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    Well, Cena losing is NO surprise since I've been saying it let alone it was practically a given on many elements that Cena would lose. So, now Cena is with Nexus & it seems they are going to be adding some guys from NXT season 2 to Nexus. The way things are probably going to go is Nexus is going to go on a run for the next couple of weeks probably win the Bragging Rights trophy but like I have said the whole Nexus storyline will come to an end at Survivor Series. Now the question is who will be the one to disband the Nexus?

    I have a funny feeling WWE is planning for "The Apex Predator/The Viper" Randy Orton to be the man to end Nexus. WWE has been pushing Orton to become the top guy. So, what would be better then have him be the man to put the venom into the end Nexus.


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