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    You might have a big chance, you know. England is the only country he hasn't played in yet.
    I do hope so! Scores goals for fun, Holtby can come as well if he wants!

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    Should of put that away! Mannone saves Arsenal there.

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    Podolski does more defensively than offensively!

    Could of been a pen for Schalke there...

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    Look what happens when Akbar starts watching!

    Decent finish from Vermaelen...

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    Last time I looked Cardiff were 2-0 up, now 4-2 down.

    Same thing could happen to Arsenal if they don't step it up!

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    Oeeeeeeh 2-2. Ajax just needs to last till fulltime.

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    Hope City win cause Ryder is there!

    Also City v Madrid will be a good to look forward to if City are still in this.

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    Damn it Ozil! Quality free kick I hear.

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    Fucking bullshit!

    We've just been cheated all fucking night by that dickhead of a ref.

    No way he was fucking offside!

    Fuck sake...
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