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    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.

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    think I read a cracked article about that

    and re: rope. There is always a good use for rope, always.
    I know it is but I didn't choose it because it is far to common.
    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.

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    In 1803, Samuel and another criminal, convicted of another crime and not a member of the same gang, were driven in a cart to Parramatta, Australia, where hundreds of people had gathered to watch the execution. Nooses were fastened securely around their necks from the gallows and after they were allowed to pray with a priest, the cart was driven away. This was the common method of hanging of the day, and caused death by slow strangulation. Not until the latter half of the 19th century did the British employ the drop method, which breaks the neck.
    The ropes used were made of five cords of hemp, which enabled one to hold 1,000 lb (~450 kg), for up to five minutes without breaking, more than sufficient for human executions. The other criminal ultimately died by strangulation, but Samuel's rope snapped and he dropped to his feet, sprained an ankle and collapsed. The executioner hastily readied another rope, also five-hemp, and placed it around Samuel's neck, forced him onto the same cart, and drove the cart away again. The other criminal was still kicking weakly at this point.
    When the cart drove out from under him, Samuel fell again, and the noose slipped off his neck, whereupon his boots touched the ground. The executioner was sure to have fastened the noose securely around his neck, and as he stood Samuel up to try again, the crowd had become boisterous, calling for Samuel to be freed. The executioner very quickly readied another five-hemp rope, ordered the cart driven back, forced Samuel onto it, fastened the noose around his neck, secured it very carefully and tightly, and then ordered the cart driven away. The rope snapped, and Samuel dropped to the ground and stumbled over, trying to avoid landing on his sprained ankle.
    Now the crowd stood around in an uproar, and another policeman, watching on horseback, ordered the execution delayed momentarily, while he rode away to find the governor. The governor was summoned to the scene and upon inspection of the ropes, which showed no evidence of having been cut, and the other criminal, who was successfully executed with an identical rope, the governor and the entire crowd agreed that it was a sign from God that Joseph Samuel had not committed any crime deserving of execution, and the governor granted him a full reprieve.
    TL; DR.

    Ten Char
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    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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    O_o How is that NOT manslaughter?!

    Use something other than a fucking gun!

    Good lord...
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    but did he get the TV installed?

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    If she was where she should have been....she'd still be alive and he'd be watching his newly installed tv with a sandwich!

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    Did you have a stroke and land on your keyboard?!

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    Did you have a stroke and land on your keyboard?!
    No, just had an attack of general boredom

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