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    Sorry i misspelt murder us
    Ha! That's better!

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    We got Swansea and Sunderland, luckily the Swans at Home!

    City got the Magpies and QPR! If Newcastle get back on track! QPR will possibaly be a walk in the park!

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    Just fap to it, just once.

    You'll feel better for it.
    What the hell is wrong with you man?!

    *Someone whispers in my ear*

    Ah that explains it, you're a Spurs fan!

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    All of to buy their City shirts now, I suppose.
    Some may hang on to see if Chelski win the Champs League!

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    I just thought, if United would've beat Blackburn at home instead of losing 3-2, they probably would've won the league.

    Sorry Utd fans, probably my only chance in the near future
    I like you dude, You know that.. Your a cool guy, But that comment is just crazy!

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    Unless City gets tips from Wigan!

    Classic, can I join in

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    Classic, can I join in
    Absolutely! The more the merrier!

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    I want to repost this

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGBigMan View Post
    ure sig realy freaks me out
    Cheers man :P

    Quote Originally Posted by JSullivan View Post
    Just fap to it, just once.

    You'll feel better for it.

    You're my new favourite you ;D

    How long did it take you? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    Dives a few times Haha! Okay mate.

    Young dived and our manager spoke with him and sorted him out.. Suarez is done for racism and you are wearing shirts in honor of him.. Real classy!

    Point is.. I don't Remember any United fan coming on here and taking the piss when Pool lose, United lose and Liverpool fans flock around
    Yeah a few times, stayed on his feet plenty of times when he could of gone down but he'd rather have a chance on goal, Young goes down at every opportunity.

    Until I see a video of it, that convo never happened!

    I've seen plenty of Utd fans on here mock everything about Liverpool, gotta take it if you're gonna dish it out

    Wasn't directed at you but you choose to respond

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