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    i'd have to say my favorite is The Miz. he has the looks and the mic skills. his inring ability could be better but it's improving. and there is just something that he has that appeals to me.

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    rko, edge, jericho, taker, sorry to say cena, hhh, and the future looks bright with miz,sheamus, drew m, and morrison

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    Right now I think the two "best" all-rounders in the company are Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Every money making feud needs a believable bad guy to hate and these two are awesome at generating heat. They aren't bad in the ring either.

    My favourite though right now is Dolph Ziggler. I've compared him to Curt Hennig on other sites and I'm going to do the same here, the guy has phenomenal wrestling ability and putting him with Guerrerro was a masterstroke.

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    ziggler is going to great

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    Full Package - Randy Orton, but if PG then John Cena even thought I hate the character.
    In Ring Ability - Jericho/Swagger
    Mic Skills - Miz/Jericho/Punk.
    Best Future - Drew McIntyre/Sheamus.
    Best Star That is Held Back - Dolph Ziggler.
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    I'd say that my favorite in WWE right now would be Chris Jericho, The Miz, and Randy Orton.
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    Full Package - Rey mysterio, Sting and Undertaker
    In Ring Ability - EDGE
    Mic Skills - Edge and Jericho
    Best Future - Drew McIntyre,Sheamus,Evan Bourne and Dolph Ziggler.
    Best Star That is Held Back - Evan Bourne

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    Quote Originally Posted by ren View Post
    Morrison can't talk good. He's mic skill is the only reason why he is not main eventer for now.

    I would pick CM Punk or Y2J as my favourites.
    well i didnt say he was the best on the mic but his mic skills may not be his strong point but hes still good on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tcarms920 View Post
    well i didnt say he was the best on the mic but his mic skills may not be his strong point but hes still good on it
    He's ok on the mic, he just needs to just stop being so damn goofy. Once he stops the goofy promo's he'll go straight to the main event


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