway over the ropes when John Morrison enters.
    - Morrison comes in with a flare and is all over Rhodes.
    - Morrison hits Star Ship Pain on Rhodes.
    - HHH sits back and watches Morrison eliminate Rhodes.
    - Tazz says he thinks it's stupid for anyone to eliminate someone that isn't HHH.
    - Triple H makes quick work on John Morrison as Raven comes to the ring.
    - Triple H is all over Raven with knee busters and an AA spinebuster.
    - Cena runs in.
    - He instead attacks the wounded Raven.
    - Raven manages to reverse into a Raven Effect.
    - HHH looks on as Raven continues .
    - Rey Mysterio enters and is quickly eliminated by HHH while Raven eliminates Cena.
    - Triple H hits a pedigree on Raven.
    - Cena feeds HHH a chair and he hits Raven in the gut twice then tosses Raven out as Matt Morgan is in from behind.
    - Morgan beats down a weakened HHH tries to eliminate him and Henry comes in.
    - Together they try to eliminate HHH but to no luck.
    - HHH AA spinebusters Morgan out of nowhere and McGulicuty enters.
    - McGuilicuty hits a twisting neckbreaker and Henry hits the world's strongest slam.
    - The last man has come in, Randy Orton! Meanwhile Cena FUs Raven into the barracade.
    - Orton has it goin. Power Scoop Slam on McGulicuty. Big uppercuts to Henry. RKO on Morgan. RKO on McGulicuty.
    - Orton eliminates McGulicuty. Orton eliminates himself while eliminating Henry.
    - HHH is crawling to his feet while Morgan nails a kick to HHH's gut. He misses the Carbon Copy and gets caught up in the ropes. HHH eliminates Morgan for the win.

    -- Triple H wins BR Gauntlet challenge @28:50

    - Triple H passes out backwards on the mat and stumbles to get back up.
    - Brock Lesnar is there. Double Powerbomb. F5!
    - Tazz says no one could get the job done but Lesnar lays out the Game.
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    DVW Grave Danger

    Live from Seattle, Washington

    -- William Regal makes his way down.
    - He says that in the opening match it will be a 6 man tag team match featuring 3 member of the ministry and 3 from the rest of the DVW.
    - (1) Ministry vs Rey, Bourne, and Ryder

    - Mysterio hits a 619 on McGulicuty.
    - Morgan slams Rey off the turnbuckle onto the outside.
    - Bourne hits Airbourne on Henry.
    - McGulicuty hits a twisting neckbreaker on Bourne for 3.

    - Ministry def. Rey, Bourne and Ryder @5:45

    -- (2) Edge and Bryan vs Tyson Kidd and Christian (c)

    - Edge hits a big boot for 2 on Kidd.
    - Bryan is in, hits a Dragon Suplex on Kidd broken up by Christian.
    - Kidd rolls out. Bryan locks in Lebelle lock on Christian.
    - Christian taps out but he isn't the legal man.
    - Edge runs over to toss Kidd in the ring, Kidd nails him with a chair.
    - Bryan runs after Kidd on the outside and runs into a clothesline from Christian.
    - Christian toss him in and hits a killswitch.
    - Kidd hits the Springboard Elbow Drop for 3.

    - Christian and Kidd def Edge and Bryan @7:54 to retain the DVW Tag Titles.

    -- A video package takes us all the way back to the beginning of John Cena/Raven.

    -- (3) John Cena vs Raven

    - Raven hits a piledriver for 2.
    - Cena hits a Fisherman's Suplex for 2.
    - Raven nails Cena with a Side Russian Leg Sweep into the stairs.
    - Raven rolls Cena into the ring and locks in ankle lock.
    - Cena powers out of it. Cena comes back with leaping shoulderblocks.
    - Cena connects with a twisting belly to belly for 2.
    - Cena picks Raven up as Raven fights back with hits to the abs.
    - Raven Effect out of nowhere for 2.
    - Raven sits down in frustration, crawls out and grabs two chairs.
    - The ref takes the first chair away as Raven tries to hit Cena.
    - Cena grabs the other and nails Raven over the head, quickly discards the chair to the outside.
    - Cena hits the FU for 3.

    -- John Cena def Raven @17:12

    -- (4) Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison

    - Justin Roberts announces the match to be a #1 contenders challenge. Between the following two matches, the wrestler who gains the quickest pinfall or submission becomes the new #1 contender.

