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Thread: A few things

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    A few things

    What was the point of the paul bearer heel turn 2 weeks after he returned...are they really running out of ideas THAT quickly?

    i wish the gm would be michael cole so jr could come back to raw...i miss jr :'(


    morrison needs a title...i thought he was awesome tonight at hiac

    hhh should be coming back soon i hope

    hbk might be a guest star

    miz needs to go to smackdown..they need more star talent IS BETTER...if you want to argue that wwe is better than explain why..
    naturally i love tna for the gore..and the pg-13..the chair-shots- the HOLY @#$% moments..the high fliers..the tag teams..the hot divas...all the stuff wwe doesnt have..they just appeal to completely different types of fans.

    last thing..rate tonights ppv on a scale of 1-10
    i give it a 4..only because there werent very many matches..i wouldve added a tag title match and an intercontinental title match

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    - This was probably the idea from the very beginning. To have Bearer turn heel. But that doesn't change the fact that wwe is running low on ideas.
    - Sorry to say but I don't think JR will be coming back.
    - Cena joining Nexus was awesome. The reaction of Cena's fans was priceless.
    - He was awesome at HIAC.
    - Maybe.
    - Doubt It.
    - Smackdown and the Miz would both benefit.
    - TNA and WWE are both crap right now. Both companies have a few decent storylines.
    - HIAC was lackluster.

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    Cena finally knows what it feels like to be a normal person that doesn't overcome odds
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Cena finally knows what it feels like to be a normal person that doesn't overcome odds
    Lol yes to this.

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    I'm not sure if it was teh original idea to have him turn but it may have something to do with undertaker 'killing' him during his badass gimmick by 'burying' him in concrete

    Cole being GM would be a major disappointment, personally I'm hoping its JBL. His arrogant heel persona would be a major boost to raws storylines

    As far as Cena joining Nexus... I don't think there was anything left that they could really do with him. he's beaten everyone, he's one every type of match, being humiliated in subservient is the one thing he hasn't done

    Morrison doesn't need a title... He needs all the titles

    I know HHH had to have surgery on his arm and I don't think he'll be back until around december. HBK has said several times he doubts he'd ever wrestle but I'd like to see him maybe come back and commentate a few matches.

    Miz needs a muzzle

    And yes TNA is more appealing in teh gore catagory but their storylines are flimsy at best, everything changes week to week unless it involves hogan and their matches are either way to short to showcase the guy talent, or so long you start realizing how talentless or washed up teh guys are

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    I agree hhh needs to come back, just to add some intrest
    with the miz.... not yet maybe after bragging rights so that the edge - miz could happen
    and im loving JoMo and Cole (ColeMiners lol)

    "I'm a former number one contender myself, so i know where your coming from." - Zack Ryder at his tool-i-est.


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