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    Henry Vs. Kane.

    I wonder when Big Show will return? I think it would be cool if Show returned at that match & put Henry through the cell to return a favor.

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    The poster should have been The Undertaker throwing Mankind off the cell , that would look completely BADASS imo.

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    Is it a really good poster? Seems a bit generic. Even if it was for a Kane surprise return, does the poster not kinda spoil that?

    Why is it so good? I'm genuinely interested in why people feel it is? Or am I....?

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    That is a really cool poster! Props to WWE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtremetothemax View Post
    Or wwe nude match being divas only. It happened before. Trish and Lita.
    When did this happen?

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    HIAC matches aren't anything compared to how they used to be, and by used to be I mean they had meaning and entertainment in them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zrdt12 View Post
    When did this happen?
    It didn't. Any pics you have seen online are fakes, that could never happen on tv, unless it was broadcast on HBO or something.

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    Now thats an opening post! Welcome!

    Also quite a good poster this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spear-O-Matic View Post
    Yeah. The only gimmick ppvs so far have been Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank, and of course Royal Rumble. But does Hell in a Cell and TLC really need ppvs named after them when they fulfill no special condition (i.e. Royal Rumble guarantees WM main event, MITB guarantees title shot anytime anywhere)?

    Money In The Bank and Royal Rumble aren't gimmick PPV's.

    A gimmick PPV is more like TLC and Hell In The Cell where matches are stipulated randomly based on the theme.

    The Rumble and MITB involve big specialty matches but their not random.

    My point is that the Rumble and MITB have pizazz and prestige.

    IMO at least..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spear-O-Matic View Post
    Honestly, I really wish they'd do away with gimmick ppv's. Hell in a Cell matches have been really devalued since they started having two or three matches a year. Same goes for TLC, and does anyone remember how lame "Fatal Four" was?
    Fatal Four wasn't THAT bad but it was rather pointless to have its own PPV. Hell in a Cell matches aren't as brutal as they once were but they are still pretty good. TLC wasn't a bad PPV either.
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