    - Rhodes hits Beautiful Disaster for 2.
    - Morrison hits Flying Chuck for 2.
    - As Rhodes regroups outside Morrison hits a diving corkscrew.
    - Morrison goes for a running moonsault off the barracde but Cody gets his knees in there. 6 minutes have passed.
    - Cody tosses Morrison in the ring for a 2 count.
    - Morrison reverses Cross Rhodes, bounces off the ropes, slides through Rhodes and misses a Roundhouse Kick.
    - Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes for 3.

    - Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison @8:02
    - Cody sits down at ringside to see if his time holds.

    -- (5) Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett w/ William Regal

    - Orton hits a power scoop slam for 2.
    - Orton lands a hangmans DDT for 2 @ 3 minutes.
    - Orton coils up for RKO, Rhodes grabs Orton's foot.
    - Orton slides out and clotheslines Rhodes over the announce table.
    - Barrett still down lures Orton into a roll up for 2.
    - Barrett hits a Powerbomb for 2.
    - Orton counters Wasteland into a DDT.
    - At 7 minutes Rhodes gets back up and gullitones Orton onto the ropes.
    - Regal demands Rhodes to leave ringside and he does so.
    - Barrett hits Orton with a Wasteland for 2 @7:55
    - Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere for 3 but he fails to beat the clock.

    - Orton def. Barrett @ 8:11

    -- Jeff Hardy is backstage with RVD.
    - Jeff questions RVD's loyalty to the ministry.
    - Rob says that Jeff shouldn't buy into it and just be the best champion he can be.
    - RVD says there's no shortcuts to being a champion. He says he's only in it for the time being anyways.
    - Jeff says this is going to last forever.
    - There's no reason for anyone else to take these titles from us.
    - As long as we have each other's back and are on the same page.
    - Rob says that he and Jeff can be cool.
    - But tonight, RVD is going to defeat CM Punk on his own terms.
    - And Jeff should do the same with Sheamus.

    -- (6) Jeff Hardy (c) vs Sheamus ~ DVW Championship

    -- Sheamus hits War Swords followed by the Irish Curse for 2.
    - Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Hardy.
    - Sheamus picks up Hardy and goes for a High Cross.
    - The light fades out.
    - When it comes back Sheamus is on the mat and Hardy on the top rope.
    - Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb for 3.

    -- (7) Brock Lesnar vs Triple H (c) ~ IC Title

    -- A video package is shown on everything Triple H has endured to maintain his presence in the DVW.
    - It ends with a slow-motion F5 from Brock Lesnar done this past week on Uproar.

    - Lesnar hits a backbreaker for 2.
    - Lesnar hits a triple rib breaker for 2.
    - HHH hits an AA spinebuster knocking both men down.
    - Triple H hits a running knee.
    - HHH lines up Pedigree but Lesnar counters into a huge Belly to Belly for 2.
    - Lesnar hits a Double Powerbomb, goes for the triple when HHH gets some hard shots on Lesnar's face busting Lesnar open.
    - Triple H hits the Pedigree for 3.

    -- Triple H def. Brock Lesnar @16:32

    -- (8) CM Punk vs RVD (c) ~ WWE Title

    - RVD hits a bridging Northern Lights Suplex for 2.
    - Punk nails RVD with multiple kicks.
    - Punk lands a Step-up High Knee on RVD followed by a Double Underhook Backbreaker for 2.
    - Punk sets up GTS as Matt Morgan comes into the ring.
    - RVD gets up and tells him he's got this one.
    - Morgan leaves and Punk nails a GTS on RVD for 2.
    - RVD hits Rolling Thunder then a Vertical Splash for 2.
    - RVD goes up top, Punk knocks RVD onto groin on turnbuckle.
    - Punk goes for a top rope Hurricarana but RVD manages to push him off.
    - RVD nails a Diving Superkick.
    - RVD hits Five Star Frog Splash for 3.

    -- RVD def. CM Punk @22:24.

