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    *Spoiler* Groupings

    Put the spoilers in cause I'm not sure if everyone has seen Raw yet but did the Rollins & Ambrose incident which put Dean into the ladder match come across as a big set up to reform the shield in the match, or not even reform it but say it's been the same all along?

    If it is then I must say it was very clumsily done but is still an interesting storyline.

    That's the problem with being cynical these days, part of me wants to blame creative for bad scripting and the other part thinks that creative is constantly on the swerve

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    I wanted to create that thread this morning after I watched RAW because this was the 1st thing that came in my mind after Rollins & HHH backstage segment.

    What if all this was planned since day one by the Shield ? Now they have one member in the MITB WWE WHC and 2 in the MITB regular ladder match. with that they have more chances than anybody else to have one of them WWE WHC. What if Rollins wins, Orton wins and Rollins cashes the same night or on RAW, and then The Shield reform in the ring. That would be epic, nobody would see this coming.
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    yeah, my first thought was that too. As soon as Rollins demanded Ambrose be allowed in I smelled swerve. However, this is WWE, they are not that creative. They wanted to break the Sheild apart because thats just what WWE does, they break up a good thing. They do have it set up to look like there could be a swerve, and maybe they will get more viwers because of that. But this is WWE, they will play it safe and be predictable, they already did their big surprises, Danielson winng the WHC and Rollins turning.

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    Like I said in another thread, I have the feeling that Dean Ambrose will turn heel very soon, and perhaps join Triple H & Randy Orton & Seth Rollins. If Reigns wins the WWE WHC and Ambrose the MITB contract he could turn on Reigns. But The Shield becoming a group again, I would love it, just to see Triple H's face !
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