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    agree with pretty much all of the stuff said about nexus barrett/punk etc.

    taker return and leaving nexus and kane alone
    hhh return and beats up sheamus on raw and that fued is gone.
    the may 19th thing with kane weeks of crappy vignettes and a fake kane in a mask and after the movie is released just forgotten about.
    golberg vs bock lesnar at wm20
    batista vs john cena when batista ended up being tied to the ring post just a literal omg i cant believe that was the finish and all the matches in that fued cause batista was just buried and had his character become meaningless

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    Christian's 2 day title reign

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    The way Jericho won the Undisputed championship was a little overkill + his match with SCSA sucked. Basically everyone that hated SCSA ran and and did their finisher on him or screwed him somehow. Only good thing to come from this was Jericho's win.

    And the obvious one is the way Nash ended Goldberg's winning streak. It was something like Scott Hall tasered Goldberg or some dumb finish. But I guess you can tear WcW apart for stuff like this... Fingerpoke of death, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO View Post
    The Nexus burying UnderTaker... and nothing coming from it.
    Never say Never Rated_R(ob) give it time. Undertaker needs to is how i would book the revenge: Undertaker will show up at the rumble(but is never seen there.) When ever a former Nexus Member is in the ring,and fighting to throw someone over hte top rope,the lights go dark,bell tolls,and who ever was the one trying to be thrown over,will be in the ring and the nexus member will be on the floor.

    But the most recent example comes to mind for WTF moments was at MITB. Orton vs Christin. i mean really? a spit in the face won't get you DQ'ed but a kick to Christian's neather regins will? IIRC people have been disquilfied for spitting in the past.. so wtf.

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    * The feud of Batista/John Cena ending up in a tie up to the ring post. (has ended in a total screw up for Batista.)
    * The long awaited (perhaps way too late) Mark Henry push. (Have been expecting more out of Big Show during this angle.)
    * Tag Team Division the past year. (Since Wrestlemania 26, there hasn't been a decent tag team match. With exception of the Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs ... matches.)
    * Kharma's slow run as a WWE performer. D(ue to pregnancy.)

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