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    10/4/10 A Big RAW!!!

    I think this Raw is one of the bigger ones as of late. Not only do we have the Cena Joining the Nexus storyline we have the 2 NXT 2 rookies and how they were involved to explain. Also who gets the next title shot at Randy Orton? Where does the Miz, Bryan, and Morrison go from here? They are supposed to announce the secret admirer for either Ted or Maryse. Also Edge is supposed to apoligize to the Raw GM. I am really looking forward to this Raw and i think if the next few weeks of TV are done correctly we could have some great storylines going into Bragging Rights.

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    I hope so too, but since the 900th episode I havent been too optimistic over the past few weeks. Cannot wait to see what they do with the Cena storyline, im praying for a heel turn!!

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    This show may get some huge ratings. Maybe in the 4s. or at least above 3.5.

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    Damn I hope Cena changes his theme song,
    I also hope they push Morrison already he was great in the Triple Threat Match.

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    While I am looking forward to tonight's RAW, I dont think that every question will be answered tonight. For some reason, i think that after Raw tonight, there will be more unanswered questions than there were after HIAC. I really hope they dont pull some b.s where the g.m nullifies Barret's win last night and stops Cena from joining Nexus. They need this storyline to really go somewhere to stay fresh.

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    lol i love how people make a big fuzz aobut cena joining nexus...this is a recycled story....remmeber the hbk and jbl storyline...this is similar cena wont b heel he will be the superface and people and kids willlove him more....its not a big raw....its wack if u ask me...this is just a way of covering his super face...which i aint buyin

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    It kind of sucked. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Perfect View Post
    It kind of sucked. Oh well.
    I actually liked it other than the part where David Otunga approached John Cena backstage sounding like he had got a hard on for him.

    David Otunga: "If you need anything Cena.. Remember... You can always come to me..."


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    The part that Cena is wearing Nexus' colors put a shine in my eyes! xD

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    I wish Cena had worn a shirt I would have "IWFgasmed". I know he wont though (at least not permanently if he does at all) due to the fact he's got all brand new merchandise.


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