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    How would Justin Credible fit into TNA?

    After seeing the reaction he got at HardCORE Justice, I think he would get some success with a second run in TNA.


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    I guess he could be the caterer

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    I think the only way he will get back into the public eye is if he joins EV2.0 against Fortune or if TNA brings out an ECW style show.

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    I think Justin Credible really does deserve to be back in TNA. He still has the talent, he get a good pop from the crowd as well. I also think Kid Kash should be back in TNA too.

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    Kid Kash should be back soon. He worked a tryout match at The Whole F'n Show Impact special. Also Too Cold Scorpio should be coming in too. But I really wanna see CW Anderson in TNA.

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    CW is retired as of 06 the Hardcore Justice was just one more match for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwt15 View Post
    CW is retired as of 06 the Hardcore Justice was just one more match for him.
    No he isn't. He was released by the WWE in 2007 along with guys like Tony Mamaluke then started working for a promotion called VCW, which I have seen a couple of episodes of from YouTube and the ones I remember were from late 2007 where he beat Sonjay Dutt to qualify for a Royal Rumble. Then in 2009 he started working in NWA Charlotte, so somehow I don't think he's retired.
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    i dont no if justin credable would be good in tna unless he joins that hardcore faction can see what use he would be on his own


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