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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny_Penfold View Post
    Cheers for the heads up about the unspeakable Benoit.
    No offense to you dude, it's just a sore subject around here.

    Welcome to EWN by the way.


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    More Mackems? Awesome, welcome aboard.

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    People do have a great time sharing their thoughts here in EWN.

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    Welcome to the forums mate!


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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    No offense to you dude, it's just a sore subject around here.

    Welcome to EWN by the way.
    Cheers fella and I'll stop that talk. It was to emphasise the point about Del Rio because I really can't stand the kid. It's not even as if he's a good heel. He does the whole ring announcer garbage and he just gets on my ****. Punk to own Nash once again tonight and no doubt HHH will get involved. I'd say Paul will come out and try to calm it down and they'll do a similar thing that they did with the Punk/Cena/HHH angle. Nash will get pushed into HHH and he'll get up fuming. Nash needs to improve his mic work so let's hope the lad has added Diesel to his fuel. (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere but I've ****** it up. Thanks for the welcome to all of you by the way, loving everyone's work.


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