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    Cameron and Naomi in short shorts...

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    Who has jack swagger pissed off in teh back to be getting this treatment? I'm not even a fan of his and I'm embarressed about what just happened
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    Plastic Surgery has ruined Trish's face.

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    For once, Cole is right: Swagger has hit rock bottom. And not delivered by Rocky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Cameron and Naomi in short shorts...

    It is definitely the best look they've had so far. I enjoyed it.
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    No pop for Trish? shame.

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    I step away and come back to a Dude Love dancing with Brodus Clay, followed by another DX segment.


    Thanks WWE for reminding me why I don't watch you live.
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    It's a shame they aren't doing anything meaningful with this abundance of former talent that they have on-hand tonight (thus far, anyways). It's just lame comedy bits and throwaway gags and it all feels like such a missed opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Cameron and Naomi in short shorts...

    Yeah, best part of that segment.

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    Good get this crap outta of the way so I can stop dreading the next segment.
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