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    -- Live from Boise, Idaho

    -- Regal is in the ring with the EM.
    - Regal says that last night we did a great job of retaining our titles....
    - But we failed at getting a big one.
    - Triple H is still wandering around in this pretigious company and he shouldn't be!
    - Tonight we take him out so he has to beg for mercy, surrender his title, and leave forever!
    - It's Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman.
    - Heyman says he would like to speak privately with Mr. Regal.
    - Regal tells Heyman he doesn't deserve what he wants because his man couldn't defeat Triple H!
    - Heyman is furious. Brock holds him back and tells him to go cool off. They head back.
    - Regal wants to hear from WWE Champion Rob Van Dam.
    - Rob says we did well at Grave Danger but I feel a little let down by you Jeff.
    - Jeff flares out and says he's still champion, the first ever DVW Champion with the first ever sucessful DVW title defense!
    - Wade Barrett interupts.
    - He tells RVD to worry about his own well being.
    - Because in his eyes Rob is skating on thin ice.

    -- Triple H is backstage on a cell phone.
    - Triple H gets jumped by Christian and Tyson Kidd.
    - Triple H fights them off and flees.

    -- (1) Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

    - Ziggler wins with a zigzag @ 6:12

    -- Triple H is shown running backstage.
    - SS stops him and asks how he's going to survive the night.
    - Triple H says stop looking for him, he's hunting them now. HHH hoists his sledgehammer into the air.

    -- As we come back the Tron cuts to Raven.
    - Raven is with some kids surrounding a campfire.
    - Raven says he has a story.
    - What if you finally met your inspiration, your idol.
    - You've worked your ass off your entire life to become a star.
    - Finally, you've landed an almost sure shot at being THE guy in the summer's biggest movie.
    - Now the night before you realize your dream, your idol meets you.
    - He acts decent and acts like he's excited and glad for you.
    - The next day you wake up, rush down to the studio. It feels as if people don't even recognize you.
    - The horrid news breaks to you. Your good friend tells you that last night he came and wanted that roll. They gave it to him just like that because he's already a huge star.
    - This is the way John Cena way.
    - The people may still love him but it's because they don't know the truth.
    - He's in the spotlight and puts your light out <Raven extinguishes the fire>
    - But wait....
    - We do need this fire again.
    - So we can burn these Cenation T-shirts.
    - You see what's different about me is the force.
    - They forget about me.
    - But when afflicted personally, I linger into their minds.
    - Ripping them apart until they must remember who I am, what I've done.
    - Cena overlooked me until I became his worst nightmare.
    - Now my darkness has taken half of his moon and to get his spotlight back he's gonna have to beat me and escape me.
    - Quote the Raven, nevermore!

    -- Randy Orton is in the ring.
    - Orton says Rhodes has to pay the utlimate price..... a 50 yard punt. Then who will be the #1 contender?

    -- (2) Orton vs Rhodes

    - Rhodes hits a Beautiful Kick for 2.
    - Orton slips out of the Alabama Slam and hits an RKO.
    - He lines up for the punt.
    - Rhodes slithers out of the ring just in time.
    - He grabs a mic and says this match isn't worth further damage to his horrid face.
    - Ref counts Rhodes out.

    -- Orton def Rhodes via countout @7:31

    -- Edge makes his way out to the ring for the Cutting Edge.
    - Edge says certain people may need his advice, as he is a master at in-ring psychology.
    - Edge would like to welcome at this time his guest.... John Cena!
    - Cena comes down.
    - Edge says that last time he saw Cena he was being pinned 1-2-3 by yours truely.
    - So how have you been able to rebound from that loss?
    - Cena laughs. Well you beat me Edge. It ruined me because I didn't get something I wanted so badly... to be in the main event of Summerslam competing for the Undisputed Title. But I'm back! And back on track as well.
    - Edge wants Cena's take on Raven's "story" on Uproar earlier tonight.
    - Cena says he's unaffected and ready to go. He wants to fight Raven in a match that will finish Raven for good...
    - Edge interupts and says;
    - Well let's see. You can have a shirt burning match. Or no wait, an ironing match...
    - Cena says yeah how about an Ironman match.
    - Edge says what about a real career shortening match.... a Hell in the Cell.
    - But wait, I can tell he's on your nerve. You probably can't get that creep off of your mind.
    - Cena attacks Edge.
    - Raven's music plays. His voice echoes throughout the arena saying.. What about me? What about an inferno match? A Boilerroom Brawl? A Barbed Wire match?
    - Cena is still looking around for Raven as we cut to commercial.

