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    Bright Hope For The Tag Team Division

    I think RAW was the start something great for the tag team division. We got new tag team champions in the name of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne who I think make a good tag team for a randomly thrown together pair. Then we got the formation of "The Awesome Truth" where The Miz and R-Truth joined forces as the conspiracy theorists tag team that just screams entertaining TV. Those two moves gave me a reason to care and some hope for the tag team division. With these two teams leading the division for now, all WWE needs to do is create or bring up a few more teams for them to feud or fight against.

    You already got Otunga and McGillicutty on RAW and the Usos on Smackdown. We also got The Kings Of Wrestling coming up to WWE soon, so that should be something to look forward too. Alright. How's about we reform a tag team with Darren Young and Showtime Percy Watson? That should be entertaining. We can also do the following:

    Tito and Primo (The Colons) -- It'd be nice if they brought back Carlito to join them too.
    Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
    Seth Rollins & Richie Steamboat
    Skip Sheffield and Marcus Owens
    Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo (or Tyler Reks)

    That is a total of ten tag teams. Give one or two of them a manager or a female valet and let them do something. It'll bring some prominence back to the division and give us a reason to care about it. I think WWE has something here and I truly hope they capitalize on it before it dies out.

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