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    Brand Extension Confirmed!

    So WWE confirmed that Brand Extension will return and Smackdown will move to Tuesdays and air live every week! We will get and a superstar draft at July 19th. I believe we will see many NXT superstars moving to the main roster that night. I don't think they will split the championships to the shows or they will bring a second world championship back. I think the champion will appear in both shows. I believe though it will be better to split the PPVs as well. This will give them the chance to build their storylines better, leading to PPV and that doesn't mean that the champs won't be appearing in every PPV.

    I believe this is a good decision and probably one of Shane or Stephanie will run Smackdown.

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    Yeah this has been a long time coming. With the WWE roster at the size it's at now, it was needed in order for all the fantastic talents to be utilized. With it being the same people on both shows, so many talented stars weren't being used efficiently. Now, we'll have two entire rosters separate form each other, allowing room for so many more talents to shine. I wonder if they'll perhaps make the IC title the main title on Smackdown? I think we'll more likely see another world title introduced, and then we'll go back to how it used to be before. I wonder how the tag team division will work though, and the Womens division.

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    Yeah, there was just too much talent wasted in this current format. I am honestly shocked that they didn't change it sooner. Making it a live show is a nice touch too.


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    2 WHC i wonder? It be cool then mitb has more meaning
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    We have seen this all before. I doubt this would make any change in ratings. Also, RAW is still 3 hours, so its not a fair competition.

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    I'm all for it, especially if it means talent that wasn't getting an opportunity to be featured are used more.

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    Awesome news!

    It will finally be worth watching Smackdown I'm excited.

    As Tommy said, I wonder what happens with the Tag Team and Women's Divisions? Maybe they could be on both shows, perhaps? Maybe one will get one and one will get the other? Doubt that but a couple of options, I guess.

    Hopefully NXT is not raided too much- would be sad too see that weakened to a point it was no longer the same. That said, they've shown that when a couple leaves- they bring in a couple more.

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