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    Why is Daniel Bryan jobbing?

    They let the man win the U.S. title from The Miz, but then afterwards they have him jobbing to Miz and other main eventers like Edge and Sheamus instead of letting him defeat other mid carders or low carders. Even though he won the triple threat match last night does he even look credible now? It makes no sense.

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    I was wondering the same thing.. I don't understand why they had Sheamus destroy him, not a good sign.

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    I don't get it either. I am thinking, however, that tonight was a matter of keeping Sheamus over since he lost last night.

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    Probably because they are setting up a feud between the two who knows...
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    It really makes no sence and discredits in the US belt. Back in the Crocket days when the belt meant something and automatically made the person holding it the number one contender. WCW used to do the same thing to the cruiser weight champions, have them jobbing to average heavy weights.
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    no other reason then said above

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    I agree, Bryan has been on fire since his WWE return (even though I think his firing was a major work to begin with). Hes put on some great matches, almost stole the show in last nights HITC and retained his title. All of a sudden on Raw not only dose he get wrecked like some two bit rookie fresh out of FCW , but he gets a --jobber entrance-- to top it all off. I understand they want to keep sheamus over, but that was the way wrong way to do it. Now that they have Barret as #1 contender I'm hoping they set up a program with Bryan/Sheamus to make up for the unnecessary squash, and keep Daniels push from stopping dead in its tracks from tonight.

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    and i am officially DON with MNR. If this week's FNS suck aswell, I will be DON with the WWE and pro wrestling all together.
    lol umad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid_Gangsta View Post
    and i am officially DON with MNR. If this week's FNS suck aswell, I will be DON with the WWE and pro wrestling all together.
    Why are you done with Raw?

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    I'd say because it hasn't been good in about 2 years TNA is the wrestling for me now


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