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    Best Thing Going

    So I just watched Smackdown and at the end Christian came out and said he had the "best thing going"

    What does everyone think he meant by this??
    Could it be Edge returning to help.. Someone else coming back to aid Christian??
    What does everyone think he meant by this??

    Sorry if there's a thread about this already btw.

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    I'd think it would be an interference of some sort, be it Edge, Brodus Clay or some other new "Tyson Tomko"
    Not removing until these happen... or until I get bored of them...

    - Zack Ryder holds his first LIVE Z True Long Island Stories on RAW
    - Cm Punk, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero and Colt Cabana are all signed to form C4
    - More to come as I think of them

    One request fullfilled.

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    As long Randy Got GOT, I dont care who/what it is...

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    Best damn thread PERIOD. Nice one ELNIO.
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    @ELNIOJR love the signature dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELNIOJR View Post
    As long Randy Got GOT, I dont care who/what it is...
    ^ Well put ^

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    I've said for the last week that Edge will show up in the Orton-Christian match so I'll stick with that.


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    I would love to see Christian team up with Rhodes and Dibiase and form a new alliance. Using Randys former Legacy members to help defeat him would be epic and it should push Rhodes and Dibiase further up the ranks on smackdown

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    Um I forsee Christian beating Orton plain and straight
    and retrieving his honer :")

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    I still strongly believe Christian will team up with Legacy. It would put a new refreshing twist to his fued with Randy.

    Like Christian said, he has the best thing going . . Rhodes and Dibiase have been a force lately and on the same night Rhodes won the ic title

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    What about Skip Sheffield?!
    I kind like the Cody and Ted joining Christian idea tough.
    But sooner or later they gonna go against each other anyway

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    Stable? No, it would suck and it would make Cody and Ted "lackeys" again, but I'd like to see them help Christian this one time, because they want revenge on Randy or something. This will get Orton off of the WHC picture and in a feud with Cody and Ted, making the IC championship as important as it was during the Jericho/Ray feud and perhaps make Rhodes a legitimate ME.


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