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    Heymans plan(Kayfabe)

    So i saw a rather cool theory around, its a very unlikely scenario but still cool

    Heyman decides to wants to be the sole authority in WWE, to do that h needs to oust the current one HHH and Steph

    He decides to use Brock Lesnar as a means to do so given that even without accomplishments he is still an immense fighter to have although Heyman knows HHH would never want to be anywhere near Lesnar unless desperate

    But Lesnar need to something that proves he is the most formidible and reliable superstar, the distinction of beating the streak

    Heyman a full year ahead of time uses CM Punk as a scouting mission against the Undertaker, having a ringside seat so he could study Taker and plan on how to beat him

    Afterwards he employs The Shield the further injure Taker and sway the odds in his favour

    While waiting for Mania Lesnar is pitted against Punk, Takers last challenger to the streak to compensate where Punk failed.

    Lesnar beats Taker easily with his planning and injuries

    Heyman takes on Cesaro as is enforcer while Lesnar waits in the wings, all the while bragging about why Lesnar is above all others.

    Soon enough Cesaro is mysteriously no longer a Heyman Guy just before Battleground

    Cesaro offers to help HHH's authority undermining Rollins role in the faction

    Heyman waits untill HHH is desperate to have the title and offers Lesnar, a superstar above all others

    After this its plausible Cesaro is an inside man in the authority, if Lesnar wins Cesaro will make sure Rollins cant cash in the Money in the bank. then Heyman and his men will trash HHH while buying off the likes of Randy Orton to further push him away

    Alternatively both Cesaro and Rollins (A former Heyman employee as a Shield member) can be inside men, and when the time is right both strike HHH down leaving the Authority position open for Heyman to take

    Again just something cool i saw and its very unlikely this is what is actually planned
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