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    NRB6304 Address to the "Fantasy Thread"

    Hey guys I was just sitting here after working trying to relax when I clicked on the original Unholy Wrestling Alliance thread, and I found something extremely interesting.

    As of 8/19/11 the UWA has been pleasing the readers of this here website for exactly ONE YEAR.

    365 days of you wrestling fans coming to and reading the UWA. And for that I wanted to say thank you. Thank all of you guys so freaking much! This is just awesome. I never thought that a year ago when I started this that SO MANY of you guys would actually read and enjoy this. Hell I'd like to think that I helped pioneer some of these "fantasy threads" that we have here. The "WWE My way" the "WWE after Extreme Rulez" the "If I Was Vince McMahon" the "WWE by eboy" the "Carolina Wrestling Federation" and etc. hell there are like 4 different Efeds that have started on here. (BTW get on ya'lls page assclowns lol jk). And it seems like on each of these fantasy thread somebody always mentions UWA.

    Hey I'm like the Godfather of Fantasy......maybe not. lol

    But I just wanted to thank all of you guys for reading this stuff and enjoying this stuff. It's really just one kids dream fantasy wrestling promotion. I wish I could say "Coming to a wrestling promotion near you" but that's still a ways a way.

    By the way if somebody would like to recap Carnage every week along with the PPV's that would be really freaking cool. I know some of the WWE fantasy's have a recapper. I'd love to see some for the UWA.

    UPDATES will be 100% operational as of Sunday Oct. 2nd the night AFTER UWA's mecca PPV Never Gonna Stop II.

    Also as of Sunday Oct. 2nd UWA Carnage will now only air once a week instead of twice. Every Saturday night (I think that night has just been given to me to post my stuff cause I don't ever see anybody else update lol. Thanks for that too.) Carnage will be posted. Depending on work/school it could early Saturday Morning (CST) or extremely late Saturday Night (almost Sunday morning), but it will only be once a week.

    This means that instead of PPV's every other weekend, like WWE and TNA you get ONE PPV a month (probably gonna end up being the first of the month). PPV's will be on Sundays (duhh).

    Second show- I will not ruin the storylines for ANYBODY but I will say THIS: YES! A second UWA show is coming. If you're keeping up with UWA right now as you saw last week there are certain guys just NOT getting TV time because the roster is SO DAMN BIG. Therefore the only thing fair to them is start another show. Now the second show WILL NOT be probably until around the first of January. So you have a while to wait but just know that YES a second show is coming.

    Now I promised I spoil any storylines for you guys but I decided that I could give you a little sneak preview into the future of the UWA and let you guys start talking about what you think is going to happen.


    Second Show:


    If you haven't checked it out already don't be afraid to just pick up on the current page for UWA as there is a recap at the start. Not to mention if you click that zombie Randy Orton you will head STRAIGHT to and read EVERY SINGLE SHOW EVER!

    Once again thank you guys for supporting the NOW OFFICIAL longest running "Fantasy Booking Federation" on the EWN boards! You guys are KICK ASS!!

    BTW what's a dude gotta do to get his fed sticky-ed yo?
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    Well first off congratulations, a year has come and gone and the UWA still stands; thats no easy task and for that I applaud you.

    Now about the recapper issue, the 2 most constant and profound reviewers/recappers are myself and no_1eddiefan so you may ask either if not both of us to come by and review your stories every once in a while.

    That being said the reason I personally havent reviewed the UWA shows before is precisely the fact that there is in fact so much to cover its actually quite difficult but I will try to catch up as best I can to start giving reviews after October 2nd to truly stay up to date with things and then become a regular reviewer from that day forward if thats all right with you of course.

    Other than that once again congrats and we'll see what happens after October.
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    I heard my name drop somewhere. Thanks SEZ for the recommendation

    But back on topic, the UWA is the best fed on this forum. Second to none. At least, that's my personal opinion.

    Congratulations on the 1 year man, it's completely deserved.

    Rampage looks awesome as well, as does the promo. I can only wonder who that may be.

    If you want me to help out with the recapping/reviewing then that's fine by me, heck me and SEZ could have a show each when Rampage debuts. And we could both review the PPVs, that way it will be a lot more like reviewing and not recapping. Just an idea.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to October and see what's goes on.


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