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    I pretty much agree with what every1 has said already. Cena's gimmick as a wrestler is old, boring, and needs to be changed ASAP as it has been discussed in just about every fricken thread created. It's not even so much his gimmick honestly it's just that maybe he needs to do a few different moves in the ring and make it a little more fresh feeling, like maybe try some moves off the ropes, or do some different lifts or slams or something, maybe a ddt, or back breaker or something. Just change that move set up a bit and less ppl will complain imo.

    Cena as a human being is a guy to be commended and looked up upon. The guy bleeds for the WWE and the work he does for the Make A Wish foundation is unsurpassed! He genuinely loves being a part of that organization and I respect the hell out of him for being this way and taking the time out of his busy as hell schedule to grant those wishes. The smiles he puts on those poor innocent kids faces is magical. He promotes WWE, he stars is their crappy movies, and he does everything he is told to do with little or no complaining. (YES I UNDERSTAND IT'S NORMALLY HIM WINNING SO HE HAS NO REASON 2 COMPLAIN SO BARE WITH ME) The fact is nobody has any reason what so ever to hate him outside of the ring. This guy has chose to work a 300 day + a year work schedule and people forget he is married and probably doesn't get to see his family all that often so how can you hate this guy?

    The funny thing is, is that I think deep down Cena knows his gimmick is old, he knows people are sick of the same old same old with him, and that he is starting to get boo'ed a lot more than he used to. The fact is, is that he still goes out there every week and does it, knowing some people hate it, knowing he's gonna get boo'ed, and knowing he is starting to grow old and lame, but he does it because he loves his job, he loves the WWE, and he loves the fans, so maybe the next time someone bashes his personal life for no reason they stop for a minute, and stand back and realize why he does what he does day in and day out. Anyone that hates or dislikes Cena outside of the ring is a complete idiot imo!

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