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    I have a few favourites;
    I like Randy Orton's psycho gimmick and hes got great in ring ability,
    Chris Jericho is one of the best i've ever seen on the mic, never messes up his lines his gimmick is brilliant he does it well, speaks with little emotion but alot of conviction, he's also great in the ring
    Jack Swagger as he is a great wrestler
    The Miz because his mic skills are great and i love his corny catchphrase.

    Layla because shes smoking hot and english
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Modern: I'd have to say Chris Jericho. I've just always been a Jerichoholic, no matter how bad WWE makes him look nowadays. All-Time: GOLDBERG!!!! I don't care what anyone says, he'll always be the best to me!

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    Favorite WWE Superstars? (Top 10)

    Just curious, who's everyones favorite to watch IN GENERAL, in the WWE these days?

    10.) Santino Marella - BEWARE OF THE COBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9.) Kane - Dude's looking good right now. I'd say his in-ring work is better than ever, as far as how legit he looks as a contender.. I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself, I still think he was better when he first came in masked as he had more of a mystery to him and he was more intimidating. Then there was when he was first unmasked, I'd rank that as the 2nd prime of his career, and this would be the 3rd. Kane is a legit World Champion for Smackdown.

    8.) John Morrison - Right now he's finally starting to come into his role it seems. He could be a little more out spoken and aggressive as from time to time he just really doesn't draw me in unless he's doing some sick moves. Where is his personality? Unless his personality just consists of cracking wise jokes.

    7.) John Cena - You might hate me for this, but let's get real.. when he's on the product picks up to a whole new level of intensity and the buzz in the arena just spikes. He's not really that bad in a match, the only thing thats absolutely ridiculous is how much he over sells simple punches and moves, and he's suppose to be a superman? Either way, Cena sure knows how to evoke an emotion from the crowd.

    6.) Kofi Kingston - I really like his in ring style, I like his look, I like the colors on his entrance video thingy . Plus he's getting pretty good at getting a crowd to work with him throughout the match.

    5.) Daniel Bryan - He keeps it real for the fans and even though he is on WWE TV he seems to do his best to be different. Like calling out how he hated his old entrance music, now he has new music that is awesome.

    4.) Dolph Ziggler - A very nice homegrown talent for the WWE. He actually keeps a match interesting with his non stop pace of kicking your ass. He has the look of your "perfect" arrogant heel and he's just all around awesome.

    3.) CM Punk - Defiantly a great heel, a great talker, a great worker, what's not to like about the Straight Edge Savior?

    2.) Jack Swagger - I've always been a fan of the All American American Jack Swagger, dating back to his feud with Christian on ECW. I love his... swagger... he has the look.... the size... the skills... he's pretty good on the mic despite his "speech impediment" which I would have never noticed if it wasn't for every wrestler making fun of it. And not to mention, he has the Swagger Soarin Eagle!

    1.) Alberto Del Rio - This guy has "IT". I love his aggression, you know.. I can't tell if he is truly a dick to the other wrestlers when he is in the ring or if he is just playing his role to perfection. Either way if you turn him face... I am so going to be pissed off.

    Honorable Mentions:
    -The Miz/Alex Riley (I actually like Riley on the mic more than the Miz, he's more of a wise guy than the Miz)
    -Drew McIntrye (Just like his overall persona)
    -The Nexus(Sheffield, Gabriel, Tarver, Wade are my stand out favorites)
    -Cody Rhodes(his gimmick is kinda generic heel, but he plays it like a champ)

    Dishonorable Mentions
    -Edge (Can't stand watching him wrestle anymore)
    -Undertaker (I wish you would retire so we don't have to watch your old ass do the same song and dance for the next 3 years that you've been doing since you became The Deadman again)
    -David Otunga (Seriously are you gay? Because when you talk thats the impression I get sometimes Mr. Sensitive and Sweet... and I qoute... "John... if you need anything... anything... I'm here for you")
    -RANDY ORTON (Seriously you are a fucking boring wrestler/talker. The only time you evoke an emotion out of me is when you act insane and RKO people.. thats the only thing you good you got going for you. And I'm pretty sure Stone Cold Steve Austin wants his job back, because you just stole it from him)


    Feel free to comment on my thoughts, feel free to post your own. You don't have to go in depth like I did, I was just bored... but there you have it... maybe sometime I'll do one for TNA guys.
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    no mention of Chris Jericho??? Agree with Del Rio and Kane, disagree with Randy Orton
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Seriously? Orton, Edge & Taker on the dishonorable mentions? Dude, I don't know if I can take you seriously (actually, I can't) especially when your dissing three of the best in the business (that doesn't bold well in terms of your opinion). Some of your "favorites" are highly questionable like Santino (an SNL joke), Swagger (a 2nd rate Kurt Angle rip-off), Cena (a Hulk Hogan wannabe which just means boring, predictable, & hardly any in-ring skills) let alone some of your honorable mentions are highly questionable for example Drew McIntyre (a prototypical of a wannabe tough guy. I laugh at the dude everytime I see him because he's not tough looking by any means let alone he walks like a duck. Hell, Rosie O' Donnell looks tougher then him).

    P.S. Where is Chris Jericho, Triple H & Sheamus?
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    we have the same top 3 but swagger is my 3 punk is my 2 del rio is my 1. to me it comes down to the mic cuz all 3 can wrestle. i cant come up with a top 10 but hey, my top 3 can kick alot of top 5 ass!
    I HATE Randy Orton! He gave my grandma a wedgie! She was butthurt for 2 weeks before she succumbed to her injuries! She went to the grave in an ass cast!
    F-U my twin found that hilarious.

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    10. Alberto Del Rio (Great on the mic and very good in the ring too)
    9. Kaval (Very good in the ring, hope he gets a push)
    8. Wade Barrett (Has been great leading the Nexus)
    7. Sheamus (He can talk and he's not bad in the ring either)
    6. John Morrison (He can have great matches with almost anyone)
    5. Christian (Full Package, if he was in the main event, I think he could have some great feuds)
    4. Edge (He can be great as a Heel or a Face, and his in ring work is great too)
    3. Chris Jericho (Obvious Reasons)
    2. Daniel Bryan (His in ring work is incredible)
    1. CM Punk (He's the full package)

    Dishonorable Mentions:
    -The Miz (Fantastic on the mic, but IMO his in ring is lacking, he's been putting on some great matches so if he can put on some more, he's off this list)
    -Undertaker (Nothing wrong with him or his in ring work, I've just gotten bored with the dead man gimmick, I preferred the American Badass gimmick)
    -Otunga (LEARN TO WRESTLE)

    That's all I can think of right now.
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    A few things to bear in mind before reading my picks is that I don't watch WWE PPV's, my exposure to wrestling is pretty much just Raw and Smackdown, and I'm probably going to list people on Hiatus/Fired/Injured in the honorable/dishonorable mentions, so some of the wrestlers closer to rank 10 would be down under normal circumstances

    10) Rey Mysterio - I'm not all that thrilled to put him up here, but I do like how much excitement he brings to his matches.
    9) Cody Rhodes - He's improved a lot since Legacy, when he was just a mindless thug. He may still be mindless, but I find his gimmick entertaining and it's nice to see him showing off his in ring ability.
    8) Dolph Ziggler - I'm definitely a fan of his in ring ability, I just wish his storyline didn't involve Vickie Guererro.
    7) Kofi Kingston - It may be a bit markish for me to like him, but I like Kofi Kingston and I'd like to see him become a contender some day, because once again he's someone who puts on good matches on TV.
    6) Jack Swagger - Kurt Angle rip off, definitely, but Kurt Angle is probably my all time favorite, so maybe if they'll stop jobbing him he'll be awesome.
    5) Daniel Bryan - I was originally reluctant to put him on this list, as he's had only a few credible matches on TV, but from what I've seen I'm sold on his in ring ability and I end up rooting for him against most of his opponents anyways.
    4) John Morrison - John Morrison is one of the few people who will put on a good match on TV, and if he can develop some character, people will be screaming for him to become a world champion.
    3) The Miz - His in ring ability may not be at the level of his promo work, but I've seen him in some pretty good matches, such to the point that I feel he is the best candidate for a future world champion.
    2) CM Punk - To me, it seems like he really hasn't been given a chance to shine in the ring lately, though I kind of felt his in-ring work was solid back when he was still on ECW. His promo work is phenomenal though.
    1) Randy Orton - For me, he does it. I've been rooting for him since I got turned back onto wrestling while he was feuding with Cena in 2007. What I originally liked about him is that he was the perfect heel, as he was basically just a psycho who wanted to hurt people. Of course he is now an anti-hero (latin for face), but at least now he's booked as dominant as opposed to a coward who always finds his way out of legitimately winning. One thing that he still has is his in-ring charisma, as just about everything he does in the ring reflects his character.

    Honorable Mentions
    Christian - Definitely someone who deserves a world championship, even if he won't be around long to make us of it. Would rank him somewhere amongst John Morrison and the Miz.
    Chris Jericho - Best in the world at what he does. Can have a good match with anyone and make them look good. Would rank him number 2.
    Evan Bourne - I'm not sure where I would put him in the the top ten, but he would definitely be up there. I like his in ring ability, I think he needs some character before he soars though.
    Kaval - I like his in ring ability, it's just hard for me to rank him amongst the top ten with the WWE jobbing him as hard as they are doing.
    Alberto Del Rio - He definitely has the "it" factor, but until I see more exceptional matches with him, I'm not going to list him up there.

    Dishonorable Mentions
    David Otunga - You can't wrestle. Google that.
    The Great Khali - आप सुलूक नहीं मल्लयुद्ध करना । google है ।.

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    I can't think of a top 10, so I'll think of a top 5.

    5. JTG. WWE seriously needs to use this guy, he's a good wrestler but I don't know much about his mic skills

    4. Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler. Since they both put on two good matches I'll let them tie for 4th

    3. Cody Rhodes. His in-ring ability is great, he just needs to work on performing his Cross Rhodes move. Not happy about him losing tag belts.

    2. Randy Orton. Great in-ring, although I feel his character is lacking something. Make him a full-flegged heel again.

    1. CM Punk. What do I have to say? He was stuffing up his GTS earlier in the year but I think that's solved. Did you hear him doing commentary on NXT and RAW? I'd take him over Cole any day.

    And yes, when David Otunga said those words to Cena and put his hand on his back I thought GAY, but then I remembered he was married.
    Use what you have. Get what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaos75 View Post
    And yes, when David Otunga said those words to Cena and put his hand on his back I thought GAY, but then I remembered he was married.
    Could be a good cover.


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