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    Orton. I like that they turned him face without changing his psycho gimmick. I am also a big fan of Edge, Jericho, and the Undertaker.
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    Agree. I love how Orton's face turn was very organic and natural. Wasn't forced.

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    the undertaker and wade barrett .

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    ALL TIME FAV - Stone Cold he is the reason I started to watch Wrestling
    Right Now Fav - Randy Orton
    Fav Team - Old DX (Triple H, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Road Dog)

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    HBK he always had the total package even during his last years in pro wrestling he was still on top of his game.
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    Orton has been my favorit wrestler for a while now. Befor ehim it was Triple H, but i am a little stale on him maybe a revived heel run will change my thought. Honestly week after week I find myself waiting to hear that one word on Raw...........AWESOME!!!!

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    Mine would be Edge. He has more experience than Cena, Orton, and other great superstars. He can go high-risk when he needs to besides being a powerhouse.

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    well I have none currently now that HBK is gone...BUt overall.. I will say Hulk Hogan

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    MY best wrestler of all time Bret Hart and Owen Hart(RIP) The Undertaker and Bret Hart were the reason i began watching finding the love for this sport.

    but right it has to be Chris Jericho
    and im liking Evan Bourne a lil bit now.

    Cena Sucks balls

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    As of right now its gonna be CM Punk,when he speak,wwe universe listen.


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