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    Color Me Shocked

    Just watched the Shemus/Kahli match. I was surprised at the length and how good it was. The GK has improved and Shemus looked good. WWE is on the upswing! WWer for Life (anyway)

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    Sheamus has gotten so much better. Still think he carried Khali during the match, but as far as a Khali match does go this was pretty good.
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    One request fullfilled.

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    Twas a carry-job all the way. Kahlis footwork is atrocious. Sheamus has me sold. Pure gold and original.
    Verne gagne was awful.

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    agreed with the above.
    thank sheamus for that match.
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    Sheamus has really come on in the past few months, Khali is and always was awful in the ring.

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    When was the last time Khali won a match?

    (Not squash)

    Survivor Series 2011 - 4th
    Over the Limit 2012 - Tied 10th
    MITB 2012 - Tied 11th

    Sacrifice 2012 - Tied 6th
    Destination X 2012 - 4th
    Turning Point 2012 - 11th

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    Sheamus has really improved a lot and grew on me a lot more. He did great at MITB to keep the match going and can carry most superstars. He deserves a shot at the title if Orton and Christian ends soon.

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    If you thought that match was good
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    Sheamus is a true future M'eventer. I know he's already won the title, but he is going to be one of the faces of the company in years to come.
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    Sheamus is just an immensely talented guy, and is able to carry people as well if not better than other Main eventers. I like the guy and hope he gets the belt sooner than later!


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