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    Matt Striker & Josh Matthews.

    These two may be on the WWE announce team, but remember what else they are? They are trained WWE wrestlers! Why can't Vince use these guys as jobbers on one show then just have them go back to announcing duties on the next?

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    That is a good question. I wanna see Josh go at it at again. He was kinda a high flyer.

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    I don't think the announcers should wrestle regularly, especially as jobbers. It would be a bit hypocritical to criticize a guy for losing from the announce booth when you are losing matches yourself on a regular basis. I think they need that seperation to be effective. However, I agree that they could be used in spots. Usually once or twice a year Lawler gets pulled into an issue that requires him to have a match or at least throw some punches. No reason Matthews and Striker couldn't do the same.

    It actually puzzled me that of all the announcers that Daniel Bryan had an ongoing conflict with it was Cole. I know they are trying to get Cole over as a heel announcer but had it been Matthews or Striker that Daniel had friction with they could have actually faced each other in the ring.

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    Funy segment with Josh Mathews and Cole. I cant remember seeing this before.

    Lol @ Cole

    Kinda on topic...

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    I agree with an earlier post. Itd be somewhat hypocritical To criticize a guy for losing from the booth when u r losing on a regular basis. Nuff said.


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