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    End where it began?

    Yes unfortunatly this is another Taker thread

    Anyways if Taker isnt to retire by just coming out and saying so and actually manages to have one last match in him, which may be a big stretch wherelse to end it besides Mania? well why not Survivor Series where the Deadmans journey and legendary career began, ofcourse who he would end it against is something entirely in its own with reports still around about Sting signing on, Kane being his brother in WWE and possibly on his own last legs career wise or even getting a rematch with Lesnar

    Which would all be decent options, but obviously this is all down to Taker himself being physically able to even do so.


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    I think a rematch with Lesnar is off the cards, given how Lesnar at half intensity roughed up Taker pretty bad.

    A match vs Kane is something everyone suggests. I'd be open to it.

    I like the idea of Taker's career ending where it began at Survivor Series.

    However, I'm really not sure if Taker has another match left in him. He seems to be getting in worse and worse shape each time he wrestles now. He was fine after his match with Punk last year, but then one triple power bomb from The Shield on Raw and he was out again with a blown hip.
    I wouldn't rule out Taker wrestling at next year's Mania vs Sting just yet though.
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    i would say for taker to take a year off, if he would still want to have a match at WM and maybe have his farewell at WM 32 at the at&t stadium.

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    I actually like this idea. Survivor Series has that mystic ambiance that fits with Undertaker's gimmick so hey, why not. It can even be an elimination tag match where he can tag team with either Kane the Ascension or some combination of the two to take on the Wyatt Family with Undertaker putting Bray Wyatt over. It would even be good for the Ascension as Undertaker would have them be his succesors (although he doesn't really need to accomplish anything else) but more of that leaving these guys to do what he would if he continued.
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    SS Idea

    Undertaker The shield and Sting or Kane
    Evolution Batista, Orton and HHH and Lesnar


    Taker and Sting vs Lesnar and Cesero

    Or this

    Lesnar wins title goes on a year long undefeated & taker cost him match slat manis

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