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    Best ever WWE/WHC title reign in the past 10 years?

    who and which title reign in the past 10 years has been the best title reign of this era?with 2-3 brands,its meant fewer competitors on the scene for each belt,but are their any Geniunly Iconic title reigns of this era?

    Triple H(Armageddon 2002 - Unforgiven 2003)

    2 classic heel title reigns.

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    Eddie Guerrero's.

    Not only did he defy the odds, but he beat two of the best in Lesnar and Angle

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    HHH (Armageddon 2002 to Unforgiven 2003)
    Randy Orton (No Mercy 2007 to Backlash 2008)
    John Cena (WM 21 to New Years Revolution 2006)
    Steve Austin (WM 17 to RAW in September)
    Chris Benoit (WM 20 to Summerslam 2004)

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    Yeah Eddie's was awesome.. Edge's reigns in 06 were awesome too

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    Eddie Guerrero's WWE Title win was the biggest in company history since the non-attitude era (my personal favorite being Mankind's first WWE Title win). JBL had a classic heel WWE Title run as well. Triple H's WH Title run while leading Evolution was absolutely stellar, again, classic heel stuff.

    Hear me out, but I'm also a big fan of the WWE Title reign from The Miz this last November-May. Not only did he improve himself on the mic (like he needed to LOL), but he improved his in-ring ability, making everyone hate him in the process. And the workload he carries while doing promotional runs for the company has been phenomenal over the last 9 months. He is this generations Triple H as far as getting people to hate him so quickly.
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    Christians first reign from the sunday till the tuesday....
    Like your opinion matters at all.....

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    And I forgot about Chris Benoit's run as WHC. The matches he put on were phenomenal. Benoit/Orton at Summerslam 2004 was great. Benoit passing the torch. Classic.
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    This may be unpopular but I agree with Triple H. He made the title mean something. His title defences were often gruelling and epic and you really felt like he would've done anything for that belt. I also like the fact that he was unstoppable, which made it even more exciting when an opponent came close to taking his title.

    Nowadays, it seems like people win the title by fluke or because they're having a good day, not because they're the best in the world and earned it. Then you have the inevitable rematch where the title changes back and forward, which undermines the previous win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffy Duck's Finest View Post
    Eddie Guerrero's.

    Not only did he defy the odds, but he beat two of the best in Lesnar and Angle
    We have a winner!
    I'm confident he would of beaten Batista in his feud as well if he didn't pass away.
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    Edge's reign in 06
    Triple H from 02-03
    JBL's only reign
    John Cena's reign in 2007 where he held the WWE Title for a full year.
    He had some really really intense good matches that year.
    from his feud to Umaga (saw the last man standing match live)
    to his WM classic with HBK along with the hour long RAW match
    Hell he even made a Great Kahli match watchable
    But to me the best was his match at the Great American Bash against Bobby Lashley
    I still watch that match sometimes. It's a great match.
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