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    Hats off to WWE for how they are handling the Cena/Nexus Angle

    I must admit that was probably one of the best Raws I have seen in 2010. I am really enjoying the way they handled the Cena/Nexus angle. As I'm sure many of us assumed Cena was going to pull the "I'm a member but that dosent mean I have to obey" stint, but the writers cleverly sewed that weak point in the feud shut, with the Nexus or Fired stipulation. It was truly relieving to have seen Cena Cow-towing to Nexus against his will, as opposed to the usual "Superman triumphs again" Story that has become quite stagnant. Watching him not only be forced to protect Barret but eliminate himself from the battle Royal, Generated so much heat and excitement I almost couldnt believe he actually did it.

    IMO I think this is WWE's way of testing the waters concerning Cenas heel turn. As was proven last night from parents and children walking out due to his loss, to up and turn him heel out of no where when he is at "Hogan" level of baby-face could be disastrous for business. While I would love to see a heel turn, at the present this is probably the closest they can get without losing a large portion of their younger audience. Hopefully they can ease Cena over to the tweener line little by little while Ortons Baby-face momentum is at its prime (Lets face it at this point Even if Orton is face OR heel the crowd will cheer).

    Bravo WWE one of the best angles I have seen from you in quite some time.

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    I agree.

    Jesus....the main topic is Cena and Nexus! Like damn!

    Anyways, Cena needs this for his heel turn soon.

    The crowds reaction in HIAC is still burned in my mind

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    The angle just got that much better with "The Viper" Randy Orton in the mix now with the whole Cena & Nexus thing.

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    I am enjoying this! This is great television!

    The crowds reaction was just so epic! The kids women and some MEN! ALL SHOCKED!

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    I'll be damned. They actually did a damn good follow up to the Cena-Barrett.

    Bravo WWE.
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    Agree, I havent seen the crowd so mixed with emotions in quite some time, lets hope they can keep up the pace

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    i wonder if its going to be nexus with 7 (no tarver, with cena , magillicuty and harris) or 8 or 5 or 6 even
    i dont no though, the whole pg thing + children crying and leaving ppv's early does concern me coz cena needs to turn heel
    hopefully orton becomes the anti-face-face of the wwe - -- - - if that makes sense

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    What happened on RAW last night was exactly what I was worried about......Wade Barrett being handed the chance at the WWE championship because John Cena is his whipping boy. Too soon for that to be happening. It is obvious that Wade Barrett has to win the title at Bragging Rights or the whole "John Cena joining the Nexus" deal will have been pointless!

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    I kept cracking up last night, especially when the cameras kept panning to children, whenever the crowd cheered Nexus/Cena joining them. Jus too funny. When Cena put the armband on, almost EVERYONE behind him in the crowd was jumping and cheering, then they panned the camera to a little girl and a little boy who looked like they just watched their parents get mauled by a bear. Great televison. But that kinda proved to me that WWE needs to drop the PG asap
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    I agree this angle has gotten better with the viper in it and maybe the game will be thrown in it after he beats the human jar of mayonaise lol


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