    -- Jeff is in Regal's office.
    - He tells Regal he isn't sure about RVD.
    - Regal says they can bond together tonight in the tag team main event.

    -- Triple H is in the parking lot.
    - Henry attacks him.
    - Triple H fends him off with his sledgehammer.
    - From behind a car speeds towards the game.
    - HHH manages to shove Henry in front of the car.
    - HHH runs towards another car and the driver speeds off.

    -- Heyman is speaking with Regal.
    - He wants to know what Lesnar can do for him.
    - Regal says he should take on CM Punk, the kid deserves one more real beating.

    -- (3) Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk

    -- Lesnar dominates Punk and hits a Triple Powerbomb for just 2!
    - CM Punk counters the F5 into an armbar.
    - Lesnar muscles out. Punk hits a roundhouse.
    - Punk hits the Macho Drop.
    - CM Punk hits GTS on Lesnar for 3.

    CM Punk def Lesnar @9:11

    -- CM Punk says that someone from the ministry told him today that he's no faithful to the ministry.
    - This someone wants an end to the ministry, just like CM Punk!

    -- RVD and Jeff are in the locker room.
    - Jeff tells Rob they are cool.
    - Jeff says after their win they are going out to celebrate.
    - Rob then turns away and heads toward the ring.

    -- (4) Jeff Hardy and RVD vs John Morrison and Evan Bourne

    -- Bourne sets up Airbourne on RVD. Jeff runs over and shoves him through the announce table.
    - Morrison bolts in after Jeff. Jeff gets the better after hitting a Twist of Fate.
    - RVD hits a Five Star Frog Splash for 3.
    - The ref holds the Champions' hands up in victory as the show ends.

    - Jeff Hardy and RVD def Morrison and Bourne @10:14

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    Live from Denver, CO

    -- William Regal heads out with Wade Barrett.
    - Regal says that failure is not an acceptable action.
    - Undertaker interupts... allow me.
    - Tonight.... sacrifice.... right here!
    - Regal says that as failure continues, the deadman will rise again.
    - Cloaked figures are carrying out Mark Henry
    - The Undertaker kneels down and seeps in the power.

    -- (1) Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger

    - Dolph hits a Powerslam for 2.
    - Dolph slips out of gutwrench.
    - Dolph locks in Sleeper... Swagger is knocked out.

    - Ziggler def Swagger @7:20 via KO.

    - Ziggler says he would be the perfect WWE Champion.

    -- Heyman is with Regal backstage.
    - Heyman looks pissed again.
    - Heyman says he has another trick up his sleeve.
    - And he should face RVD next.
    - Regal says that's fine, but it's non-title.
    - Cause you see Will, we're coming after you now!

    -- (2) ??? vs RVD

    - Heyman says that Lesnar has the mentality to never give up.
    - And tonight... being accompinied to the ring by Brock Lesnar and myself, Paul Heyman. From Ayr, Scotland. Drew McIntyre!
    - Drew McIntyre is the man that will dethrone your champion RVD.

    -- RVD hits a split-legged moonsault for 2.
    - RVD reverses Futureshock into a Spinning Heel Kick.
    - RVD goes to the turn buckle when Brock Lesnar clotheslines RVD off the apron while Ref is distracted by Paul.
    - Jeff Hardy from the crowd hits Drew over the head with the DVW title.
    - RVD pins Drew for 3.
    - Jeff runs over the ropes for a Senton to Lesnar.
    - Heyman tells Regal to look out, we're coming for you at Driven.

    - RVD def Drew McIntyre @9:01 via pinfall.

    -- Triple H is pacing the corridors backstage with his hammer.
    - Punk walks up to him.
    - Punk says that we both want to tear apart this ministry.. due to their instant prejudice against us.
    - Hunter says that they have a damn good reason to hate him but Punk IS lacking.
    - Punk says he wants to help HHH snipe them down, make them retreat because they are the true symbols of this business.
    - Hunter says it's his own personal vendetta on this one. But if Punk happens to... you know... accidently hurt a ministry member, he's not going to dislike it.
    - From behind Morgan and McGulicuty ambush.
    - HHH and Punk fend them off as HHH muscles around his sledgehammer. He then stares Punk in the eyes as he strokes his hammer and nods.

    -- Randy Orton is in the ring.
    - Randy says that tonight Christian and Kidd are lucky he can't win the tag team titles alone.
    - But perhaps in the future that suitable someone will team up to do so.

    -- (3) Orton vs Christian and Kidd

    - Orton takes the upperhand with uppercuts and a snap powerslam to Kidd as Christian saves 3.
    - Christian gets the better of Orton. He and kidd double team Orton until the Ref forces Christian out.
    - Orton goes for an RKO on Kidd, Christian saves it.
    - Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring.
    - F5 to Kidd. F5 to Christian.
    - He picks up Orton only to give him the Triple Powerbomb followed by an F5.
    - Heyman trails behind and says it's only the start.
    - He says that after discussing with Regal, next week it's Ziggler vs McIntyre for the #1 contender for WWE title.
    - R-Truth comes out and says that something is up here.
    - Heyman isn't the slightest straight guy when I look at him.
    - Regal is filled with lies and his own opinion, there's no one around here to trust but the Truth!
    - And Lesnar, he's just a big loser that only comes in to pick up the scraps.
    - He and I do have one similiarity, we've never won a match on Uproar.
    - So tonight MY undefeated reign ends and I'll prove to you <points at Heyman>, all of you <points backstage> and all of you <points to the universe> that I AM Driven.
    - King says well, Driven is the name of our next PPV sponsored by Sevendust's song Driven!
    - Tazz says let's find out if R-Truth has what it takes to step up. I admire the courage.

    -- (4) Brock Lesnar vs R-Truth

    - Lesnar has Truth into F5 position early and Truth counters into a Head Scissors.
    - Lesnar slouches to his knees. He's fading away but manages to pull Truth off into a kneeling Powerslam.
    - Lesnar muscles Truth up into an F5 for 3.

    -- Lesnar def. Truth via pin @4:56

    -- SS is backstage with Cody Rhodes.
    - SS asks if Cody is ready for his match at Driven.
    - Cody says Jeff Hardy once was Jeff Hardy.
    - But Cody is the real deal. And he hired a coach to mentally prepare him.
    - SS asks about walking out on his match w/ Orton.
    - Cody says that Orton threatened him in such ways that he could no longer compete.
    - Cody says that at Driven Jeff Hardy will have to do the same, just get up and walk away if he wants to leave the DVW Champion.
    - SS asks how his coach is.
    - Rhodes says it's a personal matter but he will be here next week.

    -- Cena makes his way to the ring first.
    - He says that William Regal isn't a man and won't let a great match happen at Driven.
    - But Cena's friend Jack just did him a favor that Regal can not turn away.
    - Cena says Jack (the DVW Website editor) is putting up a poll on the site.
    - The fans can not be denied Regal.
    - They can choose from the following: 1. Another single's match (your match Regal) 2. Hell in the Cell 3. Ironman Match. or 4. Falls count anywhere.
    - Raven's theme interupts Cena.
    - Raven says to not forget about #5: Boiler Room Brawl. A match that has already been forseen by the prophets.
    - Cena says ok but I don't think that's the match to end you. I'd go with a Hell in a Cell, and I'm going to DVWdotcom and voting for that myself.
    - Edge comes out for the match with a mike.
    - He says he can't believe he has to defeat Cena again.

    -- (5) 6man Tag: Raven, Edge, and Bryan vs John Cena, Triple H, and CM Punk

    - Raven holds Cena into the corner as Edge spear him into it.
    - Edge pins for 2.
    - Bryan is in and locks in the Cattle Mutilation.
    - Triple H breaks it up.
    - AA Spinebuster to Bryan.
    - Punk and Raven are in. Punk hits a bulldog.
    - Edge spears Punk.
    - Cena hits FU on Edge.
    - Raven hits Raven effect on Cena.
    - Triple H is able to tag himself in. High knees to Raven. Pedigree to Raven.
    - Bryan locks in Cattle Mutilation on HHH.
    - There's no way out and HHH is forced to tap after a long hold.
    - Bryan says his real name is Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon.

    -- Bryan, Edge, and Raven def HHH, Cena, and Punk @16:02 via submission


    Please vote for what type of match you want Cena and Raven to have at Driven.


    1. Singles
    2. Hell in a Cell
    3. Ironman
    4. Falls Count Anywhere.
    5. Boiler Room Brawl.

    Just PM me your choice and the most votes win.
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    Live from Reno, NV

    -- Triple H comes down. He say he's sick of playing around.
    - He wants anyone from the ministry to come down right now so he can finish them all off!
    - Bryan Danielson is out with a mike.
    - He says it'll never change.
    - Danielson made HHH tap out last week on Uproar.
    - But no one even remembers.
    - Just like no one knows the American Dragon.
    - Triple H says there's more on his mind than worrying to escape from a submission hold.
    - So do I have to worry about you because your in on all this crap too? Is it just about the money to you kid?
    - Danielson says that he's going to make the entire world tap out to get some recognition around here.
    - Bryan says that he wants to prove that he can make Triple H tap out again.
    - Triple H says he'll admit it, you ticked off the wrong man.
    - Danielson says that he respects Triple H but HE is the better wrestler and will become the new IC champion.
    - Triple H says he is the King of Kings and has defeated everyone in the past month and everyone in the entire DVW except Danielson.
    - CM Punk steps out.
    - Punk says that Triple H has never beaten him!
    - He cuts Hunter off and says well... maybe it's because we both have been forced to chase around these barn animals who don't have an onuce of faith in either of us.
    - Triple H gives a whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
    - HHH says it's ME they want out not you. Undertaker damn well knows what I'm capable of. They are just playin games with you kid because you don't belong here.
    - That I've a reached the mountain peak.
    - Lately due to certain people wanting me out, I've gotten VERY comfortable in Triple Threat matches.
    - So I'm sure that snot-nosed, dirty Brit will be happy to know that at Driven I'll take you both on.
    - And still be the king of DVW.
    - Punk says that it's because of people like Triple H that someone as foolish as Triple H would think that.
    - After Driven you won't even have a job!
    - Punk says that Undertaker will get a jolt to his brain, that CM Punk should be the "leader" of the ministry.
    - But that's not where my best interests are.
    - I want the monetary bounty and Gold.
    - Danielson says greed will be Punk's downfall.
    - While Punk is staring at the prize he'll be forced to tap out... and I've got more than one trick in my repertoire.
    - Punk smiles as Danielson nods.

    -- (1) Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre {#1 contender WWE Title}

    -- McIntyre hits a powerbomb and sets up Futureshock.
    - McGulicuty distracts the Ref as Christian hits killswitch and Kidd hits Springboard elbow to McIntyre.
    - Ziggler hurries up and covers for 3.
    - Triple H ambushes McGuilicuty, tosses him into the stairs. He grabs the sledgehammer and strikes his ribs twice.
    - The lights cut out. Ministry music begins.
    - Lights come back and Morgan is standing over Triple H with the IC Title.
    - Morgan then hits Carbon Copy on Ziggler.
    - Gongs tick and Undertaker's voice bellows around the arena.
    - Undertaker tells Morgan to pick him up.
    - Morgan holds up a lifeless Ziggler.
    - Taker tells him RVD will embarass him at Driven.
    - Taker says that at Driven it will be Triple H defending the IC title vs Danielson, Punk, and Matt Morgan in a no rules match.
    - Taker tells HHH time is running out.

    -- Heyman and Lesnar are backstage.
    - Heyman tells the universe that it's set now, McIntyre and Lesnar will dismantle the ministry from within by taking away the Titles at Driven.
    - Heyman says no gameplan is even near the genious of his!

    - Orton is backstage with SS
    - SS asks what he's going to do about last week.
    - Orton answers with an RKO to SS but as he is turned around he notices Edge and freezes.
    - Edge says that it's time we stopped getting walked all over and reunite the most dominate tag team of all time.
    - Because right now the champions are a disgrace to me, you, and the entire world.
    - Orton steams up and says first thing, I'll finish the business Brock Lesnar started with me!

    - A video shows that Edge has been attacked and his conidition is unknown.

    -- (2) Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

    -- Orton power scoopslam for 2.
    - Lesnar goes for powerbombs but Orton punches his way out.
    - Orton goes for RKO but Lesnar pushes him away.
    - Christian and Kidd from behind with chairs take out Lesnar.
    - Con-charito to Lesnar as Orton looks on.
    - Orton takes takes Christian's legs out but Kidd hits a chairshot to the back.
    - They stomp away on Orton.
    - Christian hits a Killswitch on the chair to Orton.
    - They look back to Lesnar but Heyman and McIntyre helped him out and to the back.

    -- Kidd and Christian are in Regal's office.
    - Regal says he simply can't have these goons messing up EVERY match.
    - Christian says he thought that's what Regal wanted, to take out the obstacles.
    - Regal snaps at Christian and says he NEVER wants to be talked back to again!
    - Regal says that at Driven we'll have a Triple Threat Tag Team Title match!
    - Christian and Kidd end with a "yes sir".

    -- Tazz says he got word from the hospital and Edge is in bad shape.
    - King gives him the best wishes.

    -- Rvd walks down to the ring.
    - RVD is once again pissed that Jeff helped him win.
    - RVD says he's the main event and his own man.
    - RVD says that he's not worried about anyone defeating him, so the age old question concurs... why Jeff?
    - Jeff Hardy comes down.
    - Jeff says he doesn't get RVD.
    - Jeff says he would scarifice anything to keep the titles in the ministry... and he wants Rob to think the same.
    - Wade Barrett walks down.
    - He says that Mr. Regal informed him unity must be reached tonight.
    - Wade says it's quite simple because the team they'll face, he doesn't except a bit of teamwork from.
    - The main event will feature RVD and Jeff Hardy vs John Cena and Raven!
    - And that's not all, I'm going to accompany them in this match to make sure you too stay on the same page.

    -- (3) Cody Rhodes vs Yoshi Tatsu

    -- Crossrhodes for the win @1:11

    - Rhodes says that Driven may be his last chance to capture gold.
    - And he doesn't take last chances of granted!
    - Rhodes says he would like to introduce the man that will make sure I'm true to myself.
    - Goldust's music plays.
    - Tazz says he can't believe his freakin eyes, it's Goldust!
    - Goldust speaks closely into the mike... Jeff we're inside your head.... you'll never forget the name... Rhodes!

    -- (4) Sheamus vs Trent Barretta

    -- Sheamus wins with a Brogue kick @1:43

    -- Sheamus says he's a fightin warrior.
    - Sheamus says He's a man of great honour.
    - Sheamus says they can screw me all they want... I'm not going to be that baby on my hands and knees beggin for another shot.
    - I like to fight, it's in me blood and at Driven anyone else that wants to fight can fight me!

    -- Raven and John Cena are getting ready backstage.
    - Raven tells John that tonight isn't Driven.
    - Tonight we take down two of the best.
    - Cena asks for his alterior motive.
    - Well Cena, neither of us would EVER consider being apart of the ministry nor accept what is going on.
    - Time are tough but WE need to prove to teach them a lesson.
    - Set Rob and Jeff further apart. It's mutually beneficial.
    - Cena gives a deep thought as we cut over to JEff/RVD preparing.
    - RVD is sitting there as Jeff drinks an energy drink.
    - Jeff says he knows Rob always brings his best and he will too.
    - Tonight the two best DVW wrestlers confirm themselves to being on the same side.
    - RVD continues to look down and nods slowly.

    -- (5) Cena and Raven vs RVD and Jeff Hardy w/ Wade Barrett

    -- RVD and Cena battle it out.
    - Cena has the upperhand when RVD knocks them both down.
    - RVD looks to make a tag when Jeff Hardy is bent over in pain on the apron. Wade asks Jeff what the **** is wrong.
    - Raven gets tagged in.
    - Raven throws Rob into Jeff knocking Jeff off the apron. Wade picks Jeff up but he vomits into the ring announcer area and falls back down.
    - Raven locks in the ankle lock.
    - RVD escapes and hits a spinning heel kick.
    - There's no one to tag for RVD and Cena gets tagged in.
    - Cena instead turns around and hits a cheap shot on Raven.
    - Cena FU's Raven into the barracde.
    - Cena gets counted out.

    -- RVD and Jeff def. Cena and Raven @13:01 via count out.

    Current Driven card

    Triple H (c) vs Matt Morgan vs Bryan Danielson vs CM Punk (no rules, IC title)
    Sheamus vs ???
    Cody Rhodes w/Goldust vs Jeff Hardy (c) {DVW Title}
    Rated RKO vs Kidd and Christian (c) vs Lesnar and McIntyre w/Heyman
    RVD (c) vs Ziggler
    Cena vs Raven

    Don't forget to vote for the Cena/Raven match. PM me your choice. The choices can be found at the bottom of UPROAR VI.
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