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    How cool would it be if this happened?

    I saw tons of comments like, "Jack Swagger vs. Kurt Angle would be phenomenal, or Dolph Ziggler vs. Jeff Jarret, or Sting vs. Undertaker," etc. Imagine how it would be if all of the wrestling companies came together for once an openly shared wrestlers an ideas to make wrestling better, instead of rivaling with eachother.
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    Something like this will never happen. Though I would really like to see Sting take on The Undertaker.
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    This doesn't really have anything to do with rivaling companies, but rivaling brands through WWE. I kind of wanted to see Edge vs CM Punk. Rated R vs. Straight Edge and I thought that they were trying to turn edge into a face to do it, but now if they're sending CM Punk back to Raw, I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming.

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    Id love to see a Sting vs. Taker or Trip H or even HBK. Sadly this probably wont ever happen cause Sting wont go to WWE. But good for him for sticking to his guns.

    AJ Vs. Orton

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    vince would have to be dead and then he would roll over in his grave and it would still be unlikely even after vince was dead

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    thats an good idea, i would like to see AJ Styles vs John Cena
    lol umad?

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    It'd probably make for a good one-off charity event PPV, but aye it'll never happen

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    See I would love to see a TNA/WWE ppv but TNA already shot that in the foot with past action towards the WWE someone needs to tell them when your the number 2 company you dont have to be at war with number one. Could you imagen a TNA-WWE working Agreement? Tht would be awesome but like has been said it will never happen unless Vince buys TNA which I dont see that happening any time soon if ever

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    It can work. Just Vince and Dixie has their own head and prides up their @$$

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    Cool thought but basically impossible. maybe start a fantasy wrestling website. idk. lol....


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