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    i hope this match is good or im going to be pissed

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    i think it was a predictable ppv and althought we had good matches like th x division one and the main event it was a so-so ppv, all the storylines are kind of stale,

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    The ppv kinda felt like a 3 hour impact..

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    This ppv was pretty average. There were some good matches and then some meh matches.

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    Here is my Review

    The X-Division opener was a let down to much fafing around for my taste and seen as there was 3 great wrestlers it was extra Disappionting

    The KO's Tag on the Other hand was a Pleasent Suprise Ms Tessmacher impressed me with her Wrestling ability nice match i thought

    Pope vs Devon was intresting i can sense a Twist coming in this Feud both men had a Good Match nice to see Pope back on Form but the Nonsense at the Begining was Pointless

    Winter as KO Champ not a good move IMO but i can see this is heading to a Velvet beats Winter at BFG and angelina rejoins Velvet angle
    Just wanna say what a Great Job Mickie Did selling the Mist i actually wondered if she was in Geniune Pain

    Crimson vs RVD and the angle with Lyn was Meh

    I Enjoyed the Six man tag and it was Probs Match of the Night it showcased steiner & AByss well and managed to be Exciting at the same time

    Anderson vs Ray was good Nice Touch at the Begining as to not repeat the Whole Bully ray hiding this we've seen before

    Tag Match was ok

    for the Main Event Sting really stepped it up when your reaching the end of your career you seem to have Great Matches against Certian guys (Jericho/Hogan 2002)it was a Good Match but the whole HH BS Ruined it just like the Lockdown 2010 LEthal Lockdown & Lockdown 2011 WHC Match BS... BFG kinda Worked jsut becos of Hardy Turning


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