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    I think they should bring back Nexus

    Think about this line up

    Wade Barett - Leader
    Bo Dallas(Replace curtis)
    Bray wyatt
    Heath Slater
    Justin Gabriel
    Titus O Neil (Replace Otunga)
    Kofi Kingston
    Big E
    Xavier Woods
    Zack Ryder

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    Yes let's take Bray Wyatt one of the most over young guys on the roster right now and make him Wade Barrett's lackey.
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    Nexus was just another one time faction and that's it.

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    Barrett was just hitting his stride before he got hurt. I think the Bad News catchphrase is great. Another New Nexus wouldn't make sense without him and I don't think he should be stuck in a stable.

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    I don't think they should bring nexus back(or creat any other group of younger guys in general) is because S.H.I.E.L.D is still fresh in our minds, however in year or 2 it would be great for new guys to emerge and eventually be pitted against reuinited hounds of justice.

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    IMO, not a good idea at all.

    As said above, take Bray Wyatt from what he's doing now and put him behind Barrett in the Nexus? Nah, not for me personally.

    Plus, you take all those guys and put them together, then what? Who do they feud against and what's the reason for them joining as a faction?

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    Some of those guys, as mentioned, wouldn't benefit from being put in a stable, let alone a new version of Nexus. Wyatt especially has his own great thing going, what's the use in destroying his character of being a 'cult leader' and putting him in a stable led by someone else?

    I wouldn't mind seeing Wade Barrett as a leader of a stable though, like a bad news crew or something, but a new version of Nexus? Nope. If we see them bring back nexus at some point it'll be in years time, but it's still unlikely to happen I'd say.
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