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    Oh good god kill it with fire. The truth hurts :'(
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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHooliganX View Post

    Oh good god kill it with fire. The truth hurts :'(
    Yeah. It saddens me looking at what the future holds. Though I don't get how platform sandals are going to be a thing.

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    Tragedy breeds tragedy...violence leads to violence...in a world soaked in gasoline we are all just a spark away from a great big BBQ

    If I am not back in five minutes...just wait longer!--Ace Ventura

    Getyour facts first, then you can distort them as you please. --Mark Twain

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    They are looking for info leading to details about "man on rooftop".

    Or it could just be by coincidence.

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    Dear EWN,

    I apologise for my recent absence. I have been very busy in matters of the legal sense, drawing up contracts for a friend of mine as he embarks on a wrestling career. Despite possessing less overall appeal than Haystacks Calhoun in the X Division, I have urged him to give it a shot anyway - if only because I look forward to the legal fees I will garner in his inevitable future personal injury case. If anyone is seeking "FREE" legal advice*, please forward $115 Australian** (right Spelling) to my offices at Shine Lawyers, Batmania.

    *Legal advice may be erroneous and inaccurate.
    **Queue reservation fee - NOT a consultation charge

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    Geek lord Patton Oswalt improvising his outline for Episode VII on an upcoming Parks & Rec.:

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    I was very impressed with Oswalts comments concerning the Boston tragedy

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    I know I haven't been back long but is it me or does CBoT seem alot deader than usual lately?

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    Is this the end for CBoT?
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Bryan Danielson
    If it doesn't work on a bear, you don't do it in the ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beutiful Chaos View Post
    Is this the end for CBoT?
    Figure out next time on Chocolate Blades of Thunder. Duhduuuuunnnnnnn.

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