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    Quote Originally Posted by maar13 View Post
    Yes, for that to happen you will need two divas or Knockouts as fresher and then as established an interesting enough to keep things going for a few years...personally I don't think it can be duplicated and less with the way divas and Knockouts are let go or forgotten but you never know, it could happen one day.
    The only reason it will never happen again is cos WWE never keep their Divas for as long as they kept the Golden Divas. & they usually ship the Divas off to different brands every year which is annoying.

    I think Beth & Natalya could pull it off, but of course it wouldn't be as good as Trish/Lita, the best part about it was that they feuded as well as managed their respective tag teams, that's something we don't see in WWE anymore, women who managed but were able to keep up with a singles feud. I remember watching Ivory vs Molly Holly vs Lita vs Trish, and each woman was representing a tag team (Ivory w/ RTC, Molly w/ Crash & Steve, Trish w/ T&A, Lita w/ Hardyz) and even though every week they were managers they also wrestled in the divas division
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