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    I don't know, sounds like some sort of flute - Native American flute, or something? Though, it sounds a bit more electronic?
    I guess it could be just a generic synthesized sound, since I've mostly heard it in vidya gaems and all. Doesn't sound too flutish (flutey? flautulent?) to me though, sounds an awful lot like somebody rubbing a wet finger across a mirror or something.

    Another example at 0:08 for clarity while I do some XhardXcoreX googling

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    HAHA, that sounds like someone was rubbing a wet bathtub with their finger.
    RIP Eddie Guerrero. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time!

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    Awwww yeeeaaaah booiiiiii, Google to the rescue! It's called a cuica.

    Some sort of Brazilian drum used in Samba music, apparently.

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    Well shit. There ya go. No idea. Yeah, that Zelda one you posted deffo didn't sound too flutish. Happy for ya.

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    I had no clue about "The Deacon"/Little Melvin. Shiiiiiit. Compelling. Bro has a truly laudible performance, considering.

    "I know more about murder than you know about that camera."

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    Does The Wire get better after Season One or something?

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    Does The Wire get better after Season One or something?
    Necrooooooo. You didnae like it?

    Look at as there are no seasons of The Wire, just The Wire.

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    Nah, I liked it fine, it just never struck me as the GOAT-TV-meisterartwork that it gets hyped as by pretty much everyone... just thought it was a pleasant, standard HBO show. I genuinely wondered if it gets better after the first season á la Sopranos and Oz.

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    1 day to go til I see the Raw tour!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    1 day to go til I see the Raw tour!
    Minus one Funkadactyl.

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