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    Michael Tarver and Darren Young vs. David Otunga and Heath Slater

    How would Nexus be different if it were "f-list" and "wendy" were exiled instead of tarver and young? Which 2 would you all had rather seen kicked out? Is it better as is? Hell, who would you rather be the leader?
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    WWE definitely made the right choice in who they have had eliminated from Nexus. Otunga/Slater are much better than Tarver/Young. Otunga at least has some mic skills and Slater has some potential as far as wrestling goes. I think that these were the 2 that Nexus should have paired together for the Tag Team Championships leaving Justin Gabriel open for a run at Daniel Bryan and the IC belt. Wade Barrett is the only logical choice for leader of the Nexus (at least among people whom we know are involved).
    There is so much that could be done with what they have now and it is because they made the correct decisions on who they should keep and who they should use very sparingly (i dont think ive seen Tarver since he was destroyed by Cena). Now with Husky Harris and Michael Magillagorrilla (sp?) in Nexus, we are pretty much assured of seeing Otunga slowly making his way out of the faction, especially after what happened this Monday. Have a nice day.

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    i disagres, I hate hate hate Otunga and his mic skills sound more like hes script reading and not like an actual promo. At lest Tarver sounded halfway decent when he was talking smack. Young seemed pretty good when he was in the ring for those main event matches on Raw. Certainly looked alot smoother then some of the other guys. While I wasent a Fan of Young in the beggigning he has kinda grown on me and shown more personality then Slater. All I can rememeber is when Barrett won NXT Otunga looked like he was going to cry and I couldent laught hard enough.

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    Be honest I'm glad there gone, yet Heath Slater does annoy the hell out of me, he's the last weak link. I don't think Sheifield should come back either, though to be honest he would be alright as just muscle and the enforcer. Adding McGuilitity and Husky to the mix was a good choice, both are good wrestlers who I think are better wrestlers than Slater and Ortunga.

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    I find Tarver and Otunga as tier 4, Slater Young and Gabriel as Tier 3, Sheffield, Harris and McGillicutty as tier 2, and Barrett as Tier 1.

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    The obvious leader imo was chosen. I think it was wise to excommunicate Young and Otunga needs more FCW time.

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    Both Darren Young and Michael Tarver can stand on their own really. They don't need to be in Nexus to be taken seriously. Those who tune in to Young on Superstars should know the kid brings a lot of energy to the matches. I enjoy Young when he is wrestling on Superstars. Michael Tarver has really good mic skills and I'm sure he'll be able to put himself over.

    I can see David Otunga somewhat standing on his own, but not so much. I can see him, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel getting lost in the fold. So I think them being in Nexus is good for them.
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    I want Slater gone from Nexus. He is the weak one. What does he do other than beat up guys with Nexus? Nothing. Kick him out. Michael Tarver is an ok. Not saying anything bad from him. Otunga needs a bit more training.

    Adding Harris and Joe was a smart move. I am just hoping that Nexus goes longer and Sheffield comes back.

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    Slater should go - he annoys me so much I want to strangle a kitten! The guy is too conscious of the camera. Just watch him - when he sees a camera he whips his hair. The bastard.

    I rather liked Tarver. He just needs a better gimmick as the boxer gimmick never worked (for anyone). I want him in a Road Warrior gimmick with white facepaint over his eyes.

    Young and Otunga could be top guys but they need way more training.

    The most accomplised NEXUS guys now, besides Barrett obviously, are Husky and Mcgillliigiliiiiiigigglituyty (did I spell that right?).
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    David Otunga is gonna screw Nexus up, but I have a feeling Nexus is gonna last longer than you guys think (see my thread when I get round to making it
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