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    Since no one noticed. ( Potential Spoiler , Or Swerve )

    am i the only one that notices kevin nash may of potentially spoiled something or wwe is trying to throw people is the quote from his release statement..."To set the record straight, I passed physical w/ flying colors. Cardiologist was amazed at my lipid profile. Couldn't reach financial terms.

    I will not be addressing this matter again. I am moving forward with my life. Cena, it was great having the chance to get to know you."

    does anyone think this statement about cena is a potential spoiler ?

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    Why is this here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielle20SxE View Post
    Why is this here?
    it is a double post, i think there is an exact same post but in the right area lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm0268 View Post
    I'm a new member to the forums. I've just joined and I'm looking forward to have some fun here
    Fixed that for ya sonny!

    Welcome to EWN.
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    Welcome to the EWN!


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