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    Reading through the website, and it's fucking funny. One of the best I found was this from Shawn Michaels page

    The Early Years
    When Michaels was but a young boy, he had a very abusive father. One particular day, Shawn was frolicking outside... when his father shouted 'I'M GONNA GET YOU BOY!' His dad suddenly came charging out into the yard and delivered a hard right hook to Shawn (which he sold perfectly). After a barrage of punches, it looked like young Shawn was doomed. Suddenly, he kipped up onto his feet from the floor with golden dexterity and forearm smashed his dad. He followed up by climbing onto the family car and crashed elbow-first into his dad's sternum. While waiting for his father to recover, Shawn began stomping his right foot while the neighbors marked the fuck out and counted. When his father finally arose, he turned around only to be met with BAH GAWD SWEET CHIN MUSIC and pinned (a wandering hobo counted for three). Following these events, Shawn was signed up to a Wrasslin School.

    And Chris Jericho has all of his 1004 moves listed

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