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    Impact Wrestling PPVs 2012

    Impact Wrestling 2012

    GM: ???????????????


    Impact World Heavyweight Champion- AJ Styles
    Impact USA Champion- TBD
    Impact Tag Team Champions- Beer Money Inc
    Impact X-Division Champion- Austin Aries
    Impact KO’s Champion- Velvet Sky
    Impact KO’s Tag Team Champions- Tara & Ms Tessmacher

    Mr Anderson
    Matt Morgan
    Samoa Joe
    Kurt Angle
    Christopher Daniels
    Jeff Jarrett
    Amazing Red
    Zima Ion
    Kid Kash
    Tony Nesse
    Robbie E
    Mark Haskins
    Rhett Titus
    EL Zorro

    Tag Teams
    Beer Money inc
    Generation Me
    Ink Inc
    The Pope & Devon
    The British Invasion
    Mexican America (Hernandez, Anarquia, Rosita & Sarita)

    KO’s & KO’s Tag Teams
    Tara & Ms Tessmacher
    Mickie James
    Hamada & Amapola
    Angelina Love
    Rosita & Sarita
    Madison Rayne
    Ms Tessmacher
    Lauren Brooke
    Christina Von Eerie & Alissa Flash (Roxzerz)

    TNA KO’s Top Ten Contenders

    10. Hamada (she has Returned to Tna with Amapola forming a Tag Team but her Reputation as earnt her spot 10 in the Rankings can she climb the Board whilst focusing on her tag team aims)

    9. Ms Tessmacher (1 Half of the KO’s Tag Champs and as Improved a lot since Tara took her under her wing if Ms Tessmacher can put together a win streak then she could be in the Hunt)

    8. Angelina Love (after Turning on Winter at BFG and since Re Joining her BFF Velvet Sky she will look to climb the Board and challenger her said friend for the title the Former Champ Certainly has the Credentials)

    7. Rosita (The Firey Little Chilly Pepper always brings the Intensity as well as some High Flying offence you know she’s love to beat her Cousin Sarita to a shot at the Gold)

    6. Winter (The Outlandish Brit lost her title to Velvet at BFG and after failing attempts at Turning Point & Final Resolution and the loss of her Project Angelina has only made her more unstable can she earn herself another Shot)

    5. ODB (ODB has finally got what she wanted a TNA Contract but had to beat Jackie to get it so with Jackie Gone for Good can ODB Get in the title hunt)

    4. Sarita (Now Incorporating her CMLL gimmick “The Dark Angel” Sarita has a new Mask and a New Found Desire for the Title)

    3. Madison Rayne (The Queen Bee of the Knockouts has managed to Squeeze in at 3 due to her Former Championship reigns and her win at all costs mentality)

    2. Tara (The Other Half of the Tag Champs Career would put her near the Top alone but Factor in her Mentoring of Ms Tessmacher and there Run as Tag Champs Tara Deserves her Place near the top)

    1. Mickie James (The Former Champion tops the Board after a Impressive Victory run of Late puts her at the Top and Next in line )

    so instead of doing each and Every show will post PPV's and Monthly Recaps of Feuds heading into PPVS

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    TNA GENISES 2011

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan vs Kurt Angle

    TNA USA Championship
    Kazarian vs Crimson

    No.1 Contenders
    Mr Anderson vs Abyss vs Samoa Joe vs Gunner

    TNA Tag Team Championships- Full Metal Mayhem
    Beer Money inc with Jeff Jarrett & Karen vs The British Invasion vs Mexican America vs The Pope & Devon

    TNA X-Division Championship
    Amazing Red vs Austin Aries

    TNA KO’s Title
    Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

    TNA TV Title
    Bully Ray vs Eric Young

    TNA KO Tag Team Title
    Tara & Ms Tessmacher vs Hamada & Amapola

    No.1 Contender for X-Division Title Steel Asylum
    Brian Kendrick vs Alex Shelley vs Christopher Daniels vs Robbie E vs Mark Haskins vs Tony Nese vs Kid Kash (W/Trinity) vs Zima Ion vs El Zorro vs Sonjay Dutt vs Shannon Moore vs Jesse Neal vs Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck vs !!????!!!

    Preview Coming soon


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