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    Randy Orton on Raw(possible spoilers)

    HOLY CRAP!! Just got done watching Randy Orton on Raw and wow. I'm about to do some Randy Orton praising, so the best time to call me a hypocrite is right now.

    That match was pretty good with Heath Slater. They both worked it really well. Sure, it was a squash match on Heath but I was taken a back. Randy Orton actually pretty good in my book. The match was quick and intense, and from what I heard the crowd was really into it.

    So good job last night Randy Orton. You earned some points in my book.

    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    To me the crowd was dead, and the match up made slater seem pretty weak, as everyone knew ortan was going to blow him away for the simple fact he is "the viper"

    Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but the match up just weakened slater's whole image if he was going to have one, even more, imo.
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    Randy Orton always has had above average matches but for some reason people put him in the category with Cena.

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    the reason it's hard to give him credit is because he doesn't lose. He often pulls off the super-superman win too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reichwulf View Post
    To me the crowd was dead, and the match up made slater seem pretty weak, as everyone knew ortan was going to blow him away for the simple fact he is "the viper"

    Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but the match up just weakened slater's whole image if he was going to have one, even more, imo.
    I completely disagree with you, since the Nexus Slater has gotten way worse and this match didn't made him weak, he was that weak even before that match started.

    The damn country music (WTF?) made One Man Rock Band.....sorry...One Man Country Band absolutely shit, I mean what the Hell is going on with the people in charge of entrances themes? Are they the same soap opera writers? what is next? Jericho coming back to a GaGa song?...Wait..wait...focus!...rant for another day....Well my point is, Slater was already a piece of crap so he should be glad he is on TV at this point.

    The crowd was cool and Poped for Orton in a nice way and made him look very strong for his match with Henry and it was logical, because of the beating he got from Henry last week, he needed momentum, yes I know it is Orton but he needed anyway.

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    What's destroying Slater and what tried to destroy many before him is none other then the WWE. He had an awesome theme, nice nickname, 3 time champion, he started getting some mic time and hell, he has improved GREATLY in the last few months. Now he has a crappy theme, his nickname is bullshit (no offence, but "The one man southern rock band" is too freaking long and crappy) and he is rarely used. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying they should push him or give him any title right now, but why would they purposly damage his character?

    One thing though, his match with Orton wasn't bad for a squash and the mere fact that he was in the ring with the WHC gives him some points in the viewer's eyes imo.
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    Why the hell is Slater on RAW & Superstars every week but Hawkins, Reks, Barretta, McIntyre can't get a sniff? I'm pissed every time I see that ginger. He doesn't deserve a spot on the roster...he's horrible at every aspect of the business.

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    Orton delivers. Period. I also dont know why he gets the same heat as Cena - yes we all know that 9 times out of 10 he will get the victory, but the route to the finish is almost always worth watching. Thats the mark of a great talent. I think the booking could use some work, but at the end of the day he is talented in the ring and always makes his opponents look good.

    He's always kinda been in the "Just OK" category for me, but the last few weeks have started to change my mind. The Ziggler match was awesome, especially for a non-ppv, and he even somehow managed to make Slater look good in what was basically a glorified squash match. The other thing I like about him is that recently he seems to be bouncing around from the main event scene to the mid carders, and everyone hes faced recently have come out looking good in the ring. While Slaters character needs a revamp (the music is horrid and for the love of god get rid of that awful haircut) he did manage a better then expected showing against the WHC, something that brings prestige to Slater by default. I think he deserves more credit then the IWC is likely to give him.

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    slater got squashed lol

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    I agree. I've always been a fan of Orton, but he has been pretty great lately. With Slater though, I think WWE just needs more jobbers, plus..Say if he does make his way to the main event or upper-midcard eventually, they can make "inspirational" videos about his rise to the championship